10 Faux Fur Biker Jackets at All Price Points

Jacket - Topshop (love it in this color!) | Turtleneck - Club Monaco | Jeans - Topshop | Hat - J.Crew (old but similar here and here) | Bag - Mansur Gavriel | Boots - Acne (budget option here)

I hope the fuzziness of this coat translates in these photos, because the faux shearling lining in this coat is insane! It feels more like a teddy bear and less like a coat to be honest. Ha! For someone that is not very edgy, I love this biker jacket trend that has been popping up at so many different retailers. They look a little more masculine on the hanger, but the faux fur lining and color options available gives a feminine twist. 

And I have been on a bit of a high heel run recently, foregoing some of my flat boots in favor of the added height to my daily outfits. But on this day, I pulled these Acne boots out again which I splurged on a few years ago and remembered how much I love them. The pointy toe, the small chunky heel and the shiny leather checks off all the boxes for me in what I want in a classic flat black ankle boot. It also makes it easier to walk around this residual snow that seems to be sticking around. 

It supposed to snow again today, and I am already dreading it. Counting down the days until spring. Anyone else?!!

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In Search of Cute Winter Boots

Sweater - BP | Scarf - BP | Jeans - Free People | Boots - UGG (they run TTS for me, also available here, here, here and here) | Sunglasses - Illesteva | Bag - Saint Laurent (love this budget option)

Finding great classic ankle boots for the fall is a no brainer - there are so many cute styles that come out every year. But warm winter boots are another story. Chunky, clunky, unflattering - these are some of the words that come to mind when I think of shopping for a winter boot. However, the past few years I have seen more and more styles come out that look chic and fashionable and less like "I live in a cabin in the woods". LOL The key, however, is making sure you grab the good ones early on in the season before it gets cold. I made a rookie mistake and waited until recently to look for a pair of warm winter boots and all the styles I had been eyeing were sold out. 

So I decided to start a new search and came across these UGG boots one night when looking online and began a frantic search for my size in this tan color. I love the fuzzy lining (though it only surrounds the ankle which was a bit disappointing to be honest, but still not a deal breaker for me), the shape and of course, the HEEL! I rarely see a cute winter boot that has a heel which made them a mix of fashion and function for me. I was worried they would be too high, but surprisingly I find them very comfortable. Sadly they are selling out quickly but I linked all the sites that still have some available - I purchased mine on Amazon just as an FYI. 

If the 3 inch heel is not your style and you still want a flat winter boot or even a wedge, I searched through a few sites and found other cute winter boots still in stock. Scroll through the widgets below to see all the options!

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Review and Demo: Chanel Sublimage Le Teint Cream Foundation

I recently purchased the Chanel Sublimage Le Teint Cream Foundation and am reviewing it today with a demo. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

Shop the Chanel Sublimage Le Teint Cream Foundation here.


Loving Star Prints + Some Thoughts on Motherhood

Sweatshirt - Alternative | Joggers - Free People (old but similar here and here) | Hat - Topshop | Stroller - Uppababy | Sneakers - Golden Goose (similar here and here) | Miles Outfit - GAP

I never thought of myself as a sneakers gal, much less someone that would wear joggers but I've slowly warmed to the athleisure look over the past few years. Obviously my lifestyle and job are different than they were many years ago which is a big factor, but I also love finding comfortable pieces that don't look frumpy. I've said before that Golden Goose are some of my favorite non-athletic sneakers (see them styled here, here and here) and I love the downtown cool-girl vibe they give an outfit. This outfit was insanely comfortable for when Stan and I took a stroll with Miles, but I still felt cute, pulled together and like myself. 

Still feeling like myself has been one of the important things for me these past two months since having Miles, and even before while I was pregnant. I thought today I would share some thoughts and musings on my first few months of motherhood. 

