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January is finally over – thank goodness! November and December seem to breeze by in a flash but January is the slowest moving month. I saw someone call it “the Monday of all the months” and that is so true. Ha! But it’s over and we are one step closer to spring! Many of you shared with me on my insta-stories poll the other night that my Friday Finds posts are one of your favorites to read so I hope to start doing them at least twice a month, maybe more. I have running lists of finds in my phone and screenshots galore that putting these together is so easy and fun. I had a few messages asking whether I would share a quick Valentine’s Day gift guide or picks, so I added that at the bottom of this post.
1. I’ve always been a huge By Terry fan, and these new lip glosses are currently on my must-buy list!
2. I prefer to have a vitamin c serum in my morning skincare routine and this new one has piqued my interest.
3. If you are looking for a classic trench for spring, this one is so simplistic and chic yet under $80.
4. I went to an event at a local home decor store last night to view the new collection from Rifle Paper Co. and it got me so excited for spring! I was obsessed with their wrapping paper, adore their journals, bought one of their tumblers for a friend and picked up a candle for myself.
5. Ok, this beaded bag may be one of the most unique bags I have ever seen! So stunning and colorful. And if you love the beaded look, these earrings are such a fabulous statement piece.
6. White coats can look unbelievably chic but I always worry about getting them dirty so I hesitate to invest a ton into one. This knee length one is absolutely gorgeous and classic yet under $80!
7. If you need some new spring decor to freshen up a room, these paper flowers would be so perfect to brighten up a wall.
8. I need to go somewhere warm immediately in order to justify buying these pearl slides!
9. These heart hoop earrings are so delicate and feminine – a great way to wear hoops without them looking too over the top.
10. Celine sunglasses have been on my wish list for so long, but the price tag is SO steep. Recently however, I have seen them popping up on other retailer sites for much less and have heard they are the real deal! This pair is one that I really want to get – I love the shape.
11. I always struggle with fuzzies on my sweaters and my girlfriend recommended this fabric shaver which she swears by!
12. I ordered this lamp for my bedroom to put next to my chaise lounge. It arrived yesterday and I am in love with how it looks!
13. The brand that makes all the silk pillowcases has now come out with silk hair ties to sleep in.

I updated my Amazon store front with all my recent purchases and finds that I have shared on the blog. Now you can find it all in one place!

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