Review of the Tom Ford Soleil Flawless Glow Foundation + Summer Makeup Tutorial

Reviewing the new Tom Ford Soleil Flawless Glow Foundation in today's video. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe

The products mentioned in the video:

Dior Forever Foundation (I love this formula)
MV Organics Rose Booster (this is the the oil I use after threading)

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White Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit - GAP (on major sale! size down, runs big, also available in this denim style) | Bag - Hat Attack | Hat - Janessa Leone | Earrings - Lisi Lerch | Shoes - Zara

The hat makes this look a bit over the top but I love it so much. LOL And the white head to toe look is not something I do often, but I felt it really worked with this jumpsuit. I bought these clear shoes on a whim from Zara because I was intrigued by the trend and I have worn them more than any other shoe this summer! They are so comfortable and go with much more than I anticipated (see other looks I've worn with them here, here, here and here). Though I also would have worn this jumpsuit with wedges or flats because it can be dressed up or down which I love. And finding a strappy jumpsuit that I can wear a regular bra with felt like the biggest win of all! No need for a strapless bra here. If you are a bride looking for a cute option for any of your bridal events, this jumpsuit is perfect and so comfortable. But if you are not a bride and just love a cute jumpsuit, then I cannot recommend this one enough. The hat isn't necessary to complete the look but it does give it something *extra*.

Also, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog was just released!!! You can see the whole thing here.

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4th of July Outfit Ideas

Dress | Jacket | Bag | Sandals | Earrings | Sunglasses (similar)
Shirt | Shorts | Bag | Sandals (more sizes here) | Earrings
I personally love red, white and blue all summer long, so getting dressed for any July 4th festivities is a breeze for me. Ha! But if you need some outfit ideas or recommendations of pieces to wear on the day or events surrounding it, I linked a bunch of options below. A great white tee and denim shorts mixed with some red accessories is easy to pull together. Also a classic blue and white striped dress is always 4th of July appropriate. And if it's going to be a pool party, I linked a few swiwsuits that could also be worn all summer long. Shop all my finds in the widgets below.



Casual outfits


Friday Finds

Dress | Bag (similar) | Sunglasses | Necklace
For those of you that are new to reading my blog, I thought I would give a quick explanation of my Friday Finds posts. In short, they are a random mash up of all my favorite finds. I have an entire folder in my phone dedicated to screenshots of things I am interested in and finally decided one day to begin putting them into a post. It could be a show, recipe, fashion item, beauty product, home decor piece - basically anything that catches my attention or that I've been loving. I wasn't sure these posts would be something people would want to read, but surprisingly they quickly became my most popular posts! Ha! I'm so happy that all of you love these random things as much as I do. Here are my finds from the past two weeks:

1. It's been awhile since I've listened to a good podcast, but I have two that I am currently enjoying - The Shrink Next Door and 22 Hours: An American Nightmare.

2. I recently tried to get into Black Mirror on Netflix and just couldn't do it. So I was browsing around and came across a new release called When They See Us. It's about the five men wrongfully convicted in the Central Park jogger case years ago. It's a heartbreaking story made even more devastating by the fact that it's true. It's an emotional four part series but definitely worth watching.

3. I don't have a very green thumb so I am always on the hunt for fake trees and plants that look real. I've heard great things about this (faux) olive tree and am thinking about getting it for my deck.

4. I never remember to charge my phone overnight so I'm thinking about getting this portable charger which my girlfriend recommended to me.

5. You know you are an adult when you pin food storage containers (but seriously - this nine piece set looks perfect for meal prepping!).

6. I'm always on the hunt for a good pair of joggers - I love the look of these (and the price point is so good).

7. Straw bags are not something I normally splurge on, but there is something about this Loewe one that makes me consider it. I've had my eye on it for years!

8. If you don't want to spend that much on a summer bag, I just came across this one that is under $100 and I love the structured shape and round handle.

9. For all my graphic tee lovers, here are some that caught my eye recently: this one, this tank is edgy but cute, I just ordered this lips one and I love the color of this one.

11. A new addition to the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair range!! This one is formulated to calm and soothe irritated skin overnight.

12. I'm a huge fan of the Elemis Pro-Collagen range and they just added this mask to the collection. As someone that loves anything hydrating, it sounds right up my alley!

