A Spring Cardigan Perfect For the Work Place or Weekends

Cardigan - Ann Taylor | Turtleneck - Club Monaco | Leggings - Trouve (old but similar here and here) | Shoes - Gianvito Rossi (budget option here) | Bag - Gucci | Sunglasses - Illesteva (similar here) | Earrings - Lisi Lerch

I'm not a huge cardigan fan but I find some from time to time that I really love. This one from Ann Taylor appealed to me because it looked more like a lightweight coat than cardigan. And the white detail on the edges gave it a much more polished look. I know there is the term "coatigan" which means a mix between a cardigan and coat and I definitely think this falls into that category. I wore this to a meeting recently and tried to make it a bit less conservative by adding faux leather leggings and leopard heels which would also be a great mix for a night out. I can also see this cardigan styled with a pencil skirt and belted for a more professional look. And throw on jeans, a camisole and flats for the weekend to dress the cardigan down. So many options for this piece! 

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Spring Fashion Finds

We are still smack dab in the middle of winter, but I can't help but begin to look at warm weather clothing in anticipation of spring (and summer YAY!). Here is a round-up of pieces perfect for when the temps begin to warm up:

1. Floral maxi dress - This dress would be perfect for any spring or summer weddings.

2. Black one piece swimsuit - I have tried this swimsuit on before and it is one of the most flattering styles and cuts ever.

3. Green floral dress - The print on this dress is absolutely gorgeous and is great for a spring or summer night out.

4. Denim shorts - These are my all time favorite denim shorts, but are a bit of a splurge. This pair has a similar look but at a much better price point.

5. Straw clutch - Classic, compact and under $50. 

6. Straw hat - I love a hat any time of the year and a straw hat is a necessity for spring/summer!

7. Hoop earrings - The natural wood ombre style of these hoop earrings make them a great neutral to wear with any outfit.

8. Leopard espadrilles - As a serious leopard lover, these immediately caught my eye. I would wear them with a simple white tee and denim shorts.

9. Sunglasses - There is nothing like a classic pair of cat eye sunglasses. 

10. Black jumpsuit - This jumpsuit would make a great beach cover-up or easy piece to throw on with sandals and a cute straw tote.

11. Pompom tote - This could be a beach bag or an everyday tote and is only $35!

12. Yellow sundress - This dress, a big straw hat, strappy sandals and a cute tote is exactly how I want to dress all spring and summer.

13. White wedge sandals - My most worn pair of wedges from last year! I have them in tan and cannot recommend them enough. So comfortable and flattering on the leg.

14. One-piece swimsuit - Such a great piece that comes in a few colors and is under $60.


Adding New Makeup Brushes To My Collection

I use makeup brushes every single day and cannot do my makeup without them. I was never someone that would use my fingers to apply product and even though it took me awhile to learn how to use brushes properly, they make ALL the difference. I've never tried any Sigma brushes but have heard nothing but great things so I was finally able to test a handful that they sent over. These four were my favorite and I felt they were worthy of their own review. In addition to the brushes, the Sigma team sent me their best selling brush cleansing mat and I now use it non-stop to wash my brushes! The pad makes it so much easier because I simply lay it down in the sink and gently massage the damp bristles and soap against the raised surface and it gets my brushes so incredibly clean. I don't know why I never used this little contraption before! It's a must have if you use makeup brushes regularly. And here are the four brushes that I have added to my daily makeup application:

1. Large powder brush - I don't use loose powder every day but I have ended up using this large powder brush for bronzer, loose powder, pressed powder and as a tool to blend my cheek color. Most powder brushes can be too large and fluffy and feel like they are suffocating my face when I use them. This one is slightly more narrow and allows for a more precise application.

2. F80 Kabuki Brush - This brush is mostly used to apply cream or liquid foundation but I am still on the Beautyblender bandwagon. However, I have loved using this to blend any cream blushes or highlighters that I wear and surprisingly have found it very handy for buffing in my under eye concealer.

3. F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush - Even though it says highlighter brush, I love using this as a contour brush (I use the contour shade from this palette - it's perfection!). It fits perfectly in the hollows of my cheekbones and picks up just the right amount of product. I also use it to apply highlighter as intended and love it, but the precision with which it applies my contour shade made it an instant hit for me.

4. F40 Large Angled Contour Brush - I know it seems silly that I apply my contour with a highlighter brush and then use the contour brush to apply blush, but that is how I like to do things. Even though brushes may be designed for certain uses, I always end up using them in various different ways. This particular brush has been one I've been reaching for when I am applying bright blush and want a delicate dusting. It also works brilliantly for applying bronzer which I prefer to have a light hand with.

