Blogging can be a wonderful way to express a creative side, explore a passion or use as a platform to say what is on your mind.  My blog has been a little bit of all 3, but there are some times when the absence of it is exactly what you need to convey.  After the recent past week’s events and continued events in the aftermath of Sandy, I felt best just being silent.  As a resident of NYC, the effects of this horrible disaster hit as close to home as possible.  Thankfully I, my husband and immediate family were all safe from the storm, with  minor inconveniences, and are so grateful for that.  Since this blog is primarily about fashion and beauty, it felt quite trivial to me last week to discuss anything of the sort until a small sense of normalcy could begin to be restored all around.  There is still so far to go for so many, but slowly things begin to rebuild and move forward.  Even a blog.  So today is my first post since Hurricane Sandy – it’s an outfit post, it mixes patterns, a little bit of color, and is in front of a brick wall taken about 2 weeks ago.  I don’t know if there is much else to say at this point.  But it feels good even if for a minute to have a fleeting distraction of something light-hearted.  Thanks for coming back, continuing to read my blog and support my frivolity.  I promise there is more sass to be had, mindless praisings of makeup and as many shots of me with my hand on my hips as humanly possible.  But sometimes, the only thing you can say is nothing at all.

Sweater – Banana Republic | Skirt – Banana Republic | Jacket – Club Monaco | Shoes – J. Crew