Lancome released these new Juicy Shakers a few months ago and I finally had to see what all the buzz was about. I had two colors sent to me from Lancome, and loved the feel so much that I picked up two more shades in neutral, everyday hues.
They are extremely sheer and feel like a mixture of a lip oil, balm and gloss. I was a bit confused at first at how to get the product out because when I shake it, nothing comes out on the applicator. But then I figured out that if I shake the product upside down, that is how the product gets onto the sponge.
The applicator itself is super soft and cushiony which makes applying the product comfortable but a bit challenging with brighter colors. Though it is pointed, it is hard to get an exact application around the edge of lips so I swipe it on the center of my lips and then blend out with my finger or rub my lips together to move the color around. As far as applying neutral shades, the applicator is perfect and allows for touch-ups without even needing a mirror.
Because the shades are so sheer and emollient, the staying power is not extremely long but I find that my lips stay hydrated much longer than a traditional lip gloss. Each shaker is scented and most have a sweet and/or fruity fragrance that matches the color names. Anyone looking for a bright summer shade that gives just a hint of color to the lips without being too bold, these shakers are the perfect answer. Personally, I am drawn to the nude shades and like keeping them in my purse to apply over any lip color and use as a touch up throughout the day to keep my lips hydrated.
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