Top | Pants | Sandals | Bag

1. A few faux greenery finds – this ficus tree looks so good, this eucalyptus would be perfect for an entryway and this small olive leaf plant would look good in so many different decor styles.

2. Talk about a pair of statement sunglasses!!!

3. If you love to burn candles but are concerned about the safety of an open flame, this candle warmer is a perfect option.

4. I just ordered Miles some new summer pjs from my favorite pajamas brand.

5. OMG this massive dinosaur sprinkler would be so fun!!

6. These new liquid blushes are currently in my cart – they seem perfect for summer.

7. Wow, wow, wow!!!! This new gold highlighter!!!!

8. One of my favorite makeup brands just launched a new loose powder – I love the various colors that it comes in.

9. I’ve heard really great things about this sunscreen so I plan to test it as soon as my current one runs out.

10. The perfect neutral straw/woven bag.

11. Denim midi skirts are a HUGE trend for spring/summer!