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Little else brings me as much joy in life as trying out new skincare – well frankly, ANY skincare.  But especially when it’s from a brand that I know and love, and already use regularly.  Many of you have heard me wax on poetically for months and months about the Perricone MD Blue Plasma (new to this blog? well hello there.  Here is the original post), and now it has birthed a little sibling – Blue Plasma Orbital.  YES. YES.  And more YES.  And I had the pleasure of receiving one from Perricone MD to try these past few weeks, and it is every bit as good as I anticipated, and my anticipations were high, ya’ll.  Like way high.   

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If you are unfamiliar with the Blue Plasma line, let me give you a brief synopsis of this revolutionary, and ground breaking product line.  Formulated with salmon roe enzymes and copper, it is a non-acidic daily peel that gives you all the benefits of a peel without the irritation and redness.  It helps to dissolve dead skin cells, exfoliate, purify and rebalance the skin’s hydration- otherwise know as pure magic in a bottle – trust me.  And now, all of that goodness is available for the eye area! *throws confetti*  Using similar ingredients, the Blue Plasma orbital helps to remove dead skin cells, deliver immediate tightening benefits and address any fine lines by smoothing and hydrating the area.  That sure may be a mouthful to say, but it delivers on its promise.  The texture is a smooth and water-like gel that dissolves instantly into the skin – giving a soothing and refreshing feel upon application.  The instant tightening effect is for real you guys…it is quite amazing.  They advise it to be used underneath another eye cream, and I find that it layers well with almost any other I use.  It seemed almost impossible that I could fall any more in love with the Blue Plasma line, but this new addition has solidified my absolute devotion.  BFFs for life – count on it. 

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