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Jacket | Leggings | Sneakers | Sunglasses
Happy Friday! As you can see from the above picture, we have had quite a bit of snow around here the last week and I am already over it. LOL The first morning I woke up and thought it looked beautiful and by the end of the day I was ready for it to melt. Upside to all this time indoors from the snow is I have a great list of finds for today's post! #11 I added at the last minute because I just finished watching it on Netflix and had to share. Enjoy!

1. Sunday Riley released a new retinol serum and I am dying to try it!

2. I have been pinning a bunch of home decor pieces that I want to get for my bedroom and home. Here are some of my favorites: this framed print is so chic, I definitely need these metal star bursts for one of the walls, I'm obsessed with this ottoman, debating about getting this mirror and this is the chaise lounge that I bought for my bedroom!

3. My girlfriend just bought this travel makeup case and she was raving about it to me! Such a great price point and it can fit so much inside.

4. Since I am on my computer and phone so much for my blog, I thought I should buy some blue light blocker glasses to help protect my eyes. These are the ones I ended up getting.

5. If you love MAC lipsticks, these clear cases are perfect for them and make it easier to see which color you are reaching for.

6. I missed out on these sandals last summer, but am thinking about getting them this year. They are embellished with pearls and are so cute for under $70!

7. I received tons of DMs about the bean bag chair that Miles is always playing on so I thought I would link it here.

8. If you want a cute sweater to wear for Valentine's Day, this chunky knit with the hearts on it would be perfect! 

9. Everyone has been raving about You on Netflix and I actually loved the entire series. I hear they are coming out with a season 2 and I can't wait!

10. I'm thinking I need these leopard workout leggings. They are currently sitting in my cart waiting for me to check out!

11. I just finished this comedy special on Netflix called Stay Hungry with Sebastian Maniscalco and it was hysterical!

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Winter White + A Podcast I Just Finished and Loved

Jacket - Loft | Jeans - Mother Denim | Shoes - Dee Ocleppo (similar here) | Scarf - BP (similar here) | Bag - Proenza Schouler | Sunglasses - Le Specs (similar here)

I recently wore my white Staud bag in this post and it inspired me to pull out my white jeans and style them for the winter. I wore this outfit the other day and was loving the all winter white look that I had created with a bit of leopard and a darker neutral thrown in. I tried to wear a beige scarf with the coat and it was too much beige for me. (Never thought I would utter those words LOL) I personally prefer white jeans worn with lighter shades in the winter rather than black or any dark colors, so this faux fur jacket was the perfect piece to pair with them.

I can't end today's post without sharing that I finished the S-Town podcast last night and really enjoyed it! I thought there would be some underlying sinister plot after all was said and done, and was left wanting a bit more from the story but nonetheless it was really entertaining. Actually entertaining may be the wrong word since the subject matter is dark and depressing, so I will go with interesting. It kept my attention. I didn't want it to end. I haven't found any good podcasts since finishing Dr. Death so this was a great one to get into.

What podcasts do you love right now and would recommend?

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My 12 Favorite Fashion Purchases From 2018

These denim shorts were my favorite buy of the entire year! | Full blog post here
Wedges | Full blog post here

Coated jeans | Full blog post here

Handbag | Full blog post here

Earrings | Full blog post here

Boots | Full blog post here

Booties | Full blog post here

Sunglasses (less than $20!) | Full blog post here

Pumps | Full blog post here

Joggers | Full blog post here

Jeans | Full blog post here
Camisole | Full blog post here
I shared my favorite beauty products from 2018, so today's post is all about my favorite fashion items! These were the best pieces I purchased and would recommend again and again. I showed all of them in the pictures above, but will give a quick blurb about each below:

1. My #1 best fashion purchase from last year was definitely these denim shorts. They fit like a dream, are incredibly comfortable and are a great length so your bum doesn't hang out. Ha!

2. I wore these wedges almost every single day during the summer and fall and I am so excited to see them back again this year!! And in a few additional colors...

3. I bought these coated jeans in December but it wasn't even a question whether they would make it on to this list - I am crazy for these jeans!

4. My biggest splurge of the year was this Gucci bag I bought in January and I still reach for it all the time.

5. I discovered Lisi Lerch this summer and fell in love with these earrings. What I love most about her brand is every style can be made with a post or clip-on back!

6. I already have and love the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots, so it was a no brainer to get them in a heeled version in black. One of my best shoe investments ever.

7. After the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I stated that these booties were my favorite purchase from the sale and I still feel that way. In fact, they are one of my best shoe purchases from the entire year.

8. I do like to splurge on sunglasses, but wasn't sure I wanted to spend over $400 on these designer heart shaped sunglasses. I found these on Amazon which were under $20 and they are one of my most worn sunglasses! I adore the shape and they have held up quite well for the price point.

9. Sadly these pumps have already sold out but I hope a few of you picked them up before they did. Even though they have a higher heel than what I normally wear, they are ridiculously comfortable, easy to walk in and look much more expensive than they were.

