I don’t feature a lot of eye creams on the blog because to be honest, they don’t excite me as much as cleansers, toners and masks. However, I do come across ones here and there that I really enjoy and naturally I have to share them with you. I have been playing around with two different eye creams for the past month or two, along with a new eye mask and they are making me quite happy. But not happy enough to smile, NO NEW WRINKLES. 🙂 

1. Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream – Yes another Sunday Riley product. Deal with it. I am constantly impressed with each skincare product I try from her line and this eye cream is no exception. I use it at night because I was not too fond of how concealer applied over, but in the evening it is delightful. It has an immediate tightening and brightening effect, and does wonders with puffiness for me. It has been one of the few eye creams I have used in a while that really seemed to make an impact. With that being said, I do have to mention that it can have a burning effect on the eyes for a quick minute. I had read in the reviews this could happen, so I was prepared. Yet, as soon as I closed my eyes for a few seconds, it went away. It did not happen each time, but was occasional – though not enough to deter me from using because the results were that good. 
2. Bakel Cool Eyes – The name could not be more perfect for this eye cream – “cool eyes”. Between the thin, hydrating gel/cream to the metal applicator that you can roll around under the eyes helping to immediately de-puff, this has been a morning savior. There have been a few mornings when sleep evaded me and this was the only thing that woke me up. Skincare always gets bonus points from me when makeup can be applied over top and this wins all the bonus points. Not matter what concealer I use, this preps the eye area perfectly. My peepers are very grateful.
3. Eyes by ToGoSpa – If you ever happen to pop by my apartment and find me walking around doing chores with these eye masks on, don’t be surprised. It’s a normal thing for me at this point. These are like a spa moment in a packet, and every woman (and man) should treat themselves to these. 15 minutes under the eyes and I feel like a year’s worth of sleepless nights are erased. And for the price point, these are easy to keep stocked in your medicine cabinet regularly. PJs, a robe and slippers are optional.

*pr samples
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