1. Postpartum hormone fluctuations have really kicked my butt mentally. I was prepared for them, so I never wonder "what is happening to me" or "why am I feeling this way", but it's still like a hurricane somedays that I just try to sit and wait out. Thankfully it's not all day, every day that I have the anxiety, mood swings or feelings like I am drowning in the overwhelming magnitude of it all but it doesn't make it any less difficult to manage. Owning the moment and my feelings have helped me greatly. I say to myself "this is a postpartum mood swing and not who I am" which helps me separate from it and not make it my identity.

2. Some days I am going to win, and some days I am going to feel like I'm losing at everything. Miles can have a good day and I feel like I won the Olympics. Then when I can't figure out what's wrong with him or can't seem to manage it, I feel like my world is collapsing. Once again, that is the postpartum imbalance causing me to make a mountain out of a mole hill but nonetheless it's frustrating and upsetting.

3. I am going to ask for (and accept) help any way I can get it. I have my mom and Stan both here with me so I regularly tag them in when I need a moment, break or want to do something for myself. I quickly learned that doing it all (I call it "being a martyr") only makes me exhausted, resentful, angry and an emotional mess which ultimately is not what Miles needs. He needs me at my best (or semi-best) and there is nothing wrong with someone else helping me out. 

4. Balance is hard. Yup, I still have not mastered how to balance work, me time, taking care of Miles, etc and that's what stresses me out the most. I always feel I'm missing something (work or personal) but each day that passes I have more of an acceptance that this is what life is (kids or not). Early on my mom, Stan and I decided that I when I was working on my blog I would put Miles in "daycare" (AKA with my mom). Me trying to work while he napped or taking breaks here and there to play with him is too hard right now. I need to focus on one or the other and that ultimately helps me be more present with the situation at hand (whether that be work or family time).

5. I thought I would compare myself more to other moms or what I think a mom should be doing, but for the most part I don't. I like to educate myself and take in information seeing if something could work for me or Miles, but I really don't give a hoot at the end of the day what others are doing. I believe in accepting other moms (frankly other women) for who they are and what they choose to do because everyone's lifestyle is different (as long as it is ultimately safe and law abiding LOL). There are sooooo many unique family dynamics out there, schedules that are erratic because of one's career, money burdens that dictate certain choices, health issues that may not be visible but need a certain type of lifestyle/schedule - the possibilities are endless of how people can choose and need to live. So therefore, I do what works for us/me and that's that. And that truly has been such a freeing feeling.

6. I will go to the ends of the earth for Miles until my last breath, but that doesn't mean I neglect myself. I want Miles to always value himself and take pride in who he is, but that starts with me showing him that myself. Whether it's my health, my appearance, my career - whatever it is that fulfills me and makes me feel confident, I know that will translate in how I care for and relate to him as he grows up.

7. Most of my friends will tell you that I was never much of a kid person. I didn't run to hold someone's new baby (I was afraid of spit up, yuck LOL), never knew how to talk to them (I would have full conversations with a 6 mo. old as if they understood me, and talk real slow and cutesy to a 5 year old #noidea) and was just not that interested. I knew I always wanted my own children, but until then I was happy to watch from afar with other people's kids. And just like with Elmo (I love dogs, but don't always care to pet every single one I come across), I knew things would be different with my own. I adore Miles, find all his silly nuances fascinating and think he is the cutest thing. But I do giggle to myself every time I go crazy over the smallest things he does because it reminds me of how far I've come. 

8. I STILL do not believe everything I see on social media, especially when it comes to being a mom. Even before I began blogging, I was able to appreciate social media for what it is - a highlight reel. I think that mindset comes from experiencing hard things in my personal life and still being able to go to school, work or hang out with friends and never have them know what was going on behind closed doors. Obviously I would share with close friends, but I was not airing my dirty laundry to every person in the office or every person at school. And frankly, I had things to get done, bosses to impress, goals to meet and ultimately bills to pay so I couldn't let my personal life spill over. I have always assumed that others did the same thing and what I see when they are "on" at work/school/events/social media is never the full story, just like it isn't with me. As a result, social media is enjoyable to me rather than a place to feel inadequate and that has really been helpful as a new mom.

