Haus Labs PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze Plumping Gloss ReviewHaus Labs is a newish brand and one that I have not tried much from. It’s been raved about all over social media so I have been intrigued to try it but nothing ever stood out to me from the brand that motivated me enough to buy something. I finally decided to try the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation and Concealer but sadly both were not a hit for me. I tried it so many different ways but finally had to end up returning both because they looked horrible on my skin. But just because one product didn’t work for me doesn’t mean I won’t try anything else from the brand. When the new PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze Plumping Gloss launched, I immediately ordered a few to try and share a review!

These are designed to be a burn-free plumping gloss that fuses a lip oil, balm and gloss in one. I purchased three shades and wanted to give you my honest thoughts on them as well as swatches.

Haus Labs PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze Plumping Gloss Review

Haus Labs PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze Plumping Gloss ReviewFrom the reviews I have read and videos I have seen regarding these plumping glosses, many have said this formula is quite unique and feels unlike anything they have tried before. While I really like the formula, it doesn’t feel too different from the various other glosses I have in my collection. For me it feels like a lip lacquer and lip balm mixed together giving good color payoff while helping moisturize the lips.


This seems to last longer than many of my other glosses and lip oils which I love. The formula seems to adhere nicely to the lips without being too thick or sticky.

Color range

The range launched with six shades and I like that there is a good mix of options from neutral to more bold. I’m not sure if they are planning to release more colors but I’m assuming that because of the immediate popularity, they probably will.


I really like the texture because it seems to fall right in the middle in terms of thickness. It’s thick enough to provide great color payoff, but not too thick that it feels sticky or tacky.


I felt little to no plumping effect with these so I’m not really sure it is worth buying for that reason. The formula is comfortable to wear and makes my lips look nice but it doesn’t have that glass-like effect that some lip oils/glosses do.

Price Point

These are a mid-range price point gloss and are $26 each.

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Haus Labs PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze Plumping Gloss Swatches

Haus Labs PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze Plumping Gloss SwatchesI really did love all the colors I purchased though Guava and Macaron are my top picks. Macaron is the most gorgeous petal pink and looks so beautiful for everyday. Guava is a bit deeper and less pink but still absolutely gorgeous and one that I know I will get a ton of use out of. Praline is a tad more brown than I prefer but I can definitely layer it over a pinker lipstick or lip liner to balance it out. Here’s a breakdown of all the shades available:

Overall, I really do like these glosses and have been wearing Macaron non-stop. It is the most perfect pop of pink for my lips and looks great with so many different cheek and eye combinations. I definitely think these are worth trying and love the color range available.