13. J.Crew still has the best striped tee options out there - this slanted pattern is unique, I have and love the fit of this short sleeved option and this boatneck style is one that everyone needs in their closet.

14. This kimono style blouse is one of the chicest things I have seen! Such a fabulous workwear piece.

15. I've heard tons of great things about this SPF and it's on my list to try next. It also comes in a set with the Strawberry C-Serum that I just reviewed in this post

Check out all the pieces I added to the Summer Shop!

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A Skincare Set For Brighter Skin

Brighten, exfoliate and hydrate - basically my skincare mission. I want products to target all of these things and if I can find them all in one set even better! Volition Beauty's  Best of Volition set contains three of their top selling products that are designed to do exactly that - brighten, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. If you are unfamiliar with the Volition Beauty brand, they are a clean beauty brand (and cruelty free!) that uses Safe Science formulations free from harmful ingredients. The skincare range from the line is quite extensive (everything from cleansers and masks, to serums, eye creams, SPF and more), and there is also a body and makeup line as well. The Best of Volition set is a great place to start if you are new to the brand because it contains three of their most popular products all in one set. After testing each one, I now understand why they are top sellers and have so much buzz surrounding them. 

1. Turmeric Brightening Polish - I am a huge turmeric fan and love when beauty brands use amazing nutritional ingredients in their skincare. Many scrubs can often be too harsh for me to use, but this one feels wonderful on my skin. I like to massage it gently into damp skin and then leave on for 3-4 minutes letting the olive oil and sesame oil in the formula nourish and moisturize my skin. Then I gently remove it with my hands or a warm washcloth and my skin is left glowing! The other morning I put it on while in the shower, rinsed it off and when I went to apply my foundation, it glided on effortlessly. My face looked so fresh and radiant the whole day.

2. Strawberry-C Serum - I had no idea that strawberries were chock full of vitamin c! I always like to have a vitamin c serum in my morning skincare routine to help with brightening and protect against free radical damage. The texture of this serum was an instant hit for me because it's silky and creamy with no tackiness. In addition to vitamin c, this Strawberry-C Serum also has one of my favorite (and necessary) ingredients - hyaluronic acid! It really helps to hydrate and plump the skin and wears beautifully under makeup. This serum is the perfect addition to a summer skincare routine.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Resurfacing Peel Pads - As someone that already uses and loves apple cider vinegar for so many things (I drink it, have used it on my skin, washed my hair with it, etc), I was so excited to try these resurfacing peel pads! They are easy to use since it fits over two fingers and you can simply sweep it across the face. Along with apple cider vinegar, it contains glycolic acid to help even out the skin tone, fruit acids to smooth the skin and witch hazel to remove dirt and excess oil. I love to use this in the evening after I've cleansed and then follow it up with a quick spritz of a hydrating mist and then my serum and moisturizer. It's not too strong where my skin felt irritated, but it's effective enough to really resurface the skin.

In addition to this Best of Volition set, I also linked a few of their other products that I want to try in the widget below. The entire line can be purchased individually at Sephora, but this Best of Volition set is exclusive to the Volition Beauty site and currently 30% off! When you shop the Volition Beauty site you can receive a complimentary sample included with each purchase (so you can test out the product before opening to make sure it works for you) and free shipping!

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Thanks to Volition Beauty for sponsoring this post!


Recent Amazon Purchases I've Been Loving

Kimono (Amazon prime find) | Shorts | Wedges | Tank | Bag | Hat (similar) | Sunglasses
Kimono (Amazon prime find) | Tank | Shorts | Bag
It's time for another Amazon round-up because I have been sharing all of these purchases on my insta-stories and needed to compile them all into one post!

1. Kimono - I really loved this kimono that I purchased recently but wanted to try a different style and print and this one was an instant hit! Both would also work as swimsuit coverups.

2. Sun hat for Miles - I had a bunch of DMs asking me about Miles' hat that he was wearing at the beach and pool recently and this is it. It has straps to attach under their chin, but Miles keeps it on so there is no need for that with him. He also looks ridiculously cute in it which is another huge benefit to it. Ha!

3. Low sugar gummies - I have a major sweet tooth and am constantly looking for healthier options to indulge in. I had heard about these low sugar/low carb gummies and ordered them instantly. I wasn't expecting to like them as much as I did, but I have already ordered them two more times since! And I have received a few messages from readers that also purchased them after seeing it on my insta-stories and they are loving them too.

