Review: Zoeva Eyeshadow Palettes

No matter how many neutral eyeshadow palettes I have in my collection, I still get excited to try out a new one. Zoeva is a new brand to me and I have been testing out their 3 eyeshadow palettes over the past few weeks. The 3 palettes I have been testing are the Cocoa Blend palette (top above), the Naturally Yours palette (bottom above) and the Smoky palette (middle above). The entire color range of all 3 palettes were right up my alley and I've been rotating all of them into my daily routine over the past few weeks.
Naturally Yours palette
The palettes themselves are incredibly light, in weight that is, which I know is a odd thing to notice right away. However, it stood out to me because I thought these would be ideal to bring when traveling. None of the palettes come with brushes, but I had the chance to test out their brushes separately which are quite remarkable (see that tutorial here). 
Cocoa Blend palette
I was surprised to see that there was no mirror but frankly that is not a deal breaker for me, so I was not that bothered by it. The pigmentation was consistent throughout all 3 palettes, and fell right in the middle of the intensity spectrum. The shades are easy to brush on in one swipe to give a subtle wash of color, yet can be built up to deliver a true representation of each hue. There is a nice mix of both matte and shimmer in each palette, but the shimmer is so understated that both finishes can be blended together to create a beautiful look. The textures are quite smooth, with only minimal fall out depending on the shade.
Smoky palette
I've been wearing the Naturally Yours palette the most (duh, of course), but my second favorite surprisingly has been the Smoky palette. I love the plum (and one olive!) shades in this one since it gives me a nice change to my daily brown/neutral eye look that I always gravitate towards. I think the Cocoa Blend palette would have the most versatility when it comes to looking good on a variety of skin tones because most of the shades have a golden/warm undertone. At $32.00 each, they are quite affordable for 10 wearable shades with not a single wildcard shade that would never get used. Available at Space NK or the Zoeva website.
*pr samples included


Comfortable Cat Flats and the Cezanne Hair Straightening Treatment

I went with the most straight forward title I could come up with for this post - comfortable cat flats. Because frankly, they are. Strike that - they may be some of the most comfortable shoes I own. I talked about them in my recent "What I Got For My Birthday" video, and I have been wearing them non-stop since. I bought the size 7 and though they are a bit big and do stretch out slightly, they are exactly how I want a comfortable flat to fit. I was rarely a flats fan years ago, and hardly ever saw any that I deemed cute enough to warrant the loss in height. Over the years, I have embraced them much more and now am constantly on the hunt for ones that are more exciting than a simple ballet flat. I wore these this past weekend while in Maryland visiting friends, and I loved pairing them with a pair of distressed jeans and big sweater coat. It was not cold enough to warrant a jacket so I grabbed this old Zara sweater coat which also doubles as my 'lounge around the house' sweater in the winter. I've talked about these Topshop jeans before, and how they are more comfortable than my other jeans because the fabric is like a legging rather than traditional stiff denim. And double snaps for the high waist which fits me perfectly and doesn't gape in the back!

The second part of this post is about a recent hair treatment I had done a few weeks ago. I've talked about this a few times here and there, but my entire hair texture changed within the past year due to a hormonal imbalance I suffered from steroid injections. My hair has always been curly and prone to frizz, but very manageable and easy to blow out daily. It was shiny, healthy and had great body to it. After the injections (and subsequent hormone imbalance), my hair began to fall out, break off and completely change in texture. It was frizzy, always knotted, dull and very unmanageable. I went from loving the process of styling my hair to hating it. I heard about the Cezanne treatment, did some research and decided to treat myself to it. It is much less harsh than a keratin treatment since it just relaxes the hair temporarily, and eventually will completely wash out within 3-5 months. So there is no issues with roots looking different from the rest of the hair and the hair still has body, can be curled and styled easily. 

The whole process took me about 2 hours, and I didn't wash my hair for 48 hours after to allow for the treatment to set in. From a maintenance standpoint, I can't use any shampoos with sulfates which will strip my hair but other than that, I can style and wash my hair as I normally would. It's been a few weeks and I am shocked at the results. The frizz is virtually gone (and I tested it on a rainy day), my hair still holds a curl and it looks shinier than it has in more than a year. I still can't completely wash and go but I can let my hair air dry now and just use a curling iron to style. That was never a possibility before as I would have to blow it out completely and then continue to style it with a curling iron as that became the only way to hide the damage and manage the frizz. I do find that on humid days, my hair will fall flat rather than frizz up but that seems like a lesser of the two evils and one I can deal with. The only negative that I have noticed is that my hair still has a strong chemical smell when wet. It dissipates when fully dry, but it is still quite strong when wet or damp. But that is a small price to pay for having my hair back and feeling like I can manage it again. Here is the link to the salon that I go to get it done, but I am sure you can just google Cezanne treatment and find a salon near your home. They advise getting it done 3 times a year, but for now I will just stick with 2 since it quite pricey. Though I am not opposed to bumping that up if I feel I need it. 

Sweater - Zara (old but similar here ) | Turtleneck - Banana Republic (old but similar here) | Jeans - Topshop | Flats - Charlotte Olympia | Bag - Loeffler Randall | Sunglasses - Stella McCartney

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Faux Leather Dress

I've been on the hunt for a leather dress for awhile now. But I haven't been able to justify the price for a real one, and there has never been a faux one that really hit my fancy. Until now. I was browsing on the Nordstrom Topshop section a few weeks ago, and this dress immediately caught my attention! The shape, sleeves and quality looked nice from the pictures (though the fit on the model was a bit meh), so I decided to give it a go. One of my biggest concerns was the bust area, and if it would be too constricting or not flatter someone with a larger bust. Thankfully, the entire fit was amazing and the quality of the faux leather is gorgeous. For this post, I paired it with my Acne Jensen boots which have become one of my most worn boots this season and we are only 2 months in! I can also see this dress with over-the-knee boots (love these for a splurge and these for a budget buy), loafers (how cute are all these) or a high heeled ankle boot (these and these have caught my eye). I should mention that the dress is lined and the faux leather is quite heavy so it will most certainly keep you warm. It feels good to find a classic wardrobe piece that I know will be a staple for years to come.

Dress - Topshop (comes in green too!) (love these faux leather dresses here and here) | Scarf - Alexander McQueen | Hat - Janessa Leone (similar here) | Boots - Acne (similar here and these that are on sale!) | Bag - Loeffler Randall | Bracelet - Vita Fede


Wander Beauty Cream Eyeshadows

Cream shadows can be hit or miss in my opinion. The really creamy ones can be amazing to blend but the tiniest bit of oil can make them crease like crazy. And then there are the ones that may last forever on the lid, but dry before you even finish blending. Eek! These new cream eyeshadows from Wander Beauty fall somewhere in between. They swatch beautifully, deposit an even amount of color and allow enough time to blend thoroughly before drying down to a creaseless finish.
I instantly fell in love with Bronze because it's gives depth to a look without needing multiple colors. It actually has a slightly thicker texture which I like. I can apply this with my fingers but prefer using a brush to blend. While it does dry down quickly, I still have time to move it around and get a finished look. Champagne is thinner in texture but after wearing it a few times, I enjoy that it looks more like glowing skin on the lids rather than a shimmer shadow. And because the color is so delicate and the formula is so sheer, I have been tempted to tap it onto my cheekbones for a warm glow.
There are 4 shades to this range, and all are wearable and suitable for any skin tone and any occasion. 
*pr samples included

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