Fall Workwear Inspiration

Sweater - Loft (runs big) | Skirt - Loft (runs big) | Heels - Gianvito Rossi (budget option here) | Bag - Gucci | Earrings - Lisi Lerch | Ring - Kendra Scott | Sunglasses - Illesteva (similar here)

I've had many more requests recently for workwear outfits and fall is one of my favorite times to share ideas for great looks that can be worn to an office or a more business casual environment. When choosing pieces for a more professional environment, I prefer to look for items that can also be worn in various ways and with other pieces. This beige fitted sweater could be paired with jeans and flats for the weekend or a more casual lifestyle, and this faux leather skirt can easily be dressed down with a chunky sweater and boots or flats. I was crazy for the gold button detail on the skirt which I immediately wanted to match with my statement gold earrings. And don't be afraid to mix black and brown as I did with my black Gucci bag. Both are a neutral and look great worn together. For more leather or faux leather/suede skirt options, scroll the widgets below! 

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Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant: My Experience + Review of 4 Different Formulas

Ok, I officially made the switch. The switch to natural deodorant. Frankly, I never thought I would see this day because I am a major sweater. I don't perspire - I SWEAT. And that sweat can lead to odor so I never thought I could leave my favorite antiperspirant (seriously, it really is amazing if you aren't ready to go the natural route).

Let's first talk about why I made the switch. To be honest, everyone has been buzzing about natural deodorants so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I do like to live a healthy lifestyle and care about what I put in/on my body but I am not rigid about it. So real talk - the buzz drew me in. But obviously it's going to be healthier for me in the long run by removing aluminum out of the equation so that was another reason but secondary to be honest. If I was going to smell and sweat like crazy just for a healthier benefit, I'm not sure I would have made the switch. In fact, I know I would not have made the switch. The hardest part of the switch over was committing to it at the beginning and letting my body go through the transition (some call it a "detox) of getting used to the natural deodorant. I was going back and forth between my natural deodorant and my old antiperspirant and that was my mistake. Many of you told me that I have to commit to one or the other, so I decided to give natural deodorants a go.

While I have decided to stick with the switch permanently, I am going to be frank about my experience and results. For the first two weeks of changing over, I had to carry my natural deodorant around with me to touch up with throughout the day. But I persevered! LOL By the end of the first week I noticed after barre class that while my body was sweating, my armpits were hardly wet. And then at the end of the second week, I was shocked at how I never smelled and was sweating so much less. That is what sealed the deal for me. However, I will say that for exceptionally hot temps, it does not do as good of a job as my old antiperspirant so for that I normally bring my deodorant with me to touch up. But when it comes to body odor (we must talk about this because it's real), I never have any. There was a day that I forgot to put deodorant on and went to work out later that evening. I freaked when I got there and was so worried I was going to smell by the end of class. Shockingly I did not. No smell whatsoever. That doesn't mean I won't smell at some point if not wearing deodorant, but I was impressed with how it takes me much longer now. Do my armpits feel softer or smoother? No, I don't notice any difference in regards to that. Here are the 4 natural deodorants I tested and which ones worked for me and which ones did not.

1. LaVanila Deodorant - I'm going to admit that after going on and on about how much I disliked this one at first, it has ended up being my favorite. Only when I stopped using my antiperspirant and just used this did I see how well it performed. It does leave slight white marks on clothes which is a bummer, but keeps me the driest out of all 4. And it has a powdery finish which I prefer - no greasy or slimy feeling on the skin.

2. Native Deodorant - I wanted to love this as it was THE most recommended natural deodorant to me by all of you. However, this broke me out within the first week. I rarely have a reaction to any skincare or beauty products so this surprised me. But sadly by the 4th day, my underarm area was covered in red bumps and quite painful. This was not a hit for me.

