Old Navy Try-On Session + Haul Details

Pants | Tank (old) | Sandals (old)
Jumpsuit | Wedges | Strapless bra

Dress | Jacket | Wedges

Top | Jeans (old)

Top | Skirt

Dress | Belt (old) | Wedges

Top | Jeans

Tee | Jeans | Shoes (old)

Tee | Joggers | Sneakers (old) 
I ordered a bunch of spring pieces from Old Navy and thought I would do an insta-stories try-on haul and then link all the items in this blog post. I will save the try-on session to my highlights on Instagram so you can go back and see me talk through each piece I bought. I will also give a quick blurb below about each item, sizing and if it was a hit or not for me.

1. Linen jogger pants - These run true to size for me and the fit is so comfortable! I actually wore another pair of these while pregnant and still love them after I was pregnant.

2. Jumpsuit - This fits a tad bit snug in the chest so if you are busty, then I would size up. I adore the color and the back has elastic which makes it nice and fitted.

3. Dress - A striped t-shirt dress is one of my favorite items to run around in and this style and length is perfect to do "mom" things in. It runs very big so I would size down (I am wearing an XS Petite).

4. Blouse - Nothing more classic than a linen black top and I really love the fit of this. It runs very big so I would size down one or two sizes.

5. Flutter sleeve tank - The sleeves on this tank sold me immediately and the color looks even better in person! Definitely runs big so size down.

6. Denim shirt dress - I adore this dress with or without a belt and would be perfect for the summer. If you are busty, I would take your normal size but if not, then I would size down.

7. Floral detailed top - Since I work from home, I love comfortable and cute tops like this for being at home and running errands. This one runs big so I would size down.

8. Boyfriend jeans - These were sadly a big no for me and were not flattering at all.

9. Joggers - The rainbow detail sucked me in and surprisingly these are quite slim and flattering. They run true to size for me.

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A Black Wrap Dress for Work

Dress - Asos | Shoes - Gianvito Rossi (budget option here) | Bag - Gucci | Bracelet - Giles & Brother | Sunglasses - Le Specs

Though I want to put away all my black clothes now that winter is over, a simple black wrap dress is great for every season. I thought the kimono sleeves would be too dramatic but surprisingly they work well with the belted waist and deep v-neck. Sandals would be great with this dress but I love how the leopard pumps look even more. I try to find skirts above the knee most of the time because I am only 5'4", but the slim fit of the dress actually made me look taller which is a bonus! 

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My Cleanser Collection

My entire cleanser collection is in today's video. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

The products mentioned in the video:

Alpha H Liquid Gold (this exfoliating toner is a must have!)
Drunk Elephant Brand Review Video
Jordan Samuel After Show Balm Cleanser (it's not listed on his site anymore)


Miles 17 Month Update + Schedule

Maree outfit details: Jacket | Shirt | Jeans | Bag | Sneakers (similar) | Sunglasses (similar)
Miles outfit details: Vest (similar) | Shirt (similar) | Pants (similar) | Shoes | Hat | Stroller

Just looking at these pictures of Miles, I can't believe how big he has gotten in the past 6 months. He looks like a little boy to me now instead of a baby. *insert crying emoji* I don't want him to grow up but at the same time, I love watching him reach new milestones. His energy and joy for life is infectious and I adore seeing him explore the world. My last update for him was when he had just turned a year and I shared my top 20 first year baby essentials. He is now 17 months and while some things have definitely changed, his schedule for the most part has stayed the same. We started sleep training when he was 2 months old (this was the book we used which was truly amazing) and keep him on a schedule every day.

The best part about having him on a schedule is that when we deviate from it, it's not a big deal and he easily falls back into his routine the next day. Miles for the most part is a happy little guy but is definitely entering toddlerhood. He is more stubborn and will cry if he doesn't get his way, but thankfully can be redirected almost immediately so it doesn't last long. A majority of his teeth have come in at this point, with only a few remaining. We can always tell if he is teething because he doesn't act like himself, is hard to entertain and fusses almost all day long.

When it comes to sleeping, he is still going strong from 7pm to 7/7:30 a.m. which he has been doing since he was 3 months old (that book really worked for us). We began putting him down awake as an infant so he could put himself to sleep and that habit has really paid off. He will sometimes play and babble in his crib for a full 30-45 minutes after putting him down before he finally falls asleep. We started letting him have a few stuffed animals in the crib when he was a year old so he will play with those until he falls asleep.

His favorite thing in the world is to go out anywhere. Grocery stores, restaurants, malls, parks - you name it, he loves it. He is quite social and loves to people watch. He will be in the worst mood at home fussing non-stop, but as soon as I take him out he immediately calms down and has a good time. When I was a new mom I was so nervous to take him places because I was afraid he would cry or fuss and it can be overwhelming when you aren't used to dealing with it. But my friend told me to take him places for 10-15 minutes at a time just to get comfortable with the whole process. I would often take him to Target and do nothing else besides walk the aisles for 10 minutes. I didn't need to buy anything, I simply wanted to work on not being afraid. Slowly but surely I became more confident and now I love taking him with me because he enjoys it so much.

Eating has been an up and down process because he will like something one day and the next not want it. #toddlers For now, some of his favorites are banana pancakes (they are only 3 ingredients: oats, egg and banana), avocados (he will eat an entire one in a day!), cheese sticks, Dr. Praeger's spinach littles, raspberries and cheerios. He eats more than that but those are things that he very rarely will turn down. He's finally able to use a fork and spoon (I bought him this set) quite well and it's so cute to watch him eat with them. He's babbling up a storm and says a few words like bird, bath, dada, mama and juice (well he makes a juice-like sound LOL) to name a few. 