With this being my first experience trying Sigma brushes, I have been so impressed and think they are worth the investment (though their price points are so affordable!). 

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Comfortable But Not Sloppy + 10 of My Favorite Podcasts

Sweatshirt - Anine Bing (also love this one!) | Jeans - Joe's (similar here and here) | Sneakers - Golden Goose (great dupe option here) | Bag - Gucci | Sunglasses - Amazon | Necklace - Nashelle

I love getting dressed up but being comfortable and not looking frumpy has been my mission since I began working for myself. It's easy to look pulled together in heels and a fabulous dress, but I am not going to wear that all the time so I constantly look for pieces that can throw on and be relaxed in. For me, a great pair of denim is key (these have insane stretch) as is cute sneakers that aren't an athletic style. I personally love a distressed or vintage tee/sweatshirt like this one from Anine Bing. The whole look is super relaxed but I don't feel sloppy or messy. 

Switching gears away from clothing, I have had so many requests to compile all my favorite podcasts in one post for reference so I thought I would do that today. 

1. Serial - Season 1 of Serial is what got me hooked on podcasts. Season 2 was ok, but Season 3 was another great one.

2. In the Dark - I've listened to both season 1 and 2 and love them both. Season 1 is about the mishandling of a 27 year old child abduction case by local law enforcement. Season 2 is centered around a man named Curtis Flowers that has been tried 6 times for the same crime though he maintains his innocence this entire time.

3. Conviction - This was a new discovery but one that I instantly enjoyed. Manny Gomez is a private investigator in NYC that has gained a reputation for helping wrongfully convicted felons get out of jail. However, his methods are a bit brash and it seems that justice for his clients isn't his only motive.

4. Up and Vanished - While I listened to both seasons, I really only enjoyed season 1. It's about the disappearance of Tara Grinstead in a small Georgia town. The case was unsolved and went cold after many years, however the interest surrounding the podcast seemed to stir up interest again. Surprisingly near the end of his reporting, a suspect was identified and arrested for her disappearance.

5. Missing Richard Simmons - This isn't a new podcast but if you haven't listened to it, it is a fascinating one. Richard Simmons seemed to just fall off the map a few years ago and no one seemed to know why. Where he was, why he removed himself from all his businesses and society in general - the whole thing was super strange.

6. S-Town - Though this podcast has been talked about for a few years, I only got around to listening to it recently. A listener writes to the podcast host about coming to his town to do an investigative story on a guy that may have committed murder but his family's wealth and privilege seemed to have covered it up. When the journalist decides to look into the claim, it doesn't seem to go anywhere but he stumbles upon a much deeper and more complex story from the listener himself.

7. The Dropout - This is my newest obsession and I have been recommending it to everyone I know! It's about Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos and the massive fraud that she managed to hide for nearly a decade.

8. Dr. Death - As someone that has had two spine surgeries, this podcast hit close to home! It's the true story of a neurosurgeon in Texas that knowingly injured, paralyzed and even killed some of his patients who came to him for relief of back pain.

9. Over My Dead Body - This is a brand new podcast I just began listening to but definitely wanted to include in this round-up. So far there are only 3 episodes available but they focus on the murder of a man in Florida who was going through a nasty divorce. His murder happened in broad daylight and signs may be pointing to the ex-wife's family as the suspects.

10. Root of Evil - This is the podcast about the Black Dahlia murder - and is told from the actual family members of the accused murderer. There is only one episode out right now but it hooked me right away!

What are your favorite podcasts?!

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New Launches From Colleen Rothschild and Some of My Old Favorites + Discount Code!

There is so much goodness in today's post! From new launches to a huge promotion, Colleen Rothschild skincare lovers are in for a treat today. And if you are new to her line, I cannot wait to convert you. Ha! I have been using Colleen Rothschild skincare for quite a few years and it's one of the most consistent skincare ranges I've ever used. No matter what I try from the line, my skin always responds well and when I go back to old favorites they never fail to give me amazing results. This cleanser initially got me hooked, but since then I have a few holy grail favorites from the line that I can't be without (this daytime moisturizer being one of them). A new cleansing balm was just added to the line and I also discovered two masks that were instant hits. I'm reviewing all three of these products in today's post along with two of my must have products from the line that I recommend to everyone.

And the best news??!! There is a Customer Appreciation Sale happening on her site right now that gives $50 off every $150 spent with code: CAS50. Today is the last day to take advantage of this offer so happy shopping! Shop the promotion here.

