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Review: Kevyn Aucoin Neo-Trio Palette with Swatches

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It was 100% the look/packaging of this KA Neo-Bronzer Face Palette that first drew me in and made me want to test it out. In fact, I reviewed it and used it in a tutorial last year because it quickly became a regular cheek color that I used last summer. Since then, I have not had the chance to test out the other two launches with a similar look to this bronzer, but was thrilled to finally do so when Kevyn Aucoin sent over this new set. You can’t see from the above picture, but all three are magnetized so they stick together or can be pulled apart as I have shown.
The bronzer shade is more of a cheek color for me since it has a great deal of orange/pink in it and was wayyyyy too dark when worn over my entire face. However, as I showed in this video, it really shocked me by how easily it applied, didn’t oxidize and gave a gorgeous peachy flush to the cheeks. The Neo-Limelight Palette (purple ombre one) is stunning in theory and has a gorgeous texture, but the iridescent/opalescent look wasn’t my favorite. I could apply it with a light enough hand that the multi-dimensional glow was minimal but then what is the point, ya know? The third powder in the set, the Neo-Setting Powder, is made for dusting all over the face or using as a highlight and was definitely more suited to my tastes. Though there is a slight sheen to the powder, I was able to dust it around my face without looking like a discoball. However, if you have more oily skin, I am not sure it would be best used all over but rather concentrated as a highlighter. That being said, when used as a highlighter it is incredibly subtle and perfect for using everyday. Sadly though, it may not be suited for all skin tones because of it’s super pale/whitish pigmentation. 
The formulation of all three powders is what I expect from Kevyn Aucoin beauty – blendable and incredibly smooth. For me, the Neo-Limelight Palette wasn’t something I would use regularly, but I will say that I have seen soooo many positive reviews on it from other bloggers and people on Instagram which is worth mentioning since I think many of you would still enjoy it. The bronzer and finishing powder are both products that can easily be added into a daily routine and wear beautifully on the skin. The whole set retails for $58.
*pr samples included

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4 Red Lipsticks I’m Loving Right Now

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Though I love the look of a neutral lip, I actually find red lips to be much easier to wear. And I will tell you why. With a nude lip, I often need to create a stronger eye, cheek and brow look to balance it, while a red (or bold) lip can be worn with lashes, a dash of bronzer and a quick grooming of the brows for a finished look. Here are 4 lipsticks that I recently discovered that I’ve been wearing a lot lately (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s the holiday season so I have an extra excuse to sport a red lip all the time).
1. MAKE Cosmetics in Maraschino Cherry – I am new to the MAKE cosmetics brand, but when they sent over some products for me to try, I zeroed in on this red lip immediately. It’s a comfortable satin formula that doesn’t wear too shiny or too matte and is a nice change from my regular orange-reds that I usually gravitate towards. Though the bullet is a different shape than I am used to, I found it incredibly easy to apply (even more so than the regular shaped bullets) and that’s half the battle with a red lip, amiright??
2. Gucci Lipstick in Iconic Red – This color is not for the faint of heart – I should warn you now. This is one of the boldest and most vibrant reds I have ever worn and I simply adore it. In fact, it actually ranks in my top 5 favorite reds at this point. That is how much it has impressed me and I’ve only had it for a few weeks. The color was designed to be the exact match for the red in the iconic Gucci green and red stripe, and it looks flawless on. The formula is a fuller coverage and surprisingly is so comfortable on the lips. I was not impressed with the Gucci lipsticks when first swatching them at the store and felt they wouldn’t be worth the investment. After caving and buying just this one and then wearing it over the past month, I can say without a doubt I was 100% wrong. This texture is one of the best I’ve ever tried and I only wish all of my lipsticks could feel this way on my lips.
3. Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick in Have Paris – This is a much more sheer formula but can easily be built up to give a full coverage as seen above. The formula is very soft and feels almost like a balm when it first applies. It has a slightly shiny finish so I find it doesn’t wear as long as some of my other formulas, but it’s a better option for days that I don’t want such an intense and bold look. We all have those days, right?
4. Kevyn Aucoin Lipstick in Eliarice – I am a bit disappointed in the way the swatches came out for this color because the camera is skewing it to be a bit more blue. The truth is that when I first saw this shade, it looked like a brown red with a hint of blah orange. I was not excited in the least since I always like the “wow” factor of vibrant shades. Sadly I waited a week before trying this out and wasted 7 days of my life not enjoying this color! It is AH-MAY-ZING. Wearable, not obnoxious, so comfortable on the lips and easy to pair with a stronger eye without competing or creating a look that screams “she is wearing too much makeup”. I don’t know where this color has been my whole life, but I feel like a better human being now that I have found it.
*pr samples included
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What are some of your go-to red lipsticks now? Let me know below in the comments!

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