Bits and Pieces: Primary Color Blocking

I can sum up this post in one word - ROYGBIV.  Color blocking with primary colors - how elementary - yet so daring.  I did waiver slightly when putting this outfit together - as I thought I may look a little skittle-ish - but fashion is about taking risks and having fun, si?  And having fun could not be had in the obligatory photo poses of standing and smiling at the camera - I am trying to push my experimental limits - how natural can I make staring off into the distance?  How casual can I make crossing my feet and staring at them?  Let me tell ya - not too casual - enter the above captions.  We did take some of the aforementioned shots of cheesy grinning and a standardized hand-on-hip tilt, but for the sake of fassss-hion, these were the gallery winners.  Thoughts?  Two cents? 

Madewell Blazer | zara Blouse | zara Trousers | Ann Taylor belt | Gucci shoes

1 comment :

  1. I think you look adorable! And I am in loooove with your yellow blouse.


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