Silk And Denim

When I first ordered these Equipment shorts, they felt like pajamas. Actual flimsy-flamsy silk pajama shorts that when you hold them up to the light become 100% transparent. I showed them to my mom, who was up visiting at the time, and she was as confused as I was as to how one wears these thin, yet ridiculously comfortable shorts in public. And then I put them on and it was like magic! They were not even remotely see through nor did the material seem too thin. They run a bit big so I recommend sizing down but nonetheless they feel easy and effortless. And nothing pairs better with leopard than denim, right? I'm convinced that no one does denim or chambray quite like Madewell, except maybe it's sister store J.Crew. I have quite a few denim/chambray long sleeve button downs that make their rounds in my wardrobe but this is my first sleeveless and has probably been my most worn shirt this summer. It may rival my L.L Bean tote, shown above, for the most worn item. I bought this tote in hunter green and camouflage a few years back and I swear it has been a lifesaver. I carry it everywhere - to work, on vacation, to the beach and it holds everything. The only down side is that it doesn't have any inside pockets so I end up carrying tons of little clutches inside to help divide everything up neatly. Who's a tad OCD? Certainly NOT me.

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Shirt - Madewell | Shorts - Equipment | Shoes - Loeffler Randall (similar here and here) | Hat - Club Monaco (similar here) | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban | Bracelet - Giles & Brother | Tote - L.L. Bean (I have the medium size)

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What Should Be In My Closet: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

Is there any other sale going on when the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is happening? *crickets* That's what I thought. It is the mother of all sales for clothing, beauty, accessories, shoes, bags, etc and I have had my browser open to the Nordstrom website non-stop ever since they granted access to all non-card holders (that includes me). We can get to clothing in a second but I think a quick mention of some beauty highlights from the sale is in order.

The fact that this Charlotte Tilbury set is available gives me hope that the rest of the line is soon to come. NARS always does some of the best Nordstrom exclusives and this Schiap lip & nail set has caught my eye (it also comes in a Dolce Vita set), along with this NARS Cheek Palette. If you didn't already know, the Kiehl's Creme de Corps line is my holy grail for body products and this jumbo size is an amazing value while the Whipped Body Butter in a new Lavender scent sounds delectable. You guys know I swear by Perricone MD Blue Plasma so I highly recommend picking up this set which is basically anti-aging in a box! I love using toner pads so these from Arcona are great to add to your routine after cleansing but before your other treatments. Finally, I am not that much of a hair product aficionado, but I've read great reviews about the Living Proof Perfect Hair range so this set is currently sitting in my cart. Now that I have sufficiently helped you navigate the beauty section, let's look at what should be in my closet.

3. DVF Zarita Lace Sheath Dress (this is one of my absolute favorite "wedding guest" dresses - see me wearing it here)

Have you picked up anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Leave me a comment below (include a link too if you can) of what you purchased!

Have you entered my Sunday Riley skincare giveaway??!! It's a good one, trust me. Enter here!

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The Serums I've Recently Added To My Skincare Routine

I'm forever switching up masks, cleansers and toners. But serums are a whole different story for me because they often require more time and patience to see results. Nonetheless, I love skincare and can't help but want to try everything that comes across my path. I've been testing out a few different serums over the past 4-5 months and these are the two that have made it into regular rotation. The Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum and the m-61 JetGlow Serum both address different concerns so they fill separate needs to help round out my skincare routine.

1. Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Serum* - Already a fan of Tatcha products (this is one of favorite exfoliators of all time from them), I had a feeling I would love this serum. Fast forward a few months......and it's confirmed. I do. I don't drink nearly enough water and walking around NYC everyday does nothing to help the moisture levels in my skin so I face dehydration a lot, even though I am oily. I also believe that one of the best anti-aging remedies is hydration so I constantly seek out products to help me replenish the water in my skin. There is a bit of shimmer to this serum so I was unsure how it would read on my skin, but I only use one pump for my entire face and it gives a nice lit-from-within glow rather than a disco-ball effect. Now that my husband and I have been heading to the beach more frequently this summer, I tend to use this serum on the nights following my 'fun in the sun' day. It helps to replenish all the moisture lost and balance out my skin which ultimately helps minimize breakouts and blemishes. I am finally convinced that Tatcha can do no wrong in my eyes - each product seems to be better than the previous one. And this hydration serum is no exception.