10. I wasn't the only person who adored these joggers - sooooo many of you purchased them too and told me how much you loved them. I also picked them up in black and thank goodness I did because it looks like the style is being discontinued! So sad!

11. I have these jeans in a few washes, but the gray ones ended up being the ones I wore the most. The fit is absolute perfection and I am currently deciding which shade to buy next.

12. Everyone should have a basic camisole in their wardrobe and this one is amazing! The price is under $40, the fit is so flattering and it comes in a wide variety of colors. You won't be disappointed with this piece.

That's it! My 12 favorite fashion items from last year - I still wear all of them regularly and foresee them continuing to be staples in my closet for a long time.

Did you pick up any of these pieces? What was your favorite fashion item you bought this past year?

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What I've Been Reading Lately

Jumpsuit | Slippers | Bedroom decor linked here

I want to change out of what I'm wearing and put this jumpsuit back on after looking at these photos! LOL It's so comfortable and soft - it's perfect for the ridiculously cold weather we have been having. Cold weather is always the best time to get through a new book and I have finished quite a few from the past few weeks. If you need additional recommendations of books to read, here are all my previous posts as well as the top 10 best books I read last year. Here are the most recent ones that I have finished:

1. Before We Were Yours - I love when a book keeps you guessing throughout the entire story. I could not figure this one out for the life of me! Avery Stafford moves back home when her father has a health crisis and is quickly thrown back into the high society that she grew up in. During a visit to a fundraiser at a nursing home, she is approached by one of the residents who thinks she is a long lost relative. Avery is confused by this encounter but decides to look into it further and see why this woman thinks she knows Avery and her family. What she uncovers is a family history that shocks her and breaks her heart. This novel is based on a real-life scandal involving an orphanage in Tennessee where children were taken from their homes and sold to wealthy families of Memphis and all throughout the South. The story is quite sad on its own, but when I realized that it was based on true events, my heart broke for the children and families that had to endure this cruelty.

2. The Good Widow - This book is filed under the "thriller" category but it's not very thrilling to be honest. It kept my interest, but I didn't understand why it was classified as a thriller until the very end. Jacqueline's marriage is struggling and when the authorities arrive at her door to inform her that her husband is dead, things really begin to spin out of control. He is found dead in Hawaii while she thought he was on a business trip to Kansas. She discovers that he was having an affair and ends up traveling to Hawaii to find out how he died. Definitely not my favorite book out of the bunch, but a decent read.

3. The Address - This book has two stories going on simultaneously almost 100 years apart. Sometimes books like this bother me because the author does an awful job at switching back and forth, but this author did it seamlessly. It begins in the late 1800's with Sara Smythe, a housekeeper at a posh London hotel that has an opportunity to become the manager at a new high rise in New York City called the Dakota. Nearly one hundred years later, Bailey Camden is trying to get her life together after a stint in rehab and ends up staying with a family member in the Dakota. Both Sara and Bailey face a series of challenging experiences in the same building and are more connected than they think. This is a quick and easy read and one that I really enjoyed.

4. After You - It's been awhile since I read the first book in this series, Me BeforeYou, but I was quickly reminded of how much I loved it once I read the sequel. Louisa Clark is trying to figure out her life after the death of her love, Will Traynor. She has a new job and is attending a grief support when a person from Will's past shows up on her doorstep and brings up all her past feelings for Will. If you loved the first book, you will love this one for sure.

5. Still Me - This is the third book in the Me Before You series and they just keep getting better each time! Louisa has the opportunity to move to NYC and be the personal assistant to a wealthy businessman's wife. She is sad to leave her boyfriend, but excited for her new life ahead in NYC. Louisa's personality is lovable and endearing and I absolutely adore her which makes these books even better to read. After a few months in NYC, Louisa realizes things are not as wonderful as she had imagined they would be and struggles to find her identity and what she wants to do with her life. The whole series is absolutely wonderful and I wish the author would write a fourth book!

6. One Of Us is Lying - While this wasn't my favorite book of the bunch, it kept me interested because I wanted to see how it ended. Five students are stuck in detention after school, when one goes into anaphylactic shock because of a food allergy ultimately dying later at the hospital. The authorities begin to wonder if it was murder instead of a harmless accident and the other four students who were there in the room are questioned at length. The end is quite surprising and not what I expected.

7. All We Ever Wanted - I just finished this book a few days ago and thought it was fantastic. It is quite an emotional read because of the subject matter, but is definitely something very relevant to today's culture. Lyla is on a scholarship to a very exclusive private school and desperately wants to fit in. When she attends a party one evening, she drinks a bit too much and a compromising picture is taken of her and circulates around the school. The boy who takes it comes from a very prominent family and Lyla's father wonders if that will factor in to his punishment or lack of. The boy's mother surprises everyone with where she stands on the matter and things get very complicated as other people are implicated in this awful "joke". 

What books are you reading right now? Any that you would recommend?

