The Inspiration for My Home Office

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As many of you know Stan and I moved into our new home late last year. I've slowly begun the decorating process but our new place is 3x the size our our old apartment in NYC so our furniture is hardly filling up the space. While I would love to decorate everything immediately, that's just not feasible so I am taking it slow and going room by room. I started with our master bedroom because that was actually the one room in our old apartment that I never bothered doing anything with. It's not completely done but a good portion of it is finished (see that post here).

The next room I wanted to tackle was my home office. I am using a spare bedroom for it and because I spend soooo much time in there, I wanted to create a space that inspires me. I met with my girlfriend (she currently owns a beauty store but has a small decorating business on the side) who is helping me with the decorating process and her first order of business was for me to create an inspiration board. I wasn't sure the direction I wanted to take, but after I had pinned a handful of images it became clear. 

While the space isn't huge, I want to have a desk where I can work, a small sitting area and then a bookshelf and rolling rack. Above are some of the images from my inspiration board (see the whole thing on my Pinterest) and the theme is contemporary with a neutral color palette (surprise, surprise). I prefer most of the major pieces to be black, white, gray and beige with elements of wood, metal, marble, lucite and fur mixed in throughout. I love the look of palm prints and greens throughout the space and am deciding if I want to throw in bits of pale pink for a splash of color. I came across this image on Pinterest and knew I wanted to incorporate lip prints in the decor as well. 

I'm buying things in stages, but the first few items have come in already. Yay! I purchased this settee which will be a great blank slate to decorate with pillows and throws. My girlfriend and I decided to do an accent wall with wallpaper and this one from Target was absolutely perfect. The wood detail is subtle but will give great dimension for the room. Finally I snagged these lucite nesting tables which I felt were the perfect coffee table option for a smaller space. 

It will probably take another month or two to finish everything (furniture is expensive - ugh), but I will be sure to share the finished look on the blog!

Below are some items that I'm loving and contemplating for this space. Press the arrow to the right of each widget to scroll through more options.

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The Ease of a Utility Jacket

I know it looks nice and somewhat spring-like in these photos, but it was actually quite cold this day! In fact, I thought my lightweight utility jacket would cut it with a tank and jeans, but right before I left the house I switched to a turtleneck and added a scarf. I still refuse to wear my winter coats this close to spring so my utility jackets will be what I reach for from now until the warm weather comes. I purchased this one from Madewell more than a year ago (last see here) and throw it on with anything and everything. I even snagged a few vest styles because I absolutely adore the look (previously seen in this post and this post). While I don't need to have a million different pieces of a certain style of clothing, I like to invest in items I know I will wear all the time. Utility jackets are one of those items so I knew this one would be a great addition with its unique detailing and more defined shape. Even though a utility jacket is not a piece that will work for every occasion, I guarantee it will be one of your most worn items in your closet.

Taking a quick break to jump to another topic - I am finally beginning to tackle another room in my house. Yay! The furniture from our NYC apartment fits in about 1/3 of our new home so there is a ton to still decorate. I'm not planning to do it all at once and frankly am always amazed at people that move in and are all decorated within a few months. Furniture is such a huge investment and while I would love to do everything at once, we just can't. My office will be the next space I am focusing on since I spend so much time in there and need a more defined area. I will have a post coming out later this week on my inspiration behind the theme/decor and a few pieces have already arrived! I won't have it ready for quite some time, but I will definitely share it as I go along. 

Jacket - Zadig and Voltaire | Turtleneck - Club Monaco | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - Gianvito Rossi (budget option here) | Sunglasses - Fendi | Bag - Proenza Schouler | Scarf - Alexander McQueen

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The Must Have Bag For Spring

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Original blog post here
Straw bags for spring. Groundbreaking. I know it's nothing new, but I have come to love straw bags for spring and summer. While I love a bold and structured handbag, many times I find them too heavy for my warmer weather wardrobe. I love how light and fun straw designs can be and in many instances are much less expensive than other handbag styles. Below are some great options for clutch styles, traditional totes and then some amazing splurge styles.  

Straw clutches:
Straw totes:
Splurge straw totes:


Wedges for Spring

As I write this, it's cold and rainy so sadly these wedges won't be making an appearance again anytime soon. Which is a shame because they are so comfortable and the height makes me feel like a supermodel! Ha! I don't tend to wear super high heels anymore, but the wedge style makes it easier to maneuver since there isn't a drastic height difference between the back and front part of the shoe. This outfit is one of the reasons I love the warmer weather - it is effortless and easy. A flowy white blouse (that can be worn so many different ways), skinny jeans and sandals is a look that is easy to replicate so many different ways and yet still looks fresh and new each time.

Besides these wedges that I'm wearing in the post, I have been living in these when the weather warms up enough for it. They are insanely comfortable as well and the detailing makes them so unique. There are so many great wedge styles out now that fit just about every preference and price point. I searched for the ones that I thought were the most appealing and versatile and put them all in the widget below. Now all that is left to do is wait for the weather to catch up to my closet. Ugh!

Shirt - Madewell | Jeans - Paige | Shoes - Chloe (similar less expensive option here and here) | Bag - Cult Gaia (obsessed with it in this color!) | Sunglasses - Illesteva | Bracelets - Vita Fede and Miansai

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Cropped Trench

It's been going between trench weather and heavy coat weather still so I'm so confused on what to wear each day! While I have tons of cropped jackets in my closet, I have never worn a cropped trench and thought it was absolutely adorable. And that little striped part at the end of the sleeve - it comes like that (which is what sold me on it #givemeallthestripes). It's such a unique jacket and something I have not seen before, though it is still a classic piece that can be worn with almost anything. 

Veering off topic for a second - I just finished the final episode of the Missing Richard Simmons podcast and am so sad it is over. If you haven't listened to it, it is absolutely fascinating. I knew little about his life but was hooked after the first podcast. I listened to all 6 episodes in one day. I highly recommend downloading it for a fun listen while you exercise or on your way to work. If you have listened to it, what did you think? Sadly I'm not convinced he is completely ok since his departure from public life was so sudden and out of character. And after hearing how devoted he was to the people he helped over the years, it seems odd that he would abandon that without explanation. I know, I know,  I could talk about this for quite a bit. LOL Trust me - the podcast is worth a listen!

Trench - J.Crew (Also love this one and this one) | Top - GAP (similar here) | Jeans - Rag & Bone | Shoes - J.Crew (old but love these (you have to scroll thru all the colors to find the silver) and this splurge) | Bag - Cult Gaia | Sunglasses - Illesteva

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