Friday Finds + My Favorite Nude/White Nail Colors

Shirt, Jeans, Sandals, Bag, Sunglasses, Necklace
It's been so long since I've done a Friday Finds post, and I have a full camera roll of tons of screenshots and pins of things I wanted to share. LOL So I am finally back with all my finds. Hope you enjoy! And the last find is all my favorite nude/white nail colors so you easily reference it back. I will update it if I find anymore shades that I love. 

1. I'm a sucker for big sunglasses and these are currently sitting in my cart! I can't decide between the black and tortoise - which do you prefer?! I've never tried any sunglasses from Chelsea28 but the price points are so affordable, and the styles look right up my alley. See them all here.

2. Another Hermes sandal dupe alert!!! These are seriously cute and actually look very much like the slides I am wearing in this pic from Saint Laurent.

3. I received this journal in a recent press package and I have been diligent in writing in it every day. I love that it only takes a few minutes in the morning and evening and focuses on gratitude. It's a great way to begin and end each day!

4. Iridescent sneakers. Yup, these instantly caught my eye.

5. My round rattan bag sold out so quickly but I found a similar style here for $80. I love the leather accents and strap.

6. I have a few lace-up style sandals that I wear a ton during the summer (see them styled here), and these blush velvet ones are such stunners!

7. My big fuzzy robe that my mom bought me for Christmas is the first thing I put on when I wake up. It's so cozy and plush, but I would love a shorter version for the summer. I am eyeing this one in gray or oatmeal.

8. The second part of the Sephora VIB sale starts today and goes through Monday. I ended up placing a second order for my favorite facial cotton, a beautyblender, a back up of my holy grail brow tool, this candle which I haven't had in years but love the scent and I'm going to try and find this deodorant in store.

9. Out of all the prints in my closet, stripes dominates my shirts. I have tons of striped tees, shirts and blouses and am always looking for more interesting styles with a simple stripe print. I came across quite a few with a bit more flair than normal - this one with the tie sleeves (and only $29!), the contrasting neckline on this long sleeve basic is so cute (and comes in a few other colors), this fitted lightweight sweater would be perfect with a complementary red lip, and the boat neck style on this makes it so flattering.

10. Ok, I stayed on the & Other Stories site a bit too long and found this basic leopard tee for $30! I would style it just as they have with a denim skirt and cute sneakers.

11. I had a request recently to share all my favorite nude or white nail shades because it's all I've been wearing recently. Some you may have to find in a Sally Hansen beauty store because I am not sure if they are available online or in the drugstore, but I thought I would still mention all of them. Here they are: OPI Funny Bunny, Zoya Kennedy, Nails Inc Whitehall, Smith & Cult Regret the Moon, OPI It's Pink P.M., Essie Mixtaupe, Maxus Nails Adored and Essie Coconut Cove. (a quick note that often the color online is not even close to how it looks in person - I don't myself have swatches of every color but there are some great images online)


My Sephora VIB Sale Haul

The second part of the Sephora sale is now live! See what I purchased in today's video. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

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What I've Been Buying From Amazon

Pajamas | Faux fur throw (similar here) | PillowSlippers | Silver Tray | Bedroom furniture linked in this post

I've never been much of an Amazon shopper to tell you the truth. Over the years I would buy a random item but never anything regular. So many of my friends and many of you told me how you basically buy everything and anything on Amazon so I asked for tips on how to shop Amazon since it can be so overwhelming. Here are a few of the suggested tips for shopping on Amazon that you gave me:
  • Often if the item has thousands of reviews, then you feel it is a legitimate retailer and feel comfortable purchasing from them.
  • "Fulfilled by Amazon" is something many of you look for when determining if a seller is reputable to purchase from.
  • I myself try to look for the brand itself selling on Amazon and purchase from their store front.
  • An "Amazon's Choice" or "Best Seller" banner at the top of the product page is something to look for as well and can denote a more reliable retailer.
  • Many of you told me when searching for an item, you sort by reviews and then only stick to the top reviewed items or the ones with 4+ stars.
After familiarizing myself with your feedback, I noticed all the top reviews, star ratings, "Amazon's Choice" and found it easier to seek out the sellers to purchase from. I went from hardly ever purchasing on Amazon to buying something at least 2-3x/month! Ha! You guys told me this would happen. While I don't have anything that I buy on regular replenishment at this point (we go to Costco for Miles' diapers), I have bought a few things multiple times (GG crackers!). And because I myself always like to know what people are buying (from any store to be honest, I am so nosy), I thought I would share all my Amazon purchases from the past few months.

