White Sneakers To Wear With Dresses

As someone who has a slightly dressier sense of style, comfortable and casual footwear can be challenging. I want to be comfortable but still look polished and put together. I’ve added more flats to my wardrobe over the years but the few sneakers I have all serve a distinct purpose. Some are strictly more athletic, others are more fashion forward and some are for slightly dressier looks when I don’t want to wear flats. Classic white sneakers are typically my go to for a comfy footwear option to wear with dresses when I plan to be walking a ton but there is a certain style that I look for.

White sneakers are timeless, comfortable and incredibly versatile. A simple white sneaker style can go with so many different outfits including dresses and help to balance out the feminine vibe of the dress. Obviously it all comes down to personal style in the end, but hopefully this post will give you some ideas of where to start when looking for white sneakers and styling them with dresses. Here is my suggestion of what white sneakers look best with dresses and a round up of options at all price points so hopefully you can find your perfect pair.

10 White Sneakers to Wear with Dresses

White Sneakers To Wear With DressesWhen choosing a pair of white sneakers to wear with dresses, I personally like a low top sneaker with minimal details or accents. A high top sneaker has it’s place but will definitely look much more trendy with a dress than a low top will. Either lace up or velcro and with a simple sole that isn’t a platform or too chunky. This makes them easy to wear with a variety of different style dresses as well as with jeans, trousers or shorts. I don’t typically work out in these kind of sneakers and they are just for casual outfits where I plan to be walking a lot or want my feet to be comfortable.

If you don’t want to choose a simple white sneaker, another very close option that will give you a similar vibe are metallic sneakers. I styled one of my favorite pairs of metallic sneakers in the below photos (scroll down) and they have a nearly identical look to a pair of white sneakers.

Common Projects Original Achilles Low Sneakers

These are on the pricier side of the spectrum but they are truly the epitome of simple and chic. The entire Common Projects brand is centered around creating high quality footwear that has a minimalistic aesthetic. There are little to no details or accents on them and they are a pair of sneakers that are timeless. There is a low rubber sole which is always my preferred style when choosing a white sneaker. I don’t want anything too chunky or bulky. They will look great with nearly any outfit in your closet because they have the same classic aesthetic as a pair of simple ballet flats.

Converse Jack Purcell Canvas Sneakers

Converse is a classic brand that many people are drawn to but I chose this pair in particular because they are one of the more simpler styles offered. From a price perspective, these come in at $70 which is a bit more affordable than some of these other styles. They are a canvas material so they will look a tad less casual for dresses. I find that leather sneakers look more polished than canvas sneakers but if you are a Converse lover already, this is a great option.

Isabel Marant Beth Sneakers

I have been in love with these sneakers for years and love the entire look of them. They are quite pricey coming in a tad under $500. I have owned quite a few pieces from Isabel Marant over the years and while her aesthetic is on the more trendy side with a chic french boho vibe, they all continue to look current when styled today. The zigzag edge of the velcro straps are such a unique detail and I enjoy the small hint of color on the back.

Sam Edelman Ethyl Low Top Sneakers

For a less pricey leather sneaker option, these from Sam Edelman are perfect! They have a luxe look to them but are priced at $80. They are classic and understated with no other color detailing. If any of the white sneakers I own are sold out, I will often link these as an alternative because I feel they are such a great style. Timeless and easy to dress up with dresses or style with shorts and a tank for a more relaxed look.

Tory Burch Double T Howell Court Sneakers

These Tory Burch sneakers are a good mid range price point coming in around $200. There is an all white option as well as other options with different colors on the heel. The sneakers have a removable insole and the iconic Tory Burch logo on the side. If you aren’t into logos, these would probably not be the best option for you. However, Tory Burch products are insanely popular and almost all have the recognizable logo which has become a signature for the brand.

