I will start this post off by saying what I usually say about eye creams – I am not loyal to any in particular. I rarely review them or feature them because I find many formulas so interchangeable and so many deliver similar results. However, eye creams are the one skincare product that I get asked about regularly, so I thought I would share 3 formulas that I have used for a long time and really enjoy. I like the results I get with each of these and would recommend them over and over. My main concerns when it comes to my eye area are fine lines, hydration and occasionally puffiness. Dark circles aren’t a huge issue for me but anything that can help brighten the under eye area is always a plus.
1. Origins Ginzing Eye Cream – There is a slight peachy tint to this eye cream so I prefer to use it in the morning. The small bit of color helps to brighten and minimize any darkness, while the formula helps to hydrate and smooth out the skin. Compared to the Tatcha Pearl Eye Treatment, the pigmentation is much less and doesn’t conceal as well as the Tatcha. However, for the price point this is a great option for everyday. It’s great for any age and wears beautifully under makeup. If you need something that is more aggressive in targeting anti-aging concerns, the next two will probably be a better fit.
2. La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex – I adore the entire La Prairie Skin Caviar line but this eye complex has been one of the only eye creams/serums I’ve ever used and really felt stood out amongst all the others. The main difference I notice when using this formula is how it instantly tightens the under eye area, which I haven’t found in any other eye cream I’ve tried. It’s a thicker serum that delivers a powerful burst of hydration while really helping to make the eye area look fresh and awake. It also targets fine lines and does a great job at minimizing their appearance immediately as well as over time. I like to use this day or night, alone or layered under a heavier formula. For those looking to splurge on an eye treatment to deliver serious anti-aging results, this is the one.
3. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex – I’ve gone through countless bottles of the Advanced Night Repair for the face, love the cleansing balm and sheet masks, swear by the ampoules for a more intense winter treatment, so it’s no surprise that I keep going back to the eye complex. The texture is a mix between a balm and a gel so it really helps to nourish and hydrate immediately after applying. In addition to providing intense hydration that lasts all day long, it tackles fine lines and puffiness just as effectively. It also claims to help minimize dark circles over time, but since I don’t struggle too much with that I have not noticed this benefit. I can wear this morning and evening and love that it targets almost every single concern that a person could have with their eye area!
I also did an insta-story poll last night and wanted to share the top 10 most recommended eye creams from my readers. I linked them all in the widgets below!