Bucket Bag

Spring has finally arrived here in NYC and I couldn't be more excited. It's still not completely time for bare legs and arms, but at least I can finally put away all my heavy wool and puffer coats. One of my first spring purchases was this Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. I've been waiting forever to finally get my hands on one since they always sell out within minutes on the MG site, but I managed to pre-order one from Kirna Zabete. I debated whether or not to get it because it has been so publicized and hyped up as the "it" bag, but when I finally got to see one in person it fit my style completely. Sleek and minimal with just the right amount of detailing, and I adore the colored interior (I chose red for mine). I can imagine myself wearing this bag 10 years from now and that is what sealed the deal for me. In fact, it's quite common for me to keep my favorite splurge items for 10-15 years and still wear them regularly so I trust that if I love something, I will most certainly get use out of it. My red pumps in this post are a perfect example - I splurged on these 7 years ago and they are still a staple in my wardrobe. Of course, they are not an everyday staple (can you imagine? lol), but I still wear them regularly throughout the year. 

Blouse - Club Monaco | Jeans - Hudson | Heels - Sergio Rossi (similar here and here) | Bag - Mansur Gavriel (sold out but similar here) | Bracelet - Giles & Brother | Lipstick - Gucci "Iconic Red"

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  1. Now you have me obsessing over this bag! Love your outfit, and especially how the red from the bag peeks out and matches your shoes.

  2. I preordered this same bag back in January and supposedly it was going to arrive in March. Now it's supposed to be end of April. I hope it gets here quick.

    How do yout typically secure the bag? I am used to zippered bags as I take public transportation daily.

    1. I was worried about that too, but I tie it and find that it holds. Once it is tied like I have it in the picture, you can't reach in at all. Someone would really have to try in order to get anything out. It's more secure than I thought. Hope it gets to you soon! :)


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