All the Books I Read in April 2024

All the Books I Read in April 2024

1. The Last Word

Meh. That’s all I can say about this book – it was just meh. I had read another book by this author and wasn’t totally into it either. Emma is living alone in a remote cabin on the Washington coast. She is trying to find solace after some recent trauma in her life. And hopes this time by herself and her golden retriever will help. She decides to read to pass the time and finishes a horror novel that was recommended to her by a local neighbor. Emma does not enjoy the book and decides to leave a one star review of the book detailing her thoughts. The author ends up seeing her comment and responding rather threateningly.

Emma doesn’t think much of it until strange events begin happening to her. And she wonders if this author tracked her down and is trying to scare her? Yes, I know the description of the book sounds quite cheesy. And sadly, the actual book isn’t much better than my recap. Rating: 5

2. Same Time Next Summer

Predictable but an easy and light hearted read. Sam’s life is right as she has envisioned it – she is engaged to a successful guy, she is at a job excels at and is planning her dream wedding. When Sam and her fiance visit Sam’s parents on Long Island to scout wedding venues, it seems like a nice break from their hectic life in NYC. But Sam’s teenage crush who lived next door is back in town and there are unresolved feelings that seem to still be lingering. Complicated events and life got in the way when they were younger and forced them into separate paths in life but is this chance encounter a sign? Sam isn’t sure and doesn’t know what to do. This wasn’t a page turner for me but kept my attention enough to finish it. Rating: 7.5

3. The Latecomer

This book is long and can be tedious at times but was an enjoyable read. It took me a bit to get into it, but once I did I really enjoyed the complicated family dynamics of the story. The Oppenheimer triplets are part of a family art dynasty and grew up with all the opportunities in the world. Their parents struggled conceiving and after trying a relatively new procedure at the time called IVF, they were blessed with three babies. Their mother, Johanna, desperately wanted a close-knit family and did everything she could to foster that amongst her children but sadly that bond never formed. The triplets were never close and chose to follow very different paths in life that would purposefully keep them away from each other.

As a last attempt at having a close bond with a child, Johanna used their remaining embryo and had a fourth child nearly 18 years later. And as the last Oppenheimer came into her own, she became the glue that began to bring the family back together. My only complaint about the book is the ending left me feeling incomplete and without any closure. For such a rich and complicated book, the ending felt abrupt and confusing. But nonetheless, it was still a wonderful read. Rating: 8.5

4. The New Couple in 5B

An easy thriller to get through but nothing remarkable if I’m being honest. It kept my attention but wasn’t a favorite. Rosie and Chad are newly married, following their dreams in NYC and trying to survive as they do. When Chad’s uncle dies and leaves them his apartment in one of the most prestigious buildings in New York, they see this as their sign that good things are coming. But the rumors surrounding the iconic Windermere building claiming it’s haunted and that it’s cursed have Rosie a tad hesitant about keeping the apartment. Weird things begin happening almost immediately. And Rosie feels like she is being watched constantly. After two tragic deaths occur shortly after they move in, Rosie isn’t sure what to do next. Should they sell and escape the curse of the building? Or stay and figure out what is really going on? Rating: 7.5

5. Pretty As a Picture

Sorry but this month is full of books that were good but not great. But I guess that’s not always a bad thing – this was another enjoyable read but didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat.

Marissa is a young talented film editor that has been chosen to work on a major motion picture with an iconic yet demanding director. The film is about a murder that occurred on the exact island they are filming and the suspected killer is still a resident. Soon after Marissa arrives though, strange things begin happening on set and the crew is beginning to feel like something about this movie is not right. The lead actor becomes convinced that the actual killer is someone completely different than what is being portrayed in the film and wants Marissa’s help to find out the truth. Definitely some twists and turns and I always enjoy being surprised when reading a mystery. Rating: 7.5

6. Listen For the Lie

I really didn’t know where this book was going and really kept me guessing throughout the entire thing! Lucy has been running from her past the last few years. She grew up in a small Texas town and married her dream guy a few years after high school. Lucy and her best friend, Savvy were destined for great things. Until one night when it all changes. Lucy and Savvy attend a friend’s wedding and at the end of the evening, Savvy is dead and Lucy is found wandering aimlessly covered in Savvy’s blood. Did she kill Savvy? That is what everyone believed but no one could ever prove it.

Lucy knows she didn’t kill Savvy but has never been able to remember the events of that evening. Lucy returns home for her grandmother’s birthday and is approached by a very popular true crime podcast doing a story about her and Savvy. Is this Lucy’s turn to clear her name? Could she possibly remember what happened that awful night? Rating: 8.5

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