I rarely dedicate an entire post to just one beauty product that I am using, because there is too much to talk about to give the spotlight to just one item.  But…..I recently bought these in a I-have-no-self-control/weak moment/rainy day shopping trip at Sephora (remember that and remember my Viddy of it?), and well they have just tickled my fancy and I felt the world needed to know. The world!  (Mom – that would be you so listen up)  I have a been there/done that attitude about makeup wipes and often just purchase any ol’ pack because my cleanser is really the one doing all the work.  Slacker wipes.  This is not the case when referring to these Ole Henricksen Truth To Go Wipes – they actually hold their weight in the cleansing ring.  Upon first opening – the most prominent feature of them is their intoxicating orange vanilla scent, which seems almost intensified by the visual cue of their packaging.  Someone in Marketing got a gold star for that one.  As if the scent wasn’t reason enough to love them (my you are a demanding bunch), they are chock full of those ingredients that all those TV dermatologists talk about on GMA – Vitamin C, micro-algae and essential fatty acids and you always tune out in favor of drinking the milk in your cereal.  Well I am sure they do lotsa good schtuff to my face, but let’s talk about what I actually saw over the past month.  To tout the already great cleansing power that they had in taking off my mask, I mean makeup, they also left my skin suprisingly brighter and more radiant.  Directions suggest wiping in upward circular motions (like who has the kind of dexterity) and well, I did the best that I could – but afterwards my skin always hydrated and smooth, unlike many wipes that I use which leave my skin tight and uncomfortable after.  No bueno.  Looks like what happens on a rainy day stays in my bathroom for good. Note to self.
And for the world that needed to know and now needs to buy – Ole Henricksen Truth To Go Wipes