1. Big Summer – I was kind of hoping this was going to be a cutesy type beach read but I found it a bit too slow and boring for my taste. Daphne and Drue were friends in middle/high school though their friendship came to an abrupt end when Drue embarrassed Daphne publicly in a horribly mean way. It’s been six years and Drue reaches out to Daphne to apologize and ask for her to be in her wedding. Daphne agrees and hopes this wedding weekend will rekindle their friendship and bring them close again. But when a tragedy occurs at the wedding, it changes things for Drue and Daphne forever. It definitely has some heartwarming moments but overall this wasn’t a hit for me. Rating: 5

2. The Nickel Boys – Sadly I could not finish this and never got into it. I was hopeful as the book won a Pulitzer Prize but it wasn’t a hit for me. Rating: 3

3. Hour of the Witch – Another book I couldn’t finish even though it had such fantastic reviews. Womp womp. Rating: 3

4. The Younger Wife – This book helped bring me out of my bad reading mojo and got me excited about reading again! Tully and Rachel are sisters that recently had to put their elderly mother in a home because she has Alzheimer’s. Their devoted father seemed to struggle with this decision too but soon after met a much younger woman and proposed to her. Rachel and Tully are not a fan of the new fiance, Heather, though they really have no reason not to like her. They decide to give her a chance but her odd behavior surrounding their father begins to make them worried. Is Heather hiding something? Is their father? A great summer mystery to read! Rating: 8.5

5. Heart Bones – I am a HUGE Colleen Hoover fan and have read so many of her books. I always love them and this one was no exception. It’s not my favorite book by her but still a really great one! Beyah’s mother is an addict and has never been present for her. However, she unexpectedly overdoses so Beyah must go live with her father who has never known about Beyah’s life or what she has been through. Her father has remarried and Beyah soon has a new stepmother and stepsister that she must get to know while also keeping the secret of her mother’s death inside. She meets a local guy named Samson and they seem to have a connection over loss, though Samson won’t tell her exactly what has happened to him. Their connection grows quickly but is ripped apart in an instant when Samson must face the consequences of his past. Rating: 8.5

6. The Girl Who Lived – I just finished this yesterday and despite quite a few negative reviews, I really enjoyed it. Faith has lived through the unimaginable and is trying to rebuild her life. Her sister was murdered right in front of her along with family friends and authorities think it was her father who killed them and then took him own life. But Faith is convinced he did not and was a victim of a senseless killer. After many stints in psychiatric hospitals, Faith is finally out on her own and wants to find the men who she knows killed her family. The book takes a ton of twists and turns and there are so many possible suspects, but the ending is a real surprise. Rating: 8.5