My Favorite Brand of Splurge-Worthy Hats

 Tee - Daydreamer | Jeans - J.Crew | Hat - Janessa Leone (more sizes here and here) | Bag - Chloe | Shoes - Zara | Sunglasses - Illesteva (similar here)

If you didn't already know, I am a HUGE hat lover. I wear hats all year round and have amassed quite a collection. In the summer, I love a wide brimmed hat not only for how it looks, but it is also amazing at providing additional sun protection and allows me to skip an extra day of hair washing LOL. I first discovered Janessa Leone hats almost 5 years ago and since then her styles have become my go-to brand for hats. The fit, the styles and the construction of the hats are like no other brand I have tried. 

Many of my readers will tell me they don't look good in hats and while it can take some time to get used to seeing yourself in one, I recommend splurging on a really nice one. I'm not saying all expensive hats look better, but I can really tell the difference when wearing one of Janessa Leone's styles. I tend to gravitate towards straight brimmed hats in the summer and a slightly floppy style in the fall/winter. For summer, I love this straw one that I purchased last year (see me also wearing it here), this large brimmed gray style that I purchased two years ago (see me also wearing it here), the brown fedora I am wearing in today's post which is a new one I bought a few weeks ago and this white fedora that I also picked up during that same shopping trip. For the winter, I have two wool fedoras that I wear constantly - this classic black style that was the first hat I ever bought from her and this gray fedora with a black accent.

If you are looking to add a new hat to your collection or try out one for the first time, I can't recommend her styles enough! You get what you pay for with her designs and they are such a great statement piece that you can wear for years to come.

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All My Summer Complexion Essentials - Bronzers, Highlighters, Self Tanners and More!

Talking about all my summer complexion essentials in today's video. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

The products mentioned in the video:

Tan-Luxe Drops (for the body)

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Life Lately on Instagram

Romper | Sandals (similar) | Bag | Sunglasses | Earrings
Sweater | Shorts | Slides | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses | Earrings

Blouse | Skirt | Sandals | Sunglasses | Bag | Necklace

Earrings | White earrings | Gold circle earrings | Tray

Top | Jeans | Shoes | Earrings | Bag | Sunglasses

Top | Lipstick (shade is Poppy Pop)

Top | Shorts (similar) | Earrings | Bag | Nightstands | Lamps | Chandelier | Bed

Top | Jeans | Bag | Earrings | Home office decor linked here

Dress | Sunglasses (under $15!) | Bag (similar) | Home office decor linked here

Dress | Jacket | Bag | Sandals | Sunglasses

Shorts (left pic) | Top (similar) | Shorts (right pic)

Tank | Skirt | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses

From top to bottom: White slides | White sandals | Black slides | Crystal slides | Pink slides

Tank | Skirt | Sneakers (similar) | Bag | Hat  | Bracelet 1 and 2 | Home office decor linked here

Dress | Bag | Hat | Sunglasses | Sandals

Top | Shorts | Slides | Hat | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses

Pajamas | Slippers (similar) | Home office decor linked here

Dress | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses | Sandals | Home office decor linked here
I can't believe we are almost halfway through June, though I am so happy to finally have warm weather here to stay! We are having a deck built and they just started yesterday so I am looking forward to spending much of the summer out there eating and lounging. I haven't decide what type of furniture we are going to do for that space so in the meantime, we bought a inexpensive dining set so we aren't sitting on the ground. LOL I'm thinking I will do some sort of sectional and comfy chairs surrounding a low table. I would rather make the space cozy and comfortable than put a traditional table and chairs out there suitable for only eating. I will share more on my insta-stories as I begin to decorate the space! 


The Best Espadrilles for Summer

All the height without any of the pain. That's how I feel about espadrilles, especially the wedge ones. I get the benefits of the being taller but they are so much more comfortable to walk around in than typical stiletto heels. There are so many great styles at all different price points out now so I pulled together a bunch of options in the above collage. In addition to those, I thought I would share some of my most worn ones in the below photos.
Espadrilles linked here

Espadrilles linked here

Espadrilles linked here

If you aren't into the higher heel, there are a bunch of flat espadrille options too. I'm particularly in love with the Missoni x Castaner collaboration ones (and this colorway is also available)! The print would be so cute with denim, a white tank and straw bag. Scroll through the widgets below to see all my picks. 