4. Spirulina powder - Spirulina has so many great health benefits such as being anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, helping to fight fatigue - just to name a few. This powder had good reviews so I decided to try it. It has a fishy taste which can be a turnoff but I find that mixing it in with other things (like my oatmeal in the morning) helps mask the taste. It's also VERY powdery so I had to transfer it to another container because it will get everywhere. Not sure I will repurchase when I'm finished, but for now I am happy with it. If you have any other recommendations of spirulina that you use and like, leave me a comment below!

5. Liquid B-12 - I originally ordered this liquid B-12 but it was out of stock, so I ordered another that was recommended by the Medical Medium and have seen even better results! It has done wonders at increasing my energy levels. I take it once a day in the morning, but if I am feeling extra fatigued that day I will take a second dose in the afternoon.

6. Low sugar peanut butter spread - Another yummy sweet treat that is a bit more healthy is this peanut butter spread. I have a spoonful as a dessert and LOVE the taste.

7. AirPod case - I shared this case on my insta-stories a few times already and it quickly became one of my top selling items! LOL Stan and I both have AirPod cases and I am always trying to figure out which one is mine so I came across this case and ordered it immediately! It's so fabulous and fun.

8. Screen cleaner - My computer screen was in dire need of a cleaning and this stuff works like magic.

9. Acupressure mat - I struggle with neck and back pain from time to time (I've had two spine surgeries for disc issues), and had heard great things about an acupressure mat. It takes some getting used to because the disks are quite spiky and hard, but I don't find it to be painful at all.

10. Stain remover - This has been our go-to stain remover for years and I needed to repurchase a new bottle. If you need a great all purpose stain remover, this is the stuff to get!

11. Face wipes for Miles - I order these in bulk now because we go through them so quickly. I have tried a few different face wipes for Miles but always go back to these. They clean his face and hands quickly, smell amazing and are super durable.

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My June Beauty Favorites

Rounding up all my recent favorites from the past month. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe.

The products mentioned in the video:

Here are all my recent Amazon buys
Here is the Supernatural Body Organic Detox Mask I want to try
Here is my video with all my favorite nude glosses

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A Healthy Smoothie Option For Toddlers

Maree's outfit: T-shirt | Shorts | Blender I use
Miles' outfit: Polo shirt | Shorts | Smoothie container

I shared this smoothie that I make for Miles on my Instagram recently and had tons of messages asking for an official recipe. To be honest, I use my hands rather than measuring everything out, but I regularly use the same combination of ingredients which I thought I would list below. Miles is entering the "fussy eater" phase and finding things he will eat that are nutritious can be a challenge. Anytime I was drinking a smoothie he would always want a sip so I thought about trying to come up with something that he would love. He has been a huge berry fan since he was an infant so I bought a frozen bag of berries to try and frozen pineapple happened to be sitting on the same shelf so I grabbed that too to make it a bit more flavorful. In order to sneak as much greens as I can into his diet, I like to put spinach in this smoothie and he never even notices. Ha! The yogurt and milk amounts change based on how thick or thin I am trying to make it, but I tried to give an estimate in the recipe below. If he is being very fussy and picky, I will add a drizzle of honey or a very ripe banana to the mixture to give it some added sweetness. I can normally get at least two or three servings out of this recipe and give it to him in this smoothie container which is perfect! It's easy for him to hold and is pretty spill-proof. Even though Miles loves this smoothie, it is also a great smoothie for adults so I end up saving a small cup for myself.

Here is what I use in his smoothie:
  • 1 handful of frozen berries (I like a berry mix - blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc)
  • 1 handful of frozen pineapple
  • 2 handfuls of fresh spinach
  • 3/4 cup of yogurt (sometimes more or less depending on how thick I want it to be)
  • Almond milk (normally 1/2 cup or more)
  • 1 spoonful of chia seeds (I estimate this is about 1/2 tablespoon)
  • I use a drizzle of honey or one banana to add a bit of sweetness but he also loves the smoothie without either

I don't know how long he will continue to love this smoothie so I'm am taking advantage of it while I can. LOL I'll probably need to come up with another concoction at some point to give him options, but for now this is what I stick with. I like to make it for him at least once a week and he will continue to drink it for at least a day or two after. 

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