I understand the weather is still in the 80’s and many people are holding onto Summer’s leg like some pitiful toddler being dragged across the floor begging her not to go – but if our adolescent years taught us anything it is – be prepared! Oh – and social studies was a total waste of time.  Seriously – I have not used it once.  But being nominated for the “Best Dressed” superlative was, like, totally defining.  All my scholarly efforts however, were not lost and are now used for the betterment of all closet-kind.  Closets that need to be equipped to withstand season transitions, trend trials and tribulations and an active social calendar.  Your wardrobe should act as a sort of fashion conveyor belt slowly moving you from season to season, with minimal interruption and distraction.  As soon as that first chilly night falls – you will be happy to have that AllSaints pullover to throw on and keep you chic warm (being regular warm sucks).  And though you will not cease all pedicure activities – your polish choices may be a tad more subdued since they will be tucked away in those J.Crew ankle booties.  That Helmut Lang jersey dress is practically the poster child for season transition – mock t-neck yet sleeveless, lightweight jersey in a deep charcoal grey.  Hello? You are practically gliding your ass right into Fall like a champ!  Throw on that Vince Camuto trench and Jimmy Choos and work/after work/after-after work is covered.  A tweed pencil skirt and coated skinny jeans are your staples that will work with almost any tank, blazer, sweater that you pair with it – and when the wind really begins to pick up and good hair days are 24/7, that Etro cape will be just the finishing touch you need to really give Fall a welcome.  It’s so close I can almost smell all those Pumpkin-spiced, cider-laced, cinnamon-dusted latte thingys at Starbucks.  I mean, who the heck can resist those?  No. One.