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October is one of the best months of the year but it always goes by so fast! Anyone else feel that way? I wish February or March would speed by like this but those months always seem to drag on forever (with the brutal cold weather). So many of my finds from these past few weeks are cozy pieces - whether for my self or for the home. Guess fall is getting to me. Ha! Here are my favorite finds from the past few weeks:

1. These are an almost identical dupe for the Acne Jensen boot but at a much lower price of $150!

2. Leopard rain boots?! Yes, please.

3. Target is hit or miss with me when it comes to clothing, but this long chunky tunic sweater for $30 is cute!

4. This faux fur lined bomber jacket is the epitome of cozy.

5. Speaking of cozy, I love the look of this fuzzy sweater that is only $40!

6. I'm thinking one of the rooms in my house needs this black and white striped rug. It's neutral but still makes a statement.

7. A few more home decor items I have my eye on are this wood stool, I'm crazy for this console, this pillow cover has a great minimalist design and I can always use more simple white vases around the house.

8. I just placed a reorder for one of my favorite fall candles!

9. I'm trying to decide if I need to get one of these Louboutin cream shadows? I'm so tempted but not sure it will be worth it. Anyone tried?

10. I am always on the hunt for cute activewear and interested to try something from this new brand. Their matching sets come in so many different colors - it's hard to choose which one I love the most.

11. Nothing cozier than a fuzzy pair of socks. These slipper socks make me want to curl up in front of the fire ASAP! I suspect these will sell fast so it may be best to grab them while they are still in stock.

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2 Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes To Try For Fall: Bobbi Brown Bronzed Nudes and Rosy Nudes Palettes

Bobbi Brown is the queen of neutral makeup and her newest eyeshadow palettes are the perfect mix for fall (well anytime of the year to be honest). I picked up both the Bronzed Nudes palette and the Rosy Nudes palette recently and fell in love with both! I have never associated her eye products with intense pigmentation which I appreciate because not every eyeshadow needs to have stage makeup intensity. For myself, I love to wear one or two colors on the eyes every day and like a quick sweep over the lids for a hint of color. Both palettes are incredibly wearable and have a nice balance of shimmer and matte shades. In the past some of her shimmer shades I've tried have fallout which can be a hassle to clean up, but that was not the case with these palettes. All the colors applied evenly and I like that there are more pale shades with only a handful of dark liner or crease shades which I tend to wear less. Below are the swatches from both palettes:
Bronzed Nudes

Rosy Nudes
I personally liked the Bronzed Nudes palette a bit more because the colors are closer to the tones I wear regularly, but the pale shades in the Rosy Nudes collection are so lovely. I have had quite a few questions recently about suggestions for a new eyeshadow palette to try for fall that could create a variety of different looks and it is both of these

What eyeshadow palette are you currently using and loving?

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My Top 5 Favorite Leggings That Are the Most Slimming

Sweatshirt - Nike (more sizes here, comes in another color here) | Leggings - Alo Yoga | Sneakers - Nike | Sunglasses - Le Specs

Leggings may be extremely comfortable but not always the most flattering. In fact, I hated wearing leggings years ago whether as an outfit or to work out because I felt they made my legs look horrible. Over the past few years I have been on a mission to find styles that are flattering, slimming and in some cases help elongate the legs. I have a long torso and short legs so finding pieces to help give the illusion of longer legs is more flattering to my frame. Higher waist styles often are the best solution for this because they draw the eye up farther which creates the look of longer legs. Because of my long torso, another problem I have with leggings is that they are not high enough in the rise and are too tight in the crotch area (I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about - ick). To avoid this issue, I try to find leggings with a longer rise and/or take a size up. As you can see from all my scientific explanation about leggings, I take this seriously. LOL I have tried so many leggings over the years and have finally found a few brands and styles that manage to fit all my rigid criteria and make me look great! It's not a long list but as I find new ones I will definitely share but for now these are my tested, tried and true favorite (and most flattering) leggings for either working out or wearing day to day.

1. Lululemon Align Crop - The entire Align style is a win for me but I love the cropped length (see me wearing them here and here). The fabric is incredibly thin but not transparent and stretches like nothing I've ever tried. In addition to wearing them a ton now, I wore them throughout my entire pregnancy (up until the day I gave birth), home from the hospital and every single day in the first few weeks home. If you are pregnant, these are a MUST. Sizing tip: I take my normal size in these.

2. Alo Yoga Moto Leggings - Alo Yoga is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands for activewear and their leggings fit me perfectly. The moto leggings are super stretchy, very slimming and are a great style to wear either working out or in my day to day life (see me wearing them here). My only complaint is that I wish they would begin making a midi or cropped version because they are sooooo long. But the fit is too good on these to deter me from buying them. Sizing tip: I size up in these.