3. Agent Nateur holi(rose) deodorant - I like this one but would not repurchase. It only leaves minimal white marks on clothing, but doesn't glide on as easily as I would like. It has a sort of gritty texture and I really have to rub it onto my skin to apply it evenly. It keeps me dry and no issue with odor, but I don't love the actual texture of the stick.

4. Kopari Deodorant - Next to the Native Deodorant, this was the one that most of you told me to try. I can't really decide what I think about it. It's completely colorless so no streaks are left on clothes which is a plus. It has a slippery, slightly greasy texture so if I apply too much, my underarm area will be left sticky. Yuck. So less is more with this one. I find it the most moisturizing to my underarm area, but that is not a huge selling point for me. I can't use this when it's very hot or humid because it does not keep me as dry as the others. This is more for a cooler day or when I am staying at home. The scent is really yummy and smells like coconut which is a plus, but I don't think this will be a repurchase for me again.

So far the LaVanila is my favorite, though I hear amazing things about this deodorant and plan to purchase it once I finish one of these (except the Native deodorant - I can't use that anymore because of my reaction). Are these as good as my old antiperspirant - no, they are not. That kept me insanely dry. But these work well enough to make me keep using them which I know is ultimately better for my health. However, I will say that overall I do not sweat as much as I used to which is mind-blowing to me. As soon as I switched to more natural formulas and stuck with them, I slowly noticed how much less I would sweat and hardly even smelled anymore. I would love to hear your experience with natural deodorants and which one you love!

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Fall Boot Guide: The Best Boots To Buy This Fall

Dress - Three Dots (runs big) | Boots - Botkier | Bag - Gucci | Sunglasses - Le Specs

One of the best things about fall - BOOTS!!! Ankle ones, flat ones, trendy ones, suede ones - I am here for them all. I purchased these gray boots during the Anniversary Sale and they were by far my favorite item. The pointy toe, the heel that is not too high and the suede makes these close to the most perfect boot ever. Since now is the best time to begin buying boots (because once it gets cold, all the best ones sell out so fast), I thought I would dedicate today's post to nothing but boots. I went through so many websites to find all the best styles for every imaginable category both trendy and classic. I mixed both splurge boots with budget options so be sure to scroll through each widget to see all my picks. A few of my favorites not to miss - one of the best looking classic ankle boots for just under $100, these ankle boots are absolute perfection for jeans, chunky sweaters and apple picking LOL, I'm crazy for the combat boot trend and I adore these with the shearling trim, these have over 2000 reviews and are a great option for a comfortable flat ankle boot and these are most definitely worth the splurge (I've had them for years and still wear them non-stop) but they do sell out quickly each year so just be aware if you've had your eye on them.

Scroll down to see all my other boot picks from each category.

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Knee high boots

Classic ankle boots

Leopard boots

Chelsea boots/flat boots

White boots

Slouchy boots


Which Tatcha Enzyme Powder Is Right For Your Skin?

Tatcha has recently reformulated their best selling enzyme powders (fun fact: this was one of the first products and brands I ever reviewed on my blog) and they are better than ever! I already love these enzyme powders because they give the skin a gentle exfoliation without ever stripping or irritating it. And while other traditional exfoliators should only be used 1-2x/week, Tatcha enzyme powders are gentle enough for daily use. I have all 4 newly reformulated powders and thought I would break down exactly which formula is best for each skin type.

But first, let's talk about how to use these powders. They are not suited to remove makeup or be a primary cleanse, but more of a second cleansing or exfoliating step. Mix a bit of water with the powder in your hands and massage onto the face. This new formulation has a more finely ground form of rice bran in it along with papaya enzymes. Additionally the powders have a pH neutral base which means they won't strip the skin of any moisture or leave it feeling dry/uncomfortable. In addition to helping gently exfoliate the skin, reduce fine lines, reduce hyperpigmentation and minimize breakouts, each formula has additional ingredients targeted for certain skin types. 