Reebok Club C 85 Classic Lace Up Sneakers

I included these because they are SUPER popular right now but they are not my favorite. LOL These definitely walk a fine line between a casual and athletic sneaker but I’ve seen them styled with dresses often so I wanted to add them to my roundup. I’ve also gotten feedback that they are a very comfortable sneaker so that is definitely a bonus if you are planning on walking a ton or being on your feet for a long time. While this is definitely a classic sneaker, they are more trendy right now than ever before. You can definitely style them with dresses but opt for a simple t-shirt style dress instead of something too feminine. They would also look amazing with wide leg trousers for a business casual vibe.

Veja Esplar Sneakers

I am a bit biased with these because my most worn white sneakers are by Veja. Unfortunately the exact pair I own has been discontinued but I absolutely love the entire brand for simple white sneakers. The sole is low and the fit is on the sneaker is slim so they are very flattering to wear. They especially look great with dresses of all kinds – super feminine and flirty or a simple t-shirt dress. There are all white versions available but you can also choose varying colorways of the “v” logo on the side. Compared to the simplicity of the Common Project and Sam Edelman sneakers, these Vejas have more stitching and a logo on the side but it’s still so subtle. And the way they look on my feet makes them my favorite out of the bunch.

Golden Goose Super-Star Bio Based Sneakers

The most expensive sneakers out of all the ones I picked. They come in at a whopping $565 which in all honestly is very expensive. That being said, I personally own 3 pairs of Golden Goose sneakers and they are by far my favorite fashionable sneaker in my entire closet. Most Golden Goose sneakers have a distressed look to them which is why they look “dirty” but it’s the same concept as distressed jeans. They are meant to look this way and I’ve actually come to love it because I’m less worried about getting them dirty. Ha! What really drew me to these sneakers was the slightly edgy and undone vibe of them which is a nice balance to my more classic style. Again it’s like the idea of distressed jeans and how I love styling them with more elevated and polished pieces to create a unique overall look.

I LOVE the way Golden Goose sneakers look with dresses (even the most feminine and polished ones) but they also look amazing with jeans, trousers, business casual looks and athleisure. There is hardly a look I can put together in my closet that I wouldn’t style with Golden Goose sneakers. Also from a comfort perspective, they are THE most comfortable sneakers I own. Nothing compares and they need zero time to break in. For all of these reasons, I have found my GG sneakers to be a great investment and the cost per wear after all these years is next to nothing. LOL But obviously I realize they aren’t a fit for everyone but as they are my personal favorite, I added them to my roundup.

Madewell Sidewalk Low Top Sneakers

Anything Madewell is always a great option for building a wardrobe full of basics. So many of my favorite classic pieces in my closet are from Madewell. These white sneakers are simple and have little to no details/logos/accents/etc that detract away from their simplicity. The sole is a bit thicker than some of the other styles I have shared but it’s not too much that it makes the shoe look clunky or too bulky. In fact, the sneakers are styled on the model with an a-line mini dress and I love the way it looks! When I was looking at sneakers to add to my roundup, that exact styling was what made me add them to my recommendations. They are leather which in my opinion makes them a tad dressier and perfect to wear with dresses and skirts.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Sneakers

My thoughts on these Nike Air Force sneakers are the same as the Reebok Club C 85 sneakers. They are VERY popular and trending at the moment. Obviously they are a classic style that Nike has made for years so even though they are trendy right now, you will be able to wear them for years to come and still have them look current. They are not personally my vibe but I have seen a ton of people style them with dresses or skirts and it looks chic.

I would recommend wearing them with a more casual t-shirt dress or something without a ton of feminine flair since they have a sportier look to them. The soles are a bit chunkier than some of the other styles I selected which can either be a negative or positive depending on the look you are going for. Either way, these will always be a top seller for a reason so if they are your vibe, I definitely think you can style them with your dresses and skirts.

How to Wear Sneakers With a Dress

How to Wear Sneakers With a DressDress (similar) | Bag | Sneakers (similar) | Sunglasses

Dress with Sneakers Outfit 1

The sneakers in this look are actually silver but in my mind I consider them a very similar option if you want to branch out from regular white. Metallics are neutrals in my mind so I love to wear them with any and all outfits. These are Golden Goose sneakers and I think the style, fit and look of them work really well with a dress. Even though this dress is flirty and feminine, the sneakers don’t detract from that. The low profile sole and the slightly slim shape make the sneakers look flattering but yet don’t compete with the dress. And even though they are a distressed style and look more worn (they were actually nearly brand new in this picture), I like the combination of it with a polished and put together look.