1. Cocoa Bean Cleansing Balm - I could not wait to open this cleanser and get it on my face! I have been in love with the Radiant Cleansing Balm for years so I knew this new one would not disappoint. From the first whiff of the glorious chocolate/nutty scent to the smooth buttery texture, everything about this cleanser is an experience for the senses. While it does a stellar job removing makeup, I personally love it as a second cleanse because I leave it on my damp skin for a minute or two and allow the cocoa butter and hazelnut oil to give my skin intense nourishment. There are also little bits of vanilla beans throughout the formula that give a gentle exfoliation to help decongest the skin. Hydration with a bit of exfoliation (that smells like chocolate), this cleanser is heaven in a jar!

2. Pomegranate & AHA Resurfacing Mask - Start with this Resurfacing Mask and follow it up with the Intense Hydrating Mask and your skin will look like you have been at the spa all day. It does tingle a slight bit when applied as the AHAs and fruit enzymes begin to work their magic helping to exfoliate and remove dead skin. I like to leave it on for 10 minutes and wipe off with a damp cloth. The formula also contains aloe leaf extract that helps to calm and soothe the skin so it never gets irritated or flaky. Afterwards, my skin feels smooth and freshly exfoliated but also incredibly hydrated. It's a great mask to use before a big event because it really makes the skin glow! 

3. Intense Hydrating Mask - The name of this mask says it all. Intensely hydrating - and it is! Any bit of dehydration my skin was struggling with is no longer an issue after leaving this mask on for 10 minutes. My skin looks plump and radiant after receiving so much moisture. I prefer to use it as a treatment for 10-15 minutes to give my skin an instant boost, but it's lightweight enough to leave on the skin overnight. This is one product that would be great for any skin type and all age ranges. 

4. Radiant Cleansing Balm - This is the cleanser that started my love affair with the entire brand. I have gone through countless jars of it because it never lets me down. The formula is creamy and smooth yet not overly greasy or oily. It removes makeup easily and leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturized. This is one of the most consistent performing products in my entire skincare closet!

5. Sheer Renewal Cream - In addition to the Radiant Cleansing Balm, the Sheer Renewal Cream is an absolute must have in my morning routine. It's an oil-free formula that feels creamy and lightweight, keeps the skin hydrated all day with additional ingredients to help gently exfoliate and stimulate new cell turnover. My favorite feature of this cream is how beautifully it wears under makeup. It calms my skin immediately so any redness is diminished and my skin is left with a natural finish. 

The promotion ends today so this is the perfect time to try something new or replenish old favorites. In addition to the products I mentioned in today's post, I rounded up the rest of my favorites in the widget below.

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Thanks to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring today's post. I'm thrilled to partner with a brand that I regularly use and love!


All My Outfits on Sale + Sales to Shop This Holiday Weekend

Skirt, scarf and turtleneck on sale
Jacket on sale

Sweater (check back because it may come back in stock!) and jeans on sale

Jacket on sale

Top on sale

Sweater on sale

Sweater (also here) on sale

Striped tee on sale

Jacket on sale

Sweater on sale

Cardigan and camisole on sale

Jumpsuit on sale

Skirt and turtleneck on sale

Jacket and jeans on sale

Jacket and boots on sale

Jumpsuit on sale

Vest and turtleneck on sale

Sweater and boots on sale

Sweater on sale

Sweater on sale

Jumpsuit on sale

Pajamas on sale

Jacket and jeans on sale

Dress on sale
Shirt on sale
Sweater on sale
When I asked on insta-stories what are your favorite posts to read on my blog, many of you said that you like me to do regular round-ups of my outfits on sale. With this being a holiday weekend, so many of my recent looks are marked down so I pulled together as many pieces as I could with sizes still in stock (I will try and update if things sell out). I also have a list of sales going on at the retailers I shop at regularly with the discount codes if applicable. Happy shopping!

Ann Taylor - 40% off with code: SOSWEET

Anthropologie - 40% off sale items

Club Monaco - 25% off with code: STARTFRESH

Crate & Barrel - 40% off sale items

Express - 40% off everything

GAP - 40% off everything + extra 10% off

Hanna Anderson (I buy tons of pajamas here for Miles!) - 25% off everything

J.Crew - 40% off with code: YESPLEASE

Levi's - 30% off sitewide with code: WHYWAIT

Loft - 40% off with code: XOXO

Nordstrom - up to 40% off select merchandise

One King's Lane - 20% off sitewide

Pottery Barn - 20% off with code: WEEKEND

T3 - Spend more, save more

West Elm - 20% off purchase with code: WINTER
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