I'm learning more each day and will as the years go on. For now, I am doing my best to take each day as it comes, not be too hard on myself and have some fun along the way.

Let's finish off the post with a few more fun star print pieces that caught my eye:


I Asked, You Answered! All the Makeup and Skincare Products YOU Loved From 2017

Robe - Barefoot Dreams | Drawers - MUJI

Monday, we meet again. LOL I hope everyone had a great weekend, though by the looks of the weather forecast in many parts of the country things were not so great. Womp, womp. But if you were stuck indoors because of the frigid temps, maybe a skincare pamper session or Netflix marathon was on your agenda. I was recovering from a cold after it spread around our entire house. Luckily Miles was not affected and he stayed the most healthy out of all of us. Ha!

The idea for today's post came to me a few weeks ago, and I thought it would be fun to share what were some of the best beauty products that all of you were loving last year! I asked both on Insta-stories and on a recent YouTube video for people to tell me their beauty favorites and I would share the answers in an upcoming post. I received hundreds of messages so I thought I would highlight the products that were mentioned over and over again. Since I don't have any other contributors to my blog (other than my mom sometimes), I like being able to provide a different perspective and share recommendations from other people from time to time. Hope you enjoy!

I'll first start with the top 5 skincare brands that were mentioned over and over: Sunday Riley, Drunk Elephant, Fresh, REN Skincare and Kiehl's.

These were the top 5 makeup brands that seemed to be winning over many of you: NARS, Hourglass, Glossier, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Tom Ford.

The top skincare product that was mentioned the most: Sunday Riley Good Genes.

The top makeup product that was mentioned the most: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders.

Obviously there were more products mentioned but I wanted to highlight the most popular and most talked about ones so it's a bit easier to read and bookmark for your next shopping trip!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about what other people (besides myself) are loving right now in skincare and makeup. I'll try to do another one of these in a few months because it would be interesting to see if the answers change once winter is over. 

Shop the skincare products mentioned:

Shop the makeup products mentioned:


Review: Tom Ford Private Shadows with Swatches of the Neutral Shades

I only have one of Tom Ford's eyeshadow quads (this one in Nude Dip and I really love it), but his products are hit or miss with me. That being said, most of the items I have purchased from the line recently have been impressing me more and more. Most of the foundation formulas I have tried really work well on my skin (rotating between this one and this one), and there were a ton of his lip colors in my Best of Beauty 2017 video. When I saw he came out with solo shadows (you guys know how much I love a one shadow look!), I had to pick some up. Naturally I went with all neutrals and tried to stay away from fully matte shades since I have been gravitating towards shades with a bit of shimmer to them recently. There are multiple textures in the entire line and the 5 I picked up were a mix of sateen, suede, vinyl and paillette.
Exposure (sateen), Hush (suede), Warm Leatherette (vinyl), Breathless (paillette) and Body Double (vinyl)
I love his Nude Dip quad and find that the pigmentation is quite strong, and I have swatched his other eyeshadow quads in store and always find them rich in color. So I was very surprised to find some of the formulas for these shadows quite weak in pigmentation or too powdery to get an even application. The vinyl texture was my favorite, had the most pigmentation and blended seamlessly. The sateen and suede formulas were very powdery and needed a few applications to give a significant payoff. The paillette texture looked the most beautiful in the packaging but was my least favorite formula. It's too chunky to get an even application, unless applied over an emollient creamy eyeshadow.  Body Double (vinyl) was the standout favorite for me in both color and texture, though I wished Hush and Exposure (sateen and suede) would have been made in a vinyl texture instead because the colors are beautiful. 

Overall, these were a like for me but not a love. And I only prefer the vinyl formulation. I didn't try any of the matte shadows so perhaps those would have worked for me as well, but I wanted something with a bit of sheen to it. I think it's worth picking up a shade or two, but I myself wouldn't invest in more than that. 

