Normally my blog is dedicated to everything lady loved – but what more do ladies love than a man’s fragrance (a nice one that is).  And since my nasal palette can be quite discerning when it comes to men’s fragrances (is every guy on this train wearing the same fragrance??!!!), I want to share the newest fragrance on rotation in my husband’s wardrobe – Aventus by Creed.  I have purchased a few Creed fragrances for women in the past, but I prefer their men’s selection a tad bit more.  They offer a smattering of scents that run the gamut from fresh and fruity (which I had to come to figure out is how every man wants to smell) to a spicier more bold scent, which often strikes fear in the heart of the average guy who doesn’t want his fragrance to overpower him.  I have tread lightly with my husband in my push for fragrance experimentation, as you never want to spook the creature in its natural habitat.  Once you have befriended then and often fed them, you can go in for the kill!  Currently this fragrance marries the two spectrums of fresh and bold, putting him smack dab on the edge of a fragrance breakthrough.  Mesmerizing top notes of blackcurrant, apples, bergamot and pineapple give way to the subtler middle and bottom notes of dry birch, oak moss and vanilla.  It makes us both happy – he feels content in his fresh scented albeit slightly mundane comfort zone, and I feel that I can find him on a crowded train.  Relationships are all about compromise, right?