Maree’s pajamas | Miles’ pajamas
I cannot with Miles’ tongue in that photo – he is such a ham! This will be my final gift guide and it’s tons of ideas for the home and or kitchen. I asked Stan to give his input on many of these because he is the chef in our home and knows all the good items to splurge on. Here are all my picks:
1. If I could, I would put a fuzzy rug in every single room of my home. These come in so many different colors and sizes and look so soft!
2. My girlfriend has this mirror in her house and it looks amazing (and is under $50)! It comes back in stock frequently so check back because it is definitely worth it.
3. I’ve seen so many people talking about this Instant Pot and now I really want to try it.
4. A bar cart is such a fun addition to the dining room or living room and can be decorated so many times throughout the year. This one is a splurge but so chic.
5. A pizza oven is not your ordinary gift but one that the entire family can enjoy!
6. Stan is the chef in our house and he loves all the fancy kitchen gadgets. This is on his wish list at the moment (frankly anything from the entire brand would be ok with him).
7. For the men in your life or anyone that is looking for a great knife set, Stan said this brand is fantastic and worth the splurge.
8. I’m not too fussy about my coffee but Stan is and he dreams of owning this espresso machine someday. (or this one if we win the lottery LOL – at that price it better hug me and make me breakfast)
9. For the baker in your life (or anyone that has a kitchen LOL), these canisters are adorable (and so functional).
10. Possibly a gift for yourself if you are looking for a chandelier option for various rooms in the house, this draped one is absolutely beautiful!
11. I love everything Gray Malin and think his pieces make the best gifts. I love his Beaches book and have given it to many of my friends (I have it too), his candle is so chic, I would lose my mind if I received one of his coffee table trays (this one and this one are everything) and of course his photography is what made him famous and would make the ultimate gift.

12. For a last minute stocking stuffer, these holiday mugs are adorable.

I updated The Holiday Shop with some new finds so be sure to check it out!