Here's a look at his current schedule - it will change occasionally but for the most part he thrives on structure so we stick to this daily:
  • 7:30 a.m. - Wake up, change diaper, have 8 oz. bottle of milk
  • 8:15/8:30 a.m. - Breakfast - Here are a few things we tend to feed him: banana pancakes, french toast with ezekiel bread, mini pancakes, cheerios, Kodiak protein pancakess and turkey sausage 
  • 10:00 a.m. - Nap (anytime he is not napping or eating, he is playing or out with us)
  • 11:30/12 p.m. - Wake up from nap, change diaper, 8 oz. bottle of milk
  • 12:45/1 p.m. - Lunch 
  • 3:00 p.m. - Nap (some days he skips this nap if he just won't settle down or isn't that tired)
  • 4:30 p.m. - Wake up from nap
  • 5:30 p.m. - Dinner
  • 6:30 p.m. - Bath and storytime
  • 7:00 p.m. - Bedtime
You can find all my past posts on Miles and my favorites for his clothes, toys, newborn essentials, etc here. I also thought I would put some of my daily essentials for him in the widget below.

Shop some of the things we use daily for Miles:


NARS 20th Anniversary Orgasm Collection - Review & Swatches

NARS Orgasm blush just celebrated its 20th anniversary (that's hard to believe actually), and a new limited edition Orgasm collection was launched. The collection includes a liquid highlighter, the Endless Orgasm cream palette with 6 shades to use on the face or eyes, an oil-infused lip tint and an Orgasm blush in limited edition packaging. I absolutely loved the packaging on all the products and if you are one to collect pieces from memorable makeup launches, I definitely think this is a collection not to miss.
I've recently been loving every single launch NARS has been putting out and find them all to be super wearable. Even though I am a huge fan of Orgasm blush and have been wearing it for years, this collection overall was just ok in my opinion. I don't wear a ton of cream products so that is probably why it didn't appeal to me as much as it would others. The liquid highlighter was pretty but too dark to be placed on my cheekbones and too shiny to wear on my cheeks because they tend to get oily especially in the summer. The formula felt nice and smooth but the shade wasn't right for me.
Left to right: Endless Orgasm palette, Liquid Highlighter, Orgasm Blush
The Endless Orgasm palette was great in theory, but too shiny to be used on my cheeks (which get oily during the day) and I found they creased too much when worn on my eyelids. For those with dry skin, this palette would be beautiful and the formula is creamy and blends easily. The oil-infused lip tint really impressed me because the formula feels like a smooth lip oil without any stickiness. The color looks best on my bare lips rather than layered over anything else because the iridescent particles change whatever color lipstick I'm wearing. As always, I love the Orgasm blush and recommend it to everyone because the shade looks beautiful on almost every skin tone. Overall, this collection wasn't a hit for me personally, but think it could be perfect for those that prefer more cream or liquid formulas. The shimmer in both the palette and liquid highlighter was not too bold and would be suitable for daytime or evening.
*pr samples included

Have you tried anything from this collection? What are your thoughts?

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Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

 Top - Bardot | Jeans - Topshop | Wedges - Castaner | Sunglasses - Le Specs | Bag - Caterina Bertini (similar) | Bracelet - Miansai | Ring - Kendra Scott

I'm continuing my quest to find all the things blooming near me - it's probably  my favorite part about spring! Sadly it's such a short time that everything is in bloom, especially cherry blossoms which are everywhere near us so I try to capture them and enjoy them as much as possible in these few short weeks. This lace top felt apropos for all the beautiful floral surroundings and I instantly pulled out my espadrilles and straw tote to pair with it. It darts in slightly in the waist which I am always drawn to and the fit is really flattering. I wore it with jeans, but it would look great with a pencil skirt or cropped pants for a dressier look as well. 

Lace tops are everywhere this spring and there are so many great styles and price points. I rounded up all the best ones I could find from some of my most shopped at retailers. Scroll through the widget below to shop them all!

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Life Lately on Instagram

Sandals (white, tan)
Loungewear set, slippers, nightstands, lamps, bed

Maree: Sweater (similar), Jeans, Shoes, Bag, Hat (similar)
Miles: Hat, Sweatshirt, Pants, Shoes

Sweatshirt, Jeans, Shoes (similar), Bag, Sunglasses

Sweater, Pants, Shoes, Bag, Sunglasses

Jacket, Camisole, Jeans, Shoes, Bag, Sunglasses

Maree: Pajamas
Miles: Pajamas

Sweater, Jeans, Bag, Sandals, Sunglasses

Shirt, Jeans, Shoes

Shirt, Jeans (similar), Sandals (similar), Bag (similar), Sunglasses

Top, Jeans, Bag, Earrings

Sweater, Joggers, Heels, Bag

Vest, Shirt, Jeans, Nightstands, Chandelier

Shirt, Lipstick
Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Bag

Jacket (similar) | Camisole | Joggers | Sandals | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses

Dress | Sandals | Bag | Sunglasses
Dress | Sandals (similar) | Sunglasses | Tote
My legs could not be happier to not be in pants or jeans every single day. Ha! Now that it is slowly warming up, all I want to wear are dresses. I love my distressed jeans, but dresses will always be more comfortable to me. If you watched my insta-stories yesterday, you would know the movie I am watching right now as I write this - Trolls. No, seriously. I put it on in the morning while Miles was playing (he doesn't really watch TV but I heard it had good music and he loves music), and I got hooked! He wasn't paying attention at all but I had to rewatch it again after he went down for his nap. And then I put it on again later in the day. LOL Sometimes you just need a good kids movie to make ya feel good. 
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