I had this past Friday off and decided to forgo any adult responsibilities and just get lost for the day. I wandered around Soho for a bit, popping into stores, window shopping and people watching. Then I headed down to the lower east side to meet my husband, after he got off work and wandered some more. We took pictures, made note of approximately 25 new restaurants we need to try and then grabbed an early dinner at Root & Bone. Oh and if you missed it, I ordered this which promptly blew my mind. Fried chicken and waffles together? On one sandwich? YES. If I am going to spend a lot of time outside especially in the sun, I prefer loose fitting clothing. Nothing is worse than walking around in the heat and humidity wearing something tight and restrictive. I would overheat in 2 seconds! These Joie jogging pants are super lightweight and breezy to wear, and surprisingly keep me quite cool when walking around. A casual tank, flats and a hat help to continue the comfort trend when I want to be a tourist in my own city. I don't always have the luxury to spend an afternoon like this so I take advantage of it when I can.

Tank - Joe Fresh | Pants - Joie | Bag - Sophie Hulme (similar here) | Flats - Joie (similar here and here) | Hat - J.Crew | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban | Bracelet - Cooee | Scarf - Club Monaco (similar here)

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Overnight Masks: First Aid Beauty and NUDE Skincare

Oh good, another skincare category for me to obsess over. I wish I could say that I am being sarcastic, but I am dead serious. I am here for any and all skincare, makeup and beauty items. The idea of overnight masks did confuse me a bit at first - do I wear them alone, as a night cream, over serums, over moisturizers? I had all the questions. So I did a bit of research as well as some trial and error, and found that I prefer them alone or over a serum. But either way, I PREFER them.....always.
As a fan of both First Aid Beauty and NUDE Skincare, I had a sneaking suspicion these would knock my socks off. Spoiler alert: they did. I had the opportunity to try them both and have been testing them for the past month and a half. Both have similar properties and benefits for the skin, but each ended up having different results for me and significantly varied textures. 

1. NUDE Advanced Renewal Overnight Mask - I immediately liked this texture upon first application. It felt rich to the touch but absorbed instantly into the skin.  It did make my skin a bit oily but that was quickly remedied when I used less the following evening. The proof was in the morning after when I woke up and found my skin looking hydrated and rested. I find that this mask works best when my skin is irritated, red or dehydrated and by the next morning it's as if any and all skincare sins have vanished. After a long day in the sun or if my skin is aggravated from acne treatments I may be using, this is a wonderful quick fix. I recommend using 1-2x/wk or more if needed. 

2. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask - Now unlike the NUDE Mask, I did not prefer the texture upon first touch. And then I put it on my face. Welp, that changed it all. It has a gel-like, slippery texture that feels like it will turn your face into one big grease ball. Quite the contrary actually. I found that after a minute or two, it dries down to a matte finish and my skin looks instantly calmer. The main difference that I found with using this versus the Nude is it did have a beautiful brightening effect on the skin as alluded to in the name. The next morning I had an apparent 'glow' that stayed with me throughout the day. Is there any better reason to use a product?
I will admit both of these masks have begun moving in on my regular night creams, and I am reaching for them more than I thought I would. While I do advise to begin with 1-2x/week, I have found that during certain weeks I reach for them almost 4 nights a week. Yowsa! But neither have made me break out and my skin looks so great the next morning, why stop a good thing, right? Right. 

What has your experience been with overnight masks? Which ones do you prefer? Leave me a comment below!

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Fair Skin Approved Bronzers

I have always had mixed feelings about bronzers. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don't. But every summer I feel that pull to give them a go again and see if I can achieve a natural bronzed look that works for pale skin. Currently this has been my go-to bronzer for the past couple of months, so I was quite surprised to venture back out into the world of bronzers and discover so many great options for fair skin. I'm also currently deciding if I should splurge on this Charlotte Tilbury set from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale because it seems like sculpted cheekbones in a case, but I haven't yet pulled the trigger. My preferences are still powder over gel, cream or liquid but I can be easily swayed if I find something fabulous. Here are my 4 (yes 4, can you believe it?) new (to me that is) bronzer discoveries:

1. Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Light/Medium - The first thing to hit you when you open the compact is most definitely the scent - chocolate. Yum! And not that sickeningly sweet type of fragrance that nauseates you - this is a scent I can tolerate and actually like. It does dissipate once you apply in case that is a concern. Now on to the texture - like velvet. So smooth, delicate and finely milled that as soon as you dip the brush in powder goes everywhere. But to be honest, that is not a deterrent at all because the formula is so beautiful. I use as a contour or a bronzer and it gives an amazing subtle glow. I will be hitting pan on this for sure.

2. Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Bronze 02 - Another finely milled powder that has a tendency to disperse everywhere when you dip a brush into it, but as with the  Too Faced bronzer the formula is worth it. A bit more shine than the Too Faced, it goes on evenly and does not oxidize. I apply it onto my cheeks and hairline to help give the face a bit of definition and radiance. And after the reviews I keep hearing about the Matte Radiance Highlighter, I think that may be the next piece I buy from this range to pair with the bronzer. My cheekbones are in for a treat, that's for sure. 
3. Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Bronzing Veil Tropical Days - This is the boldest of all the four bronzers but I still swoon every time I use it. It has a shimmer that runs through it, as evidenced by the ombre pattern, however when applied to the skin it turns to a beautiful glow rather than an overdone sparkle. I love this bronzer more for the evening, and especially when paired with a sultry smokey eye for added drama. Kevyn Aucoin was always the master of achieving a flawless complexion and this bronzer is no doubt a tribute to that legacy.

4. Chantecaille St. Barth's Bronzer - I can't decide which I like more about this bronzer - the packaging or the formula. The mirrored compact is so elegant, as is all Chantecaille packaging that I can't help but feel luxurious when using. It's also the least bulky out of the 4 so undoubtedly it will be with me when I travel. This St. Barth's shade is part of their Summer 2014 collection and definitely has a bit more shimmer than the Too Faced or Laura Mercier, but does not make the face look too shiny or powdered. While I typically dust bronzer along my cheeks and hairline, I find this looks beautiful when worn on the apples of my cheeks as if it were a standard blush. It gives a warmth and brightness that other bronzers tend to turn into a muddy mess if worn on the same part of the face. Another win by Chantecaille, which is quickly solidifying their position as one of my favorite brands of all time.
*press samples included

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What are some of your favorite bronzers? Any I should try? Tell me in the comments below!

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Silk And Denim

When I first ordered these Equipment shorts, they felt like pajamas. Actual flimsy-flamsy silk pajama shorts that when you hold them up to the light become 100% transparent. I showed them to my mom, who was up visiting at the time, and she was as confused as I was as to how one wears these thin, yet ridiculously comfortable shorts in public. And then I put them on and it was like magic! They were not even remotely see through nor did the material seem too thin. They run a bit big so I recommend sizing down but nonetheless they feel easy and effortless. And nothing pairs better with leopard than denim, right? I'm convinced that no one does denim or chambray quite like Madewell, except maybe it's sister store J.Crew. I have quite a few denim/chambray long sleeve button downs that make their rounds in my wardrobe but this is my first sleeveless and has probably been my most worn shirt this summer. It may rival my L.L Bean tote, shown above, for the most worn item. I bought this tote in hunter green and camouflage a few years back and I swear it has been a lifesaver. I carry it everywhere - to work, on vacation, to the beach and it holds everything. The only down side is that it doesn't have any inside pockets so I end up carrying tons of little clutches inside to help divide everything up neatly. Who's a tad OCD? Certainly NOT me.

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Shirt - Madewell | Shorts - Equipment | Shoes - Loeffler Randall (similar here and here) | Hat - Club Monaco (similar here) | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban | Bracelet - Giles & Brother | Tote - L.L. Bean (I have the medium size)

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What Should Be In My Closet: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

Is there any other sale going on when the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is happening? *crickets* That's what I thought. It is the mother of all sales for clothing, beauty, accessories, shoes, bags, etc and I have had my browser open to the Nordstrom website non-stop ever since they granted access to all non-card holders (that includes me). We can get to clothing in a second but I think a quick mention of some beauty highlights from the sale is in order.

The fact that this Charlotte Tilbury set is available gives me hope that the rest of the line is soon to come. NARS always does some of the best Nordstrom exclusives and this Schiap lip & nail set has caught my eye (it also comes in a Dolce Vita set), along with this NARS Cheek Palette. If you didn't already know, the Kiehl's Creme de Corps line is my holy grail for body products and this jumbo size is an amazing value while the Whipped Body Butter in a new Lavender scent sounds delectable. You guys know I swear by Perricone MD Blue Plasma so I highly recommend picking up this set which is basically anti-aging in a box! I love using toner pads so these from Arcona are great to add to your routine after cleansing but before your other treatments. Finally, I am not that much of a hair product aficionado, but I've read great reviews about the Living Proof Perfect Hair range so this set is currently sitting in my cart. Now that I have sufficiently helped you navigate the beauty section, let's look at what should be in my closet.

3. DVF Zarita Lace Sheath Dress (this is one of my absolute favorite "wedding guest" dresses - see me wearing it here)

Have you picked up anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Leave me a comment below (include a link too if you can) of what you purchased!

Have you entered my Sunday Riley skincare giveaway??!! It's a good one, trust me. Enter here!

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