I was a bit late to the game trying the Advanced Night Repair range – first using the cult classic Advanced Night Repair only three years ago. However, as soon as I tested it, I immediately understood the buzz and allegiance that many people have to it. For me it is one of the products that always consistently makes my skin look great. Sometimes I will try a product and after having it work for a few weeks or months, my skin will not respond well to it anymore or I won’t get the same results. With Advanced Night Repair, every time I add it back into my routine my skin loves it. It helps everything look more even, calm, hydrated and addresses wrinkles, fine lines and dullness. Since first trying the original Advanced Night Repair, I have eagerly tested other products from the line (the ampoules are amazing and work wonders in the winter when I need extra nourishment).

The newest addition to the Advanced Night Repair range is the Intense Reset Concentrate. The formula is designed to help immediately calm and soothe the skin, provide intense hydration and defend against free-radical damage. I am someone that is always putting as much hydration as I can into my skincare routine so the fact that it has a concentrated form of hyaluronic acid was hugely appealing. The first thing I noticed when I began testing the concentrate was how calm and even my skin looked 15 minutes after applying. Any redness was noticeably gone and even the blemishes on my face looked less inflamed. My skin typically gets very irritated and sensitive during certain times of the month (hormones, ugh) and this Intense Reset Concentrate has really been helping to balance things and keep my skin much less inflamed and irritated. I have been using it alone as my serum following up with a night cream or face oil but have also begun using it after I apply the Advanced Night Repair and I love how the two together really calm my skin and make it look refreshed and hydrated.

*pr samples included