I am a sucker for anything skincare related, and when I got wind that Diptyque was coming out with a skincare line, I knew I would need to give it a try.  I have been using the line for a few weeks and I definitely have some thoughts.  I read a lot of different reviews on the line before trying and to be honest, there was only one product that seemed to get high praise, the Infused Facial Water.  The rest of the line was not given such stellar marks.  But I was too curious not to try it, so I had to purchase it for myself. 
1. Infused Facial Water – Yes, the reviews were correct. I love this product.  Refreshing, soothing and a delight to use.  Hydration station with this gem. 
2. Radiance Boosting Powder – Anyone that follows my blog, knows I am a powder exfoliant fan (this one and this one being two of my faves), so I was very excited to give this a try.  I definitely feel there are slightly better powder exfoliants out there, but what really rocked my world was the little exfoliating sphere that comes with it.  That blew my mind.  Once I have massaged the powder onto my wet face (with wet hands), I then use the sphere in circular motions around the face.  It’s a little harsh to be honest, but afterwards my skin was like a newborn baby.  Sooooo smooth.  I think for me using this 2-3 times a month for a serious deep exfoliation will be perfect.
3. Nourishing Cleansing Balm – I wanted to like this. I really, really did, but it fell slightly flat for me.  And as someone who lives for cleansing oils and cleansing balms (this and this being two of my favorites), I was very saddened.  It is quite thick and did a good job at removing my makeup, but it did not emulsify the way I am used to and became a little tough to wash off.  On the plus side, my skin was incredibly smooth and soft after, so while I like balms and oils with a bit more slip, someone with dry skin may actually find this great for their skin.
4. Multi-use Exfoliating Clay – Winner, winner, chicken dinner.  I loved this mask.  It says it can be used as an exfoliator or mask, and I chose the latter.  It is slightly grainy so I knew as I removed, it would help to slough off a lot of dead skin.  Boy did it ever – wow!  The mud is extremely thick, and only a thin layer is needed, but my skin looked cleaner, fresher and radiant after one use.  This is slowly securing a spot on my repurchase list.

Now after all this is said and done, I have to tell you that while I had some highs and lows within the range, using the entire system at once left my skin softer and smoother than I have seen in a long time.  Typically I would use the cleaning balm, multi-use exofoliating clay and infused facial water, or the cleansing balm, radiance boosting powder and infused facial water and either regimen never failed to leave me with amazing skin after.  And for that, I am truly on the fence about repurchasing each item again.  For now, I will use each product entirely and see how I feel when I finish them.  Either I am left in tears on the floor, or distracted by something new.  It’s really a crap shoot at this point.  Stay tuned.

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