3. Spanx leggings - I have the faux leather (see me wearing them here), the camo (see me wearing them here) and the black camo (see me wearing them here) - spanx leggings are magical. Spanx undergarments in general are magical so I wouldn't expect anything less from the leggings. The leggings are super high waisted, don't bunch in the crotch area and slim my legs better than any other pair of leggings I own. The compression is intense with these but surprisingly very comfortable. I say that they give me new legs whenever I wear them. These are one of the most shopped items EVER from my blog and I know many of you have given me your feedback that you love them too. Sizing tip: I size up in these either one or two sizes because they run very small.

4. Zella cropped leggings - Zella leggings are hit or miss with me but this style is a continuous favorite, and I have them in multiple colors. They are not as stretchy as some of the others in this list, but I still find them to be comfortable, slimming and very flattering when on. Sizing tip: I size up in these.

5. Alo Yoga Airbrush Leggings - The Airbrush style from Alo is a recent discovery and I am hooked! As I am pulling them on, everything seems to be lifting and then magically stays lifted all day long! They are what I am wearing in today's post and the length is perfection. I also have the full length version on in this picture and love how they look! I am dying to try this version next. Sizing tip: I size up in these.

What are your favorite pair of leggings? Any that you would recommend?

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A Jacket Perfect For the "In-Between" Weather + My Recent Book Reviews

Jacket - Cupcakes & Cashmere (more sizes here and here) | Turtleneck - Club Monaco | Jeans - 7FAM | Boots - Stuart Weitzman (budget option here and here, and love these!) | Bag - Gucci | Sunglasses - Le Specs (love these for under $70!)

I like to call these type of jackets - the "in-between" weather jackets. When it's too cold for a long cardigan but not yet full blown coat weather. I personally can't stand the cold weather so I love jackets like these because I feel bundled up and cozy but not strangled or unable to move because of the vast layers of clothing I am wearing. Ha! 

I thought I would make this a 2 for 1 post since I have finished 10 books (I know, I have been an audiobook listening machine!) in the past few weeks so I thought I would review them today. Sadly there weren't as many fantastic books in this bunch as in preview book review posts, but there were still some great ones worth reading that I wanted to share. Below are my thoughts on each one:

1. The Twilight Wife - This was a like but not a love. Kyra was in an accident and doesn't remember much of her life before. As she tries to put the pieces back together and get her memory back, she suspects something in her current life is not right. I kept waiting for this book to get very exciting but sadly it stayed pretty lukewarm the entire time.

2. The Names of Dead Girls - The prequel to this book was The Silent Girls and was SO good! I was anxiously awaiting the sequel but this one fell a bit flat for me. However, I think that if I had not read the first book, I may have liked this thriller mystery a bit more. Frank Rath is a detective following the release of a serial killer, Ned Preacher who killed his sister decades earlier. When more girls go missing in the area, he assumes Ned has something to do with it. It's a quick and entertaining read but I did prefer the first book more.

3. Ugly Love - I am quickly becoming a Colleen Hoover fan after reading It Ends With Us and loved this book just as much. I'm sensing a similar theme in them but I love it. Tate moves to San Fransisco to live with her brother for a few months and meets the next door neighbor passed out drunk in front of his door upon her arrival. His name is Miles Archer and is a friend of her brother with a pretty complicated past. Their paths keep crossing since he lives right across the hall and soon they began to have a "no strings attached" relationship. Things get difficult and messy because they both begin to have feelings for one another but Miles' past keeps him at a distance from her. Though the ending was predictable, I truly loved this book.

4. A Gentleman in Moscow - I had very high hopes for this book as it seemed like one I would enjoy and was a change from my typical thrillers and mysteries. However, I really struggled to get through it. Ugh. Alexander Rostov lives at a popular Moscow hotel as he was sentenced to house arrest by the Russian government after writing a political poem. The book is about all the people he meets living there and the story follows him throughout his life. I know many people loved this novel so you must make the decision for yourself, but it was not a hit for me.

5. The Alice Network - Thank goodness I read this after A Gentleman in Moscow but it got my reading mojo back! I LOVED this book and could not put it down. It is about the women-led spy network during the first World War. Though it is fiction, I am sure that many parts of it are parallel to what really happened. It's wonderful and worth a read!

6. Social Creature - Ugh, where to begin. This book is weird. So weird. Many of you messaged me that you loved it so this is another one to research for yourself to determine if you want to read it. Louise is a struggling writer in NYC and befriends a wealthy and extroverted girl named Lavinia. Lavinia is a strange character and her over the top personality bugged me to no end. Lavinia ends up dead (I won't tell you how), but how Louise deals with her death is strange. I don't mind odd, upsetting or strange subject matter in books, but this was a flop for me.

