1. Loungewear set – I shared this set on Instagram the other day and it is SO GOOD! The fit is great and it comes in a ton of colors.

2. Fuzzy sandals – Not everyone will love this trend but I am here for it. These are the comfiest things ever.

3. Graphic tee – I love throwing on a graphic tee with some jeans or leggings and sneakers. This one is super affordable and the colors are super neutral and easy to wear.

4. Oversized sweater – My #1 most worn sweater last fall and winter so I had to buy it in another color.

5. Licorice – Can’t stop, won’t stop with these. Yum!

6. Grape cutter – Is there anything worse than cutting up grapes?! This little device makes it so easy.

7. Dish drainer mat – I knew there had to be something more aesthetically pleasing to put next to my kitchen sink for draining dishes. And yes, this is it.

8. Makeup sponges – My favorite. I like them even more than Beautyblender!

9. Rainbow night light – Miles is obsessed with rainbows and this nightlight was a cute find that he loves.

10. Candle – I always have one of these candles in the house somewhere. Best scent and I’ve been buying it for 10+ years.

11. Black puff sleeve sweater – I did a blog post on a small Amazon fall haul here and this sweater was definitely my favorite out of the entire order.

12. Green square neck sweater – A great piece to dress up or down.

13. Silky camisole – I have a million camisoles because they are so versatile and this one has a gorgeous cowl neck detail.

14. Puff sleeved tee – An elevated white tee.

15. Self tanning mitt – I grabbed a few of these mitts for self tanning and am so impressed with how well they apply my self tanner.

16. Protein bars – I’ve bought these protein bars twice already and really love the taste!