1. Miles' elephant hamper - I initially saw this hamper on Pinterest and just googled "elephant wicker hamper" and found it on Amazon. You can see how I styled it in Miles' nursery in this post.

2. Beanies for Miles - I love hats and am determined to have Miles love them too. Ha! These are so cute and make him look like a little hipster. See him wearing them in this post.

3. Elmo's dog bed - The best dog bed I have ever bought him! He loves this thing - and so many of you bought it as well after I shared it on my Insta-stories and your animals are crazy about it too. I wish they made one in my size.

4. Jade roller - I wanted to try this skincare tool and this one had good reviews, and was not too pricey. It's held up really well after the past few months of using it a few times a week. Here is my full review on the jade roller and how I use it.

5. Nail polish remover - This is my favorite nail polish remover but I always have a hard time finding it so I buy multiple bottles at a time.

6. Winter boots - I saw these boots on Instagram but they were sold out almost everywhere. However I managed to track down a pair on Amazon and love them so much! See them styled in this post.

7. Vital proteins - These are collagen peptides which are great for hair, skin and nails. I'm almost out and will be buying the creamer version next.

8. Fisher Price seat for Miles - Miles loved this chair as soon as he was around 3 months old! I plan to buy these for all my friends that are pregnant.

9. GG crackers - These fiber crackers are getting a ton of buzz right now so I decided to try them. To be honest, they taste like cardboard but have high fiber content which is supposed to help your digestive system. I will be reviewing them in an upcoming wellness post!

10. F-Factor Diet book - I didn't buy this to lose weight but more to learn more about the idea of adding more fiber into my diet. I'll also be reviewing this in my upcoming wellness post.

11. PB2 powdered peanut butter - As an alternative to regular peanut butter, this powdered formula has less calories and fat. It's not the same completely in taste and texture, but works great in smoothies.

12. Trader Joe's seasoning - Ugh, Trader Joe's is a 30 minute drive from us so I order this off Amazon because I can't be without it! I put this seasoning on absolutely everything.

13. Lily's chocolate chips - I heard about these on the F-Factor Instagram and ordered them immediately. They are sweetened with stevia and are much lower in calories and fat than regular chocolate. It's a healthier alternative when I want a sweet treat.

14. Straw tote - I wanted a basic straw tote and found this one for $40!

15. White noise machine for Miles - As soon as Miles began turning over to sleep on his tummy he began to wake up more at night. We bought this machine to help soothe him as we heard it can help babies get and stay in REM sleep longer. We haven't had it long enough to notice a huge difference but we use it every time he goes down for a nap and when he goes to sleep at night.

16. Ghost chair for my office - I have this at my desk in my office. To be honest, it's more for aesthetics than comfort. I put a pillow on it to help make it more comfortable on my butt. LOL See it styled in my home office decor post.

17. Coffee table books (I have this one, this one and this one) - Coffee table books are SO expensive but for some reason I have found that they many are cheaper on Amazon! You can see how I style them in my home office here.

What do you purchase from Amazon?!!! Leave me a comment below with your regular buys!