2. m-61 JetGlow Serum* - The first thing to reel me in with this serum was the name - JetGlow. Hello?? Give me all the radiance enhancing and glow inducing products possible. And of course after my experience with their power peel pads (read my review here), I knew I had to try this. A little goes a long way with this serum, and if I apply too much  it can feel a bit tacky, so one or two small drops is all I need. I didn't know what to expect when I first began using it, but I slowly began to notice how great my skin looked each morning after I woke up. Coincidence? I think not. I always awoke with calm, even-toned and rested looking skin, and the glycolic acid helped to make my skin smoother to the touch which resulted in a more flawless makeup application that day. It's all so cyclical with makeup and skincare - one is always affecting the other. If my skincare is off, my makeup suffers. And if my makeup is irritating my skin, my skincare can't perform as well. Sheesh, can't we all just get along?
* press samples

Shop more serum choices:
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Sunday Riley Skincare Giveaway!

Two giveaways in one month? YES!!! I posted a picture of Sunday Riley skincare products on my Instagram the other day and there was such a great response that I knew I had to do a giveaway! One lucky A Little Bit etc reader is going to win a Good Genes (review here), Ceramic Slip Cleanser (review here) and Artemis Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil (review here). Enter using the Rafflecopter below. I will be picking a winner on Friday, August 1st so be sure to check back. Good luck! xo

Items featured have been graciously provided by the brand. You must be 18 years or older to enter. Giveaway open to US and UK residents only, and the winner will be selected at random.  Lost, damaged or stolen prize items cannot be replaced. Good Luck!

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Adding Two More NARS Lipsticks To My Collection

What does one do on an afternoon off in the middle of the week? Go makeup shopping. Duh. And that is exactly what I did a few weeks ago. I was on the Upper East Side strolling around before a meeting and wandered into the new NARS boutique on Madison. WOWSA is all I can say. It. Is. Stunning. One of the best parts of living in NYC is the access to flagship stores and concept stores that take the shopping experience to a whole other level. Of course when in such amazing stores with beautiful aesthetics all around, it's hard not to buy. So I figured I needed to add two more lipsticks to my collection.
Mayflower was the first shade I was drawn to and luckily I didn't already have it. Most of the time when I go makeup shopping, I end up picking all the shades and colors I already own. At least I'm consistent, I guess. I am not a glitter/shimmer lipstick fan at all, but this particular lipstick did not irritate my lips and gave my lips that gorgeous "my lips but better" effect so I knew I had to buy it. If you are a NARS fan, then you know that Heat Wave is a must have in any lipstick collection. It was shocking that I didn't already own this bold red-orange hue, but since purchasing it, I can now say I have arrived. Ok, maybe that is taking it a bit far but this vibrant red is truly all it's cracked up to be. Bright, intense and H-O-T, Heat Wave is so fun to wear as well as look at. Here is a swatch of both colors:
The glitter in Mayflower is still quite apparent when swatched as it is when worn, but it's not too much that it feels inappropriate for daytime. I have taken to wearing this color all the time and it goes with practically any eye and lip. Heat Wave is definitely a weekend or evening shade for me and I love it. I tend to be drawn to more orange-toned reds rather than blue-toned reds so Heat Wave was right up my alley. Now if only I could stop here, right? I already have my eye on Schiap, Red Lizard and Belle du Jour for my next trip.

What are you favorite NARS Lipsticks? Any that I should check out next time? Let me know in the comments below!

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Bits and Pieces: Midi

Being part of the petite club (I'm 5'4"), I always felt a midi skirt was not in the cards for me. I love the way it looks on everyone else, but I am forever saying "It looks good on them but it won't on me." But I am never one to shy away from a fashion choice just because of fear, so I found this gorgeous one at Zara and I grabbed it immediately. It was initially too big in the waist and I prefer it to sit up high on my waist so that it falls just below my knee. Any longer than that and it would be super frumpy. No frump allowed! So my tailor took it in just a smidge and it now falls at the perfect length. The only thing I realized after wearing it for the first time is I do need some sort of heel - flats will not work with it. But if that's the compromise I have to make to wear such a fun skirt, I will happily oblige. And happily twirl. An accordion pleated midi skirt cannot be worn without twirling.

Jacket - GAP | Tank - Club Monaco | Skirt - Zara | Shoes - Gucci (similar here and here

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