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Answering All Your Questions About CBD + The Brand Of Oil I Use and Love

CBD seems to be everywhere now and steadily growing in popularity. I was intrigued to try it as I heard it was great at helping with a myriad of symptoms especially anxiety (which I was specifically trying to address). I tried a few different brands and forms (mainly gummies and supplements) and didn't see much change. However, there are so many different formulas out there so I kept searching for one that may help. A girlfriend of mine recommended I try Wander after she had great results with it. I ordered the 200 mg oil to start with and didn't see much change initially. However, it was after I had been taking it daily for almost two weeks that I realized how much calmer I was feeling and rarely had any intense anxiety symptoms. I also have PMDD (a more difficult form of PMS) and the time before my period and often before ovulation can be wrought with strong mood swings and debilitating anxiety. After taking the CBD oil, I noticed that my mood was more stable and my anxiety was extremely low, and nothing else had changed in my diet except for adding the CBD oil. I kept using it and noticed that I continued to have the same results. I then tried the 500mg oil and I continue to feel much more calm and less anxious. 

After posting about the oil on my insta-stories, the Wander brand reached out to me and asked if I wanted to meet to learn more about CBD and their company. I said I did and was blown away after our meeting by their knowledge about CBD and their commitment to creating such a high quality product. I asked if they would be willing to answer questions from my readers about CBD and they graciously said they would love to. I am sharing all those questions and answers in today's post. 

I should mention that many of their answers pertain to their own products' efficacy and quality. They cannot speak to every and all CBD products you purchase in the market. Because it is a rapidly growing industry, not all CBD products may be manufactured in the same manner and therefore results or side effects may vary. My biggest question/concern about CBD was my fear that it would make me "high" or alter my consciousness. The founders of Wander shared with me that THC is the ingredient/compound which is responsible for making someone "high" (what people typically associate with smoking marijuana). There are CBD formulas with THC and CBD formulas without THC. Their formulas are all THC-free which made me feel much more comfortable about taking them. After using the oil for the past few months, I am amazed at how I feel and how much it has helped me. 

Below are the questions submitted by my readers and Wander's answers to each:

1. How do you know the concentration you should buy? We recommend the 500mg for first time buyers. One full dropper will give you a dose that is approximately 10mg - our recommended beginning dose.

2. Is it safe for pregnant and nursing women? CBD first gained attention for use with young children who had epilepsy. We have plenty of pregnant customers that use our CBD products throughout their pregnancy, however you should always check with your doctor to determine if it is right for you. We also cannot speak to other CBD formulas out in the market and its safety during pregnancy.

3. Would this pass a government job drug test? We cannot guarantee that any CBD product you try would pass a government job drug test since there are so many different kinds out there in the market. Our product is 100% THC free and we can verify that. We chose to make a 100% THC free product so that government workers can take advantage of the benefits of CBD.

4. I clench my teeth and hold lots of tension in my jaw - can CBD relax my jaw and lower stress? CBD is wonderful for lowering stress and relieving anxiety. I cannot speak for the clenched jaw but I imagine by relieving some of your stress, it would definitely help with the clenched jaw.

5. How long after you take it should you begin to see results or effects? You can begin to feel the initial effects 10-15 minutes after taking your dose in normal circumstances, provided that you know your dose. We see full effects coming on between 30-45 minutes after.

6. How long does it stay in your system where it's still effective? It can last from 2-6 hours, depending on your metabolism. The beauty of CBD is that the side effects are virtually non-existent. You can take as much or as little as you like.

7. How often can it be taken and how much can be taken each time? It can be taken as often as needed. I would recommend starting with our standard dosing - 10mg (one dropper full). 

8. Will it help with morning sickness? It can since it has potent anti-nausea and anti-headache properties. We have replaced Advil with our CBD formula at the Wander offices. However, as always please check with your doctor before taking.

9. Is the product full spectrum and do you have certifications to prove it? Our product is THC-free. We combine CBD with excellent essential oils to enhance the efficacy of the CBD. And yes, we have COAs on every ingredient we use, along with COAs on our products.

10. Does it help with sleep? YES! Roughly 60% of our customers have reported that their sleep has improved tremendously.

11. What if any are the side effects? There are very minimal side effects. The most common is if you take too much you get a little groggy and sleepy. It would take quite a large dose however to make you feel that way (roughly 100mg at one time which is roughly 11 droppers full of our 500mg CBD oil, or 6 droppers full of our 1000mg CBD oil). 

