2 Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes To Try For Fall: Bobbi Brown Bronzed Nudes and Rosy Nudes Palettes

Bobbi Brown is the queen of neutral makeup and her newest eyeshadow palettes are the perfect mix for fall (well anytime of the year to be honest). I picked up both the Bronzed Nudes palette and the Rosy Nudes palette recently and fell in love with both! I have never associated her eye products with intense pigmentation which I appreciate because not every eyeshadow needs to have stage makeup intensity. For myself, I love to wear one or two colors on the eyes every day and like a quick sweep over the lids for a hint of color. Both palettes are incredibly wearable and have a nice balance of shimmer and matte shades. In the past some of her shimmer shades I've tried have fallout which can be a hassle to clean up, but that was not the case with these palettes. All the colors applied evenly and I like that there are more pale shades with only a handful of dark liner or crease shades which I tend to wear less. Below are the swatches from both palettes:
Bronzed Nudes

Rosy Nudes
I personally liked the Bronzed Nudes palette a bit more because the colors are closer to the tones I wear regularly, but the pale shades in the Rosy Nudes collection are so lovely. I have had quite a few questions recently about suggestions for a new eyeshadow palette to try for fall that could create a variety of different looks and it is both of these

What eyeshadow palette are you currently using and loving?

Shop more of my Bobbi Brown favorites:


  1. My daughter's home (in Oz) was recently robbed, and all her make up and perfumes were stolen. I directed her to your blog - particularly this post - because I think she may need help giving me her replacement wish list. The good news is (1) she and the kids were not home when it happened (2) the Sephora sale is coming so I can get what she "needs" at 20% off.

    1. Oh my goodness! So happy to hear that she and her family are safe - how frightening. And how wonderful of you to spoil her with all new beauty necessities - she deserves it!


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