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All the Must-Have Pieces From Madewell Right Now

Dress - Madewell (also available here, shirt version here, romper version here) | Shoes - Aquazzura (similar here) | Sunglasses - Free People (similar here and here) | Bag - Chloe (similar here)

Madewell is having a moment right now. Like it's sister store J.Crew, they run hot and cold with me (recently J.Crew was hot in my opinion as I shared in this post). Sometimes everything on Madewell's site (and now Nordstrom - whoop, whoop!) is an *add to cart* and other times it all looks so frumpy/boho/schoolmarm-ish. Does anyone else feel that way about them? Well it looks like spring is Madewell's time because there are quite a few adorable numbers on their site. And then Nordstrom began carrying them and all became right with the world. In fact, if we are being completely frank, the photos and styling on the Nordstrom site makes me like the clothing more than when it's on the Madewell site. I actually saw the same item on both sites and did a double take many times on Nordstrom.com because it presented the item much better.

I had been eyeing the wrap shirt version of this print, but ultimately felt that the dress seemed more my speed. One and done! Isn't getting dressed in the warmer months the best? Dress, shoes, bag and I'm out the door. (maybe sunglasses if I remember LOL) And you can see my big cheesy smile in these photos because the weather was absolutely glorious the day I wore this dress. Quintessential spring temps complete with blooming trees, a light breeze and no humidity. Doesn't get much better than that. 

Peruse all the widgets below to see my picks from both the Madewell site and Nordstrom (it seems they carry different inventory). 

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A Chanel-esque Jacket

Jacket (I'm wearing an XS) | Camisole (love this one! - I have Soft Ivory and am wearing an XS ) | Jeans (similar here) | Sandals (on sale!) | Bag | Sunglasses (similar here and here) | Ring (c/o)

Spring has sprung where we are and I couldn't be happier about it! I most definitely suffer from the cold weather blues and have for years. I am always less motivated, more uninspired, lazier and all around in a funk when the weather is bad and cold. I thrive in the sunshine and find myself feeling instantly energized when the temps hit the 70's. I am also someone who is always cold (poor Stan has to basically be in a bathing suit around me in the summer because I never want the A/C on), and when I'm cold I shut down. My mom is the same way so when we are together, we turn up the heat, drink all the hot drinks and bring huge coats with us everywhere. LOL 

Since I am still always cold even in the warmer months, I have a closet full of all different types of jackets. Spring and summer jackets are the best because they are always so easy to wear with just a simple cami/tee underneath and instantly make the outfit (let's be honest, jackets always make the outfit). This tweed number I grabbed recently with a gift card I was holding onto from the holidays is absolutely THE quintessential spring jacket. It's great for an office environment or casual with jeans and sandals. I also plan on styling this with cut-offs and slides for the summer! For more spring jacket ideas, scroll through the widget below - Anthropologie has great ones right now. But if jackets aren't your thing, they have the most beautiful kimonos - this, this and this are ones not to miss!

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My Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations: Skincare, Hair, Body, Etc.

My second video for my Sephora VIB sale recommendations is here! All my skincare, hair and body product picks. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

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The products mentioned in the video:


My Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations: Makeup

The Sephora VIB sale is here! These are all my makeup recommendations - stay tuned for my skincare video coming tomorrow. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

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The products mentioned in the video:

Blog post of me wearing Tom Ford Dylan


A Dress With Personality

Dress (I'm wearing a size 2) | Sandals (similar here) | Bag | Sunglasses

If this dress could talk, I feel like it would be the life of the party. LOL I have talked before about how Asos can be so overwhelming because of the sheer number of pieces on the site and finding something good is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I stumbled across this dress one evening because it happened to be a new arrival (so I didn't have to go through 12,000 pages before finding it) and knew instantly it was a hit. It's black and white but the details, shape and sleeves make it so much more interesting! This is definitely a party dress or vacation dress and not something that will allow you to go unnoticed. Ha! I always want a fun piece to wear to summer parties but don't want to spend a ton on something that is more special occasion so this fit the bit perfectly. I wore it will simple makeup for this post, but I think a red or bright coral lip is the perfect complement! There isn't a ton of great dresses on the Asos site right now, but I found a few gems here and there. I put them all in the widget below.

Shop more dresses here:

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