It is no secret that I am a cleanser fanatic. Cleansers can provide instant results, are easy to interchange in and out of almost any skincare routine and they are one of the biggest reasons I my skin has become so clear. I typically double cleanse (and plan on doing a post as to why I find this effective), so I go through quite a lot of cleansers regularly! And since I just finished up a slew of them recently (this one from Tata Harper, this one from Sunday Riley, a First Aid Beauty cleanser and one of my favorite cleansing balms) I felt there was no better time to try a new crop of cleansers.
1. Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water – It’s been a while since I have used a cleansing water, and I forgot how refreshing they can be for the skin. After falling HARD for the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic mask and it’s amazing hydrating properties, I was excited to give the cleansing water a try. I find it best used in the morning or when wearing light makeup, because it definitely will not remove a full face. But that being said, it is incredibly refreshing and calming to the skin. A perfect addition to my winter skincare routine.
2. Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm – My heart will always lie with cleansing oils and cleansing balms. I truly attribute my skin’s appearance to their ability to give me the most thorough and deep cleanse possible. And this Elemis Balm is another one I can add to my list of cleansing balm favorites. It’s quite thick but has a surprisingly smooth and buttery feel. Once applied, it spreads easily on the skin and then after adding water, it rinses away with little to no effort. I do prefer to use a muslin cloth (or wash cloth) with it to give me an added boost of slight exfoliation. I recently decided to try it as a mask as the directions instructed, and then wondered why the¬† heck I hadn’t been doing that all along with my cleansing balms! I applied a thicker layer and left it on for 10 minutes and my skin felt unbelievably soft after removing. This is definitely going to become a regular ritual for me now that it’s colder out. Hydrated skin is happy skin.
3. Murad Renewing Cleansing Cream – My winter skin prayers have been answered with this cleanser! Holy richness! I didn’t find it to completely remove all of my makeup, but as a second cleansing step it is amazing. While most cream cleansers do the standard soften, hydrate, blah, blah, blah, this cleansing cream took it to a whole other level with the light exfoliation and brightening it gives. If you can see from the above swatch, there is a slight opalescent finish that really helps to impart a nice glow to the skin. Another interesting point about this cleanser is it actually helps to protect the skin’s moisture barrier and has ingredients which help attract water to the skin and retain it. Basically it’s the answer to my winter dehydration problems.
4. Sisley Lightening Foaming Cleanser – I hesitate to even say this, because I have found cleanser after cleanser to contradict my feelings, but I tend not to be a foaming cleanser fan. They dry me out, give me that squeaky clean feeling (which I hate and know is NOT good for my skin) and make my skin uncomfortably tight. Welp. This Sisley cleanser can not be farther from that reality. It is absolute heaven on the skin. It’s a light gel texture that foams up ever so slightly. It may seem like an odd explanation but it almost feels like its cushioning the skin as I cleanse with it – that is how delicate and soft it feels. And the fact that it has ingredients in it to help brighten and even out the complexion – that’s just icing on the cake.
5. NUDE Omega Cleansing Jelly РSo maybe there is something wrong with me or my tactile senses because I love when things have a gelatinous and jelly-like texture. I like it in my food (jello Рyum, jelly Рyum, oatmeal Рyumyum, custard Рget in my belly) and now I can confirm that I like it in my beauty products. I first caught wind of this Cleansing Jelly on twitter  many months ago and practically shook with excitement until it finally debuted in the US. And boy is it glorious. This does a superb job of removing makeup and giving the skin a thorough deep cleanse. It goes on as a thick jelly (make sure to use dry hands and a dry face), and then as soon as you add water it melts into the softest milk. My skin has fallen head over heels in love with this stuff.
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