12. How do you use it? Do you just drop it on the tongue? You can administer CBD orally. Just a drop on the tongue on an empty stomach will help brighten your day!

13. I am allergic to trees, pollen, grass, weed and nuts - can I take CBD? We do not know of any allergic reaction to CBD. The ingredients in our all purpose CBD oil are as follows: cold pressed sunflower oil, fractionated coconut oil, lavender, grapefruit, lemon and CBD. I would recommend you speak to your doctor before trying to ensure that you are not allergic to any of these ingredients. 

14. Is it safe for my pets? And if so, how do I administer it? CBD is phenomenal for pets. You can take some oil and put it on a dog treat or put it on their food. 

15. Does it show up in bloodwork? CBD is not commonly tested for in bloodwork unless explicitly asked for. I would check with your doctor regarding the type of blood test you are getting and whether they believe it will show up or not.

If you have any additional questions, either email them to me (alittlebitetc@gmail.com) or leave me a comment below and I will update this post with the answers.

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Friday Finds

Top | Shorts | Slides | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses | Hat
Friday Finds are by far my favorite posts to write because I love compiling all of my finds from the past few weeks into them. Hope you enjoy all of my picks for this week!

1. I'm always on the hunt for a classic pair of shorts that aren't denim and I have heard great things about this cotton twill pair. It comes in a ton of great colors and I love that the front is so simple.

2. This is the most gorgeous tote for lugging things around on the weekend and also carrying to work.

3. Deciding if I need this new mascara - the promise of maximum drama lashes always sucks me in.

4. A color correcting self tanner? I'm intrigued.

5. My hair gets so knotted when I wash it - this detangling gelee sounds like something I need.

6. The third season of The Handmaid's Tale is back on Hulu and I have already watched all three episodes in one night!

7. A few home decor pieces I'm loving: this rattan pendant light (would look amazing in a kitchen),  this geometric side table that I currently have pinned for future rooms, this outdoor rug is perfect for a patio and this may be one of the most beautiful chandeliers I have seen in a long time!

8. Cross body bags are a must in my closet because they leave my hands free and this quilted one is a splurge but would be a great investment.

9. I live in matching loungewear sets at home and this one from Target (here are the shorts) is currently sitting in my cart.

10. If you are a graphic tee/band tee lover like myself, this is a great one to add to your collection and it's under $15!

11. For a mid priced tote bag, this one is absolutely stunning. The tobacco color is a great neutral for everyday.

12. Round bags are so on trend for summer and this bamboo one has a top handle and shoulder strap making it so versatile.

13. One more show I wanted to mention that I have been watching (and am doing so while writing this post) is My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. I don't really love David Letterman but I enjoy the dynamic he has with his guests and how unfiltered the interviews are.

14. I recently purchased these low carb/low sugar gummies and they are so much better than I anticipated. Perfect for a sweet treat without all the guilt! I just reordered another package of four.

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The Cream Eyeshadows You Need For Summer: Armani Eye Tints (Swatches of all Nude Shades)

I have been a long time lover of the Armani Eye Tints and have featured them in countless videos and have had them on some of my Best of Beauty lists. The formula was fantastic and I especially loved shade 9 and 11. I actually went to repurchase one of my favorite colors but realized they were discontinued. *cue a mini freakout* However, I recently saw that they were back in stock in different packaging so I ordered a bunch to see if they were still the glorious formula I had known and loved.
Colors from left to right: 11 Rose Ashes, 12 Gold Ashes, 42 Magnetic Brown, 9 Cold Copper, 45 Gold Foil, 8 Flannel and 46 Halo
I purchased an array of neutral shades, along with the two that I originally loved (9 and 11) and thankfully am just as much in love with this new formula as the old one. I forgot to take a picture of the applicator which is a bit smaller than the previous one and doesn't pick up as much product, but it doesn't bother me that much because the formula is still amazing. It applies evenly, wears all day, is suitable for day or night and have the most perfect neutral color options. The only shade I wasn't too jazzed about was 12 because it it too sparkly and applies a bit patchy. Other than that, I am so happy these are back! I highly recommend trying one if not a few for the easiest summer eye look.

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My Updated Mask Collection + Favorites

I'm reviewing my mask collection in today's video plus sharing my most loved out of my entire collection. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe.

The products mentioned in the video:

Shop the entire Mega Mushroom line here
Shop the entire MV Organics line here (definitely worth trying!)

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