Shop more solo shadow formulations that I love:


Outfits I Wear Around the House + Books I've Been Reading Lately

Sweater - Nordstrom (check back regularly because it always comes back in stock!) | Leggings - Alo Yoga

See my home office decor here

Since leaving a corporate work environment last year to blog full-time, my day to day wardrobe has definitely changed. However, I am familiar with working from home because for many years I was an account executive for multiple luxury beauty brands and that type of job requires a ton of travel but no traditional office. So with that job I worked from home for years and learned how to discipline myself and structure my days in order to be the most productive. I will say though, that now working solely for myself means I had to implement even more structure and regimented schedules to keep myself on task. 

All of this structure and discipline I have had to implement in my daily schedule has also trickled over into my clothing choices. Meaning that while I can just roll out of bed and walk into my home office and work in my pajamas all day, I find that simply does not work for me. Now it doesn't mean I wear pencil skirts and shift dresses with pumps while working from home, but I have found that I must get dressed every day. I like to be comfortable but still put together and polished. That could mean jeans and a cozy sweater, or leggings and a long cardigan - but whatever it is, I want to feel like I can put on shoes in a moments notice, grab my handbag and walk out the door without needing to change. THAT is how ready I like to be each day. 

I have been eyeing this wrap cardigan for months but it is always sold out until about a week ago when I saw it come back in stock. I grabbed it right away and absolutely LOVE the casual but chic draping effect. I paired it with my favorite moto leggings but I would wear it also with jeans and pumps for a meeting or even a casual dinner out with Stan. In addition to these cute pieces, I selected a handful of other outfit ideas that would be great for being at home/working from home but can also easily transition to heading out for the day. Scroll through the widget at the bottom to see all my picks.

Switching gears now, I haven't done a book review in a long time, so I thought it was time for one! You can see all my previous book reviews and recommendations here

1. A Hundred Summers - I am not a fan of period reads, and this one is set in the 1930's so I assumed I wouldn't enjoy it as much as other books I've read recently. But after just a few chapters in, I absolutely adored this love story. It's a story of unrequited love and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see if Lily and Nick would end up together.

2. Never Let You Go - I sat on the edge of my seat reading every single page of this book! It was fantastic. The main character, Lindsey, managed to escape her abusive husband years ago, and eventually he is sent to prison. When he is finally released, Lindsey is paranoid that he is stalking her and her daughter. I was sure I knew how this would end, but it was a total surprise to me.

3. Girl in Snow - This novel received tons of praise and rave reviews, but sadly I just couldn't get into it as much as others in this list. Some parts kept my attention, and then I would drift off for chapters  at at time unable to focus on the plot. It's a murder mystery, which is usually my favorite type of novel, but this one wasn't a hit for me.

4. A Stranger in the House - Another book that kept me guessing until the last. few. pages. The main character, Karen, is in a bad car accident in a shady part of town but she doesn't know why she was there or what caused the crash. I finished this book in two days because I couldn't put it down, and the ending was a complete surprise for me!

5. What She Knew - A gripping story of a mother that is searching for her son who goes missing during their walk on a Sunday afternoon. I couldn't figure this one out at all, and I love when a book can really keep me guessing until the end.

6. The Snowman - I have to blame this on the fact that I was reading this right before I had Miles and tried to finish it in the weeks following his birth but I was never focused long enough to enjoy the plotline. However, I finally got into the last few chapters and realized that the entire book was probably quite fantastic if I hadn't been distracted. It's the story of Harry Hole, an inspector and his hunt for a serial killer that is responsible for the murder of eleven women over the past decade. I love that the author revealed the killer part way through and actually told his story. Learning about his past and all the nuances that led up to him becoming a serial killer was a unique twist. Though I didn't love it start to finish mainly because I was so distracted while reading, I would still recommend it.

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