Play food set | Marble run | Play kitchen | Matching egg set | Stuffed puppy (Miles has this and is NEVER without it) | Scooter | Magna-Tiles | Rocking horse | Fuzzy hat (I bought this for Miles) | Turtle sand pit (I fill this with plastic balls and made it a ball pit) | Strider bike | Play tent | Drum kit | Leapfrog Leaptop

Today’s gift guide is a good one because it’s a mix of things my friends have and love, things that Miles has and loves and a bunch of recommendations from all of you! Here are a few more things I wanted to mention that I couldn’t fit in the above collage:

  • Though a pain to clean up, this sand table was an absolute hit with Miles and the neighborhood kids! And in the summer, he played with this water table non-stop.
  • I bought him this table and chairs set earlier this year and he has loved it since day one. He eats all his meals on it, plays with his toys on it and spends a good part of each day just sitting at it.
  • Because Miles loves his table and chair set, I am thinking of getting him this chair to use in the family room. He loves when things are his size!
  • This was his first slide and is something he still loves to play with daily.
  • These books are some of his favorite and have really helped him with his speech.
  • Every time I show this pillow on my insta-stories, I get a ton of questions about it. It is the squishiest thing ever and Miles adores it.