Talk about impulse buy – these new Dior Addict Fluid Sticks were a last minute purchase when my husband and I stopped by Macy’s this past weekend.  Right now I believe they are exclusive to and Macy’s (in store, I did not see them online) if you want to give them a go.  The fluid sticks are supposedly a hybrid between a gloss, lipstick and stain (in my opinion), and while I am typically not a fan of gloss (my hair always gets caught – ugh), these seemed to dry down nicely so I made an exception.  Above are the two colors I purchased – “Open Me”, a wearable orange/red, and “Rieuse”, a slightly amped up natural pink.   

I am normally drawn to more nude shades but to be honest, I didn’t see many that I liked. The first thing I can tell you is that these are highly pigmented, since the stain they left on my hand after swatching lasted for quite some time.  As you can see from the above swatch, the initial application is glossy but it dries down quickly to more of a lipstick finish which I prefer.  The only odd thing I noticed with these fluid sticks is that the applicator doesn’t apply the color evenly to my lips. I thought perhaps I needed to exfoliate, but even after I did, it still would not adhere to the inner part of my lip.  After I pressed them together, and added a second coat, it finally covered my entire lips smoothly and evenly.  Surely not a reason to pass them over, and it may just be my lips, but I felt I would mention it anyways.  I am loving the feel upon first application and even after a few hours, as it leaves my lips quite soft without drying them out.  It’s too soon to tell if I will purchase any more colors, as I would like to test drive them for a few weeks.   

Here is a look at my Instagram picture I took at the Dior counter with a few of the fluid sticks swatched (sadly I forgot to note all the names, so it’s just a guessing game at this point – womp womp). There are quite a few more colors not shown, because my hand can only fit so many.  Note to self, enlist the husband’s hands for swatching purposes in the future. It’s not often I jump on a new launch so quickly after it has hit the market, but sometimes I just can’t resist.  
Have you purchased any of these Dior Addict Fluid Sticks?  If so, what are your initial thoughts?
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