7. The Wife - This book wasn't very fast moving but it kept my attention. I also did not see the ending coming which is always a nice surprise. Jason Powell is a well-known economics professor that is accused of multiple sexual assaults and his wife Angela struggles to figure out is she should believe him and stay, or trust her gut and leave. I really disliked Jason and thought I had him figured out, but I was continually surprised as the story went on.

8. The Last Time I Lied - I wanted this book to live up to my expectations of it being a gripping thriller that I wouldn't be able to put down. It was ok and left me quite deflated when it was over. Womp, womp. Emma went to sleep away camp as a young teenager and her bunk mates disappeared and never came back. More than a decade later, the camp reopens and they want Emma to come back and teach the new campers. She decides to go against her better judgment and strange things begin to happen all over again. Though this book moved a bit too slow for me, the ending truly shocked me. I did not see if coming and it left me dumbfounded.

9. The Rules of Magic - As I said earlier, this group of books I read over the past month had quite a few duds and sadly this was one as well. I could not get through it. It became painful at some point and I would just listen to it as background noise to finish the book. I believe this is a multi book series, but I will not be reading anymore of them. So many great reviews for it but I just don't get it.

10. Bring Me Back - I love B.A. Paris and enjoyed this book, though it was not quite as gripping as the reviews suggest. Finn's girlfriend Layla goes missing after they have a fight on vacation and is never heard from again. Finn finally moves on and ends up falling in love with Layla's sister, Ellen and proposes to her. Right after he proposes, messages and emails begin coming that indicate Layla may still be alive. Towards the end of the book, things began to get predictable but I still enjoyed it overall.

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5 of My Fall/Winter Wardrobe Staples

Camel coat - read the original blog post here
I find myself reaching for the same pieces each fall and winter and thought I would pull together 5 of my most worn items that I feel are wardrobe staples. First is the camel coat. Whether it is a long or short style, belted or not, a camel coat is something I wear continuously from October - March.

Fringe scarf - read the original blog post here
A solid statement scarf can definitely make an outfit as my above picture shows. I have a camel, gray and black in my closet and think it's best to start there first and then move to bold or fun colors to add something to a monochrome outfit.

Wool hat - read the original blog post here
It's no surprise that a wool fedora or floppy hat is a fall and winter staple for me. I love wearing hats not only for the fashion aspect, but they keep my head warm! Ha! And they help when I need to stretch one more day with dry shampoo. There are so many great styles out now and I linked many of my favorites below.

Cable knit sweater (old but similar here) - read the original blog post here
Cable knit sweaters go with fall like pumpkins and apple cider do. I love to stock up on a classic beige or white one for fall and winter, but there are other styles and colors that I want to add to my cart as well. When wearing a chunkier style, I like to pair it with skinny jeans or leggings to balance out the weight of the sweater. 

Over the knee boots (currently 25% off!!) - read the original blog post here
I initially splurged on the flat version of these boots years ago and wore them so much that I decided to invest in the high heel style. Not only do I love the look of them and find them to be surprisingly comfortable, they keep my legs warm during the winter. That extra layer makes such a difference on very cold days. I linked up a variety of price points for over the knee boots in the widget below.


Brand Review: Sunday Riley

Talking about one of my most used skincare brands in today's video. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

The products mentioned in the video:

This set is perfect to try some of Sunday Riley's top products!
MDNA Face Roller (from Madonna's skincare line)
Here is the jade roller I have (only $22)
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Alternatives to Wearing Jeans + A New Gentle Gel Nail Polish I've Been Wearing

 Top - Madewell | Pants - Mango | Shoes - Steve Madden | Bag - Gucci | Sunglasses - Amazon (under $10!) | Bracelet - Vita Fede | Ring - Kendra Scott, Stone & Strand (c/o) | Lipstick - Charlotte Tilbury "Tell Laura"

I love wearing jeans but if I'm being honest, trousers are often a ton more comfortable. Especially a style like these that are fitted in the waist but have a slighter looser fit in the legs. Most of my jeans are a super skinny fit so these pants feel like pajamas in comparison. Ha! And the super high waist style makes my short legs look a mile long which is a major bonus! If you are not a fan of wearing jeans, there are so many great styles of trousers out now. Mine are a bit dressier, but a slim cropped style (these are so cute as well) is great for a more casual look.

I have also had quite a few questions about my nails recently because I shared on Instagram that I tried a more gentle form of Shellac recently and LOVED it! I have never had gel because I know it can be hard on the nails, but my manicurist suggested the new Shellac Luxe because it was not as harsh and was very easy to remove. Sure enough she was right! It only takes 60 seconds to remove and lasts 2.5-3 weeks with little to no chipping. I highly recommend trying it.

What nail polish do you prefer? Does gel work for you?

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