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Keeping It Casual

Sweater - Madewell (also available here) | Jeans - Free People | Sneakers - Golden Goose (also love the look of these sneakers, these sneakers and these sneakers) | Bag - Saint Laurent | Hat - J.Crew | Rings - Kendra Scott, Stone & Strand

I love my heels and dressing up which has always come a bit easier to me, but over the past few years I have really tried to find casual outfits that look as put together as my dressier ones do. A basic outfit like this is the solution for me. I am not one that is great at layering so I prefer to keep it simple. Mixing textures, colors and prints in a subtle way (chunky sweater with button detail, pom pom beanie, leopard sneakers, distressed jeans) is my way of keeping the look more interesting. 

Do you prefer to dress up or be casual in your day to day life? 

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Life Lately on Instagram + My Thoughts on Setting Goals For the New Year

Maree - Sweater | Leggings
Miles - Onesie (similar)
Jacket (similar) | Dress | Bag | Boots (similar)
Blouse | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Earrings | Lipstick (shade is 400)

Sweatshirt | Sweatpants | Slippers | Beanie | Mug

Jumpsuit | Pumps (similar) | Lipstick (shade is 400)

Vest | Turtleneck | Leggings | Sneakers | Beanie (similar) | Sunglasses

Blouse | Skirt | Bracelet | Necklace | Ring

Coat | Scarf | Jeans | Bag | Shoes (similar)

Sweater | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Sunglasses


Sweater | Jeans

Sweater | Jeans | Boots (more sizes here)

Sweater | Jeans | Bag
I've talked before how I don't really like to make New Year's resolutions and I'm reminded again why I feel that way. I always feel a bit blue in January because the holidays are over and winter will be going on for the next few months. I just want to ease into normal life again and get back to my routine. However, there seems to be an intensity behind the idea of resolutions, renewing yourself, tackling goals, setting intentions, etc in the first few weeks of January. It's everywhere and while I myself  believe in goal making, manifesting and intention setting, it feels too much for me personally. It feels forced and I know that a year is a VERY long time which makes me realize that the first few days of January are not always representative of how the year will be. That level of pressure can be too intense.

In years past, I always felt guilty for not being more amped to "take on the new year" "tackle all my goals" "hustle, grind, work hard, etc", but realized this year that I have to do what works for me. I prefer to get myself back into the swing of things after the holidays, get through the letdown of it being over and find my routine again. Once that happens and a few weeks have gone by, I can see what sort of things I want to work on and what goals I have for myself both short term and long term. If there is anything that getting older has taught me, it's to do what works for me. Not anyone else. Some people really thrive when setting resolutions, resetting their entire year on January 1st and going full force into achieving their goals. That doesn't work for me and all that matters in the end is that I reach my goals and accomplishments. I see each day as an opportunity to reset or change my course, which feels less constricting than using January 1st as the only starting point.

I would love to know your thoughts on goal setting especially when it comes to the New Year. Do you like a clean slate on January 1st or do you find it overwhelming to set resolutions at the beginning of the year?


YOUR Best of Beauty 2018 - Top Beauty Products Recommended By My Blog Readers

Cardigan | Camisole | Jeans | My bedroom decor is linked here

I shared what my favorite beauty products were from 2018 here and now I am sharing what yours were! I asked my readers to share their top beauty products from 2018 during my Best of Beauty video and also on insta-stories and compiled all the responses that I received. There were certain products that came up over and over again, as well as top brands that were stand out favorites with tons of you. The top 3 skincare brands were Drunk Elephant, Sunday Riley and Tatcha (this does not surprise me - I love them too!). The top 3 makeup brands that were mentioned over and over were Hourglass, Charlotte Tilbury and Dior. I tried to narrow down the favorites to only the top 10 but will share some runner-ups later in the post.

The top 10 skincare products loved the most in 2018 were the following:
  1. Drunk Elephant C Firma Serum
  2. Sunday Riley Good Genes
  3. Sunday Riley CEO Serum
  4. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
  5. REN Bio Retinoid Cream
  6. Native Deodorant
  7. Laniege Lip Mask
  8. Tatcha Eye Pearl
  9. Drunk Elephant Baby Facial
  10. Tatcha Rice Enzyme Polish
The top 10 makeup products loved the most in 2018 were the following:
  1. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Pressed Powder
  4. Dior Lip Glow
  5. Glossier Cloud Paints
  6. Hourglass Translucent Veil Powder
  7. Hourglass Unlocked Palette
  8. NARS Soft Matte Concealer
  9. Too Faced Multi Use Sculpting Concealer
  10. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
Some other products that were mentioned numerous times were the Briogeo hair care line, Dior foundations, the Herbivore Prism Glow Potion and Lapis Oil, the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara (also one of my favorites), many products from Kate Somerville, Shiseido cotton pads (these are the ones I use as well!) and the Sisley Black Rose skincare range.

Have you tried any of these products? Are any of these your favorites from last year?

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