I’ve gotten questions about socks and whether I wear them with these kinds of sneakers and the answer is no. I personally am not a huge sock lover so I go barefoot in all my white sneakers or casual sneakers that I wear with dresses, but if you don’t want to do that opt for a no-sock show. Dresses look best with sneakers that don’t show a sock.

How to Wear Sneakers With a DressDress (similar) | Denim jacket | Sneakers (similar) | Sunglasses | Bag

Dress with Sneakers Outfit 2

Another look worn with a pair of golden goose sneakers and I love how the slim style looks with dresses. Again these are metallic with some subtle neutral tones but honestly they have the same vibe as a pair of white sneakers so I wanted to share this look as more styling inspiration. This dress is a bit more sporty as it’s a sweatshirt type material and has a hood and sneakers are the perfect complement to it. Though I don’t actually own the Reebok sneakers or Nike Air Force 1 sneakers I shared in my above roundup, this is the type of dress that I think would look best with those sneakers.

It’s a simple style that has a sporty feel to it and would work well with a trendy athletic type sneaker. Another great styling tip when wearing casual dresses with sneakers is to tie a jacket around your waist to break up the monochromatic look of the dress. It defines the waist and also adds a super casual element to the look that plays well off the sneakers.

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dress and sneakers outfit inspoDress | Denim Jacket | Sneakers (similar) | Bag | Sunglasses

Dress with Sneakers Outfit 3

These are my absolute favorite white sneakers by Veja. They are a very simple style with little to no details (besides the velcro straps) and do not compete with the dress at all. The sneakers look simple, chic and casual. The fitted style of this dress makes it a perfect complement to the basic style of the white sneaker. Again, I tied a denim jacket around my waist to break up the monochromatic look of the dress, define the waist and add a casual element to play off the sneakers.

dress and sneaker fashionDress | Denim jacket | Sneakers | Bag | Sunglasses

Dress with Sneakers Outfit 4

I know, I know – these are not at all a white sneaker and are a bold leopard print. But the sneakers with dress concept is there! LOL I wanted to show again another sporty casual dress styled with sneakers. Though I chose my Golden Goose sneakers here, I definitely think that this is the type of dress to wear with the Reebok or Air Force 1 sneakers if those are more your vibe. And as I mentioned before, I almost always love something tied around my waist to give some shape to a dress like this and to tie in the casual look of the sneaker.

moto jacket and dress outfitDress (similar) | Moto jacket (similar) | Bag | Sneakers (similar) | Sunglasses

Dress with Sneakers Outfit 5

A bit more of an edgy vibe to this look with the moto jacket but choosing a simple sneaker dresses it down in a laidback, effortless way. The sneakers are silver but that is a neutral in my opinion and has the same exact look as a white sneaker will. Also, most of the dresses that I choose to style with sneakers are all above my knee. If I don’t choose a style above my knee, then I will wear something that comes nearly to my ankle. A midi length style skirt or midi dress has a more dressy vibe to it and can be hard to style with sneakers. For that reason, I would recommend sticking with a short dress or maxi dress when opting for sneakers as your footwear.

casual dress and sneaker outfitDress (similar) | Bag | Sneakers (similar)

Dress with Sneakers Outfit 6

If there is one dress to get that is a for sure perfect complement to a clean white sneaker, it is a t-shirt dress. Either with sleeves or a tank dress, they always look so cute with sneakers. I actually call this dress my “mom on the go” dress because when I don’t want to wear jeans or shorts while out and about with my 6 year old, I reach for a t-shirt dress. They feel super comfortable and always look great with sneakers. And if you want to go hands free, throw a belt bag on which goes well with the casual look of the sneakers.

Which look is your favorite? How do you like to style your white sneakers?