Sweatshirt – The North Face (wearing an XS) | Leggings – Spanx (I wear a size S) | Sneakers – APL | Water bottle – S’well | iPhone case – Edie Parker | Hat – Nordstrom


I’m already crazy over these faux leather leggings that I’ve been wearing on the blog for the past year (see them styled¬†here, here and here), so I knew I had to finally get the same style in camo print. And do they fit as well? Yup. They have insane stretch to them but manage to slim the legs without ever making them feel smothered or constricted. I have a few other brands of leggings that are slimming, but these are by far the best of the best. I joke that these Spanx leggings give me new legs. LOL My only complaint is that I wish they would offer a cropped version because they are always too long for my short inseam. But that is definitely not a deal breaker when they are this flattering.
I have been on a book listening spree this past month! Each night in the few hours before I put Miles to bed, I keep an audiobook on speaker while I’m playing with him or walking him around in the Solly wrap.¬† Here are the books I’ve finished the past few weeks:
1. The River at Night – This book made me actually gasp out loud while I was listening to it, and then promptly burst into tears. It’s captivating and an emotional roller coaster (but those kind of books are the best kind). It’s a story of 4 best friends that go on a white water rafting adventure in Maine. The story takes a while to get going, but once it does it flows as fast as the rapids they are traveling on. Be prepared to stay up all night with this one.
2. The Secrets She Keeps – After just having Miles, this book hit very close to home. It’s the story of Agatha and Meghan, two strangers whom are both pregnant but soon develop an unlikely friendship after meeting at the grocery store where Agatha works. Meghan thinks their friendship is genuine but sadly Agatha has different motives. I can’t share much more without giving it all away, but the story is heart wrenching and leaves me feeling sorry for both characters in different ways.
3. The Surrogate – I expected this to be a bit more of a scary thriller, but it wasn’t. I still really enjoyed it but it moved at a less intense pace. The main character reunites with an old friend from her childhood who graciously offers to be her surrogate. But the relationship with this friend is one wrought with grief, tragedy and secrets. Those secrets reveal themselves as the pregnancy progresses, but the ending was a complete shocker for me.
4. The Marriage Lie – Iris and Will seem to have a picture perfect marriage, until Will leaves for a business trip, his plane crashes and all the passengers are killed. The odd thing is that Will was never supposed to be on that plane so Iris is left trying to figure out exactly who her husband was and what secrets he was keeping from her. Nothing that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but definitely a good read that moves along at a good pace.
5. One Perfect Lie – This was an absolute snoozefest for the first few chapters, but once I was a quarter of the way in it began to get good. Chris Brennan moves to a small town to be a high school teacher and assistant baseball coach. However, Chris’ entire life is a lie and his motives for working at the school have a much more frightening reason. This book did keep me guessing from chapter to chapter, though the ending was a bit of a letdown unfortunately.
6. Little Fires Everywhere – This book is a series of relationships and encounters that almost have a domino effect on the story and characters. It takes place in a idyllic upscale community called Shaker Heights, and chronicles what seems to be the perfect suburban family, the Richardsons. When they rent out one of their rental properties to Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl, so begins the intricate relationships and problems that begin to upset their picture perfect life. A high profile adoption case in the community prompts Mrs. Richardson to look into Mia’s past which reveals many devastating secrets. Slowly the dominos begin to fall and relationships crumble, family bonds are tested and Mrs. Richardson is left to deal with it’s effect on one of her daughters. A powerful read with so many layers. However, the ending was so abrupt and left me literally with my mouth open and feeling so frustrated. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love it but I would have liked a more concrete ending where things were resolved.
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