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Coffee table books are one of the best ways to accessorize throughout the house. They look great alone or stacked together and I love to vary the colors and sizes that I put together.  I have collected quite a few over the years and prefer to buy them one at a time because they can be pricey. However, I have found that they are often much cheaper on Amazon so that is where I buy almost all of my coffee table books now. This Chanel one and this one about Alexander McQueen are my two newest additions and each are beautiful to look at. The McQueen one is definitely one of my favorite books I’ve ever purchased because the front has a holographic photo and the images inside are absolutely stunning.
I love buying fashion and beauty coffee table books, but would love to add some home decor, food and photography books to my collection. Stan has quite a few coffee table books centered around food and famous chefs that he has collected over the years so we are slowly amassing a small library at this point. LOL
A few books next up on my list to buy are this Tom Ford one, this book on dogs (because dogs are awesome), any of Gray Malin’s books (I have Beaches and love it), this book by Diane Keaton and this Cartier book is such a statement piece. I linked all my current books in the below widget so you can scroll through to see each one.