1. The Rice Polish Classic (white bottle) - This is the original formula and designed for normal to normal/dry skin. If you don't suffer for any significant dry patches or have overly sensitive skin, this would be a great option.

2. The Rice Polish Deep (green bottle) - For those with normal/oily skin, the Deep formula is best for you. It contains Japanese Wild Rose to help decongest and clarify the skin, while also helping to minimize the appearance of pore size.

3. The Rice Polish Gentle (purple bottle) - My personal favorite is the gentle formulation which is suitable for those with dry skin. My skin is only slightly dry, but I like using this one because it feels the best on my skin. It contains licorice root to keep the skin calm and prevent tightness.

4. The Rice Polish Calming (blue bottle) - If your skin is extra sensitive, is easily irritated or painfully dry, then I would recommend the calming formula. The Japanese indigo in it helps soothe the skin while still allowing for an effective exfoliation. And if you want to make it even more gentle, try mixing it in with your cleansing oil for just the slightest bit of exfoliation.

There is a reason these enzyme powders have been the brand's top seller for so many years - they are truly remarkable and are wonderful on the skin. It was these enzyme powders that made me fall in love with Tatcha more than 4 years ago. And if you are hesitant to try them and not sure if you want to buy a full size, they sell travel sizes on the Tatcha site which are perfect to buy and test to ensure your skin loves the formula. Find them all here.
*pr samples included

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Off the Shoulder Sweater + My Favorite Designer Heels To Splurge On

Sweater - Asos | Jeans - Mother (also here) | Shoes - Manolo Blahnik (color is discontinued but love these velvet pumps and these velvet pumps) | Bag - Gucci | Sunglasses - Stella McCartney (similar here and here) | My all time favorite strapless bra

Yes, more gray! I am loving the absence of color in my outfits lately. LOL I've come to think that off the shoulder or one shoulder sweaters are genius because they allow for the cozy feel of a sweater in between summer and fall but you won't sweat profusely because some skin is still showing. This one can be worn off one shoulder or both shoulders and the chunky cable knit is classic. 

I received an email recently from a reader asking my thoughts on which designer pumps were the most comfortable since she wanted to buy her first pair. I replied immediately "Manolo Blahnik, without a doubt". I have tried tons of different expensive heels and for me I have found Manolo Blahnik pumps to be the most comfortable for me (the BB style is my favorite). I prefer an 85-90mm heel height (that is about 3.5 inches) and can walk all day in them! Christian Louboutin has always felt a bit too tight and narrow on my foot, as did Jimmy Choo pumps. Other splurge pumps that fit me well are Gianvito Rossi and Prada, though Manolo Blahniks are by far my favorite and most comfortable. For me, I wear my regular size though many reviews say to size up so I'm at a loss as to how to advise for sizing. I personally just buy my size and the size up and send back what doesn't fit. #freereturnsarelife

I normally wear the Manolo Blahnik BB pumps, but think I may try this style next time. They are absolute perfection! And the flats are just as stunning. I have also been looking for a classic pair of gray suede pumps and these are on my wish list as well. 

What are your favorite designer pumps to wear? Let me know!

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Fall Fashion Finds Under $100

Popping in with a quick Sunday post to share some fall fashion finds under $100! I've been featuring a bit of splurge, mid-range and budget items in The Fall Shop but I love an under $100 round up so I thought I would pull one together with pre-fall pieces. Are you shopping for fall items yet or do you like to wait until it gets cooler?  I love to be prepared so I begin looking for things in late summer so I get them before they sell out. 

1. Leopard scarf - Is it even fall without a leopard scarf? No, it's not.

2. Knotted mules - I am loving these simple chic mules and they go with almost anything!

3. Gray embellished sweater - A simple gray sweater but not! The little pearl details are so cute.

4. Gray chunky sweater - Frankly, you cannot have too many basic chunky sweaters for fall. This has no frills and that's what I like most about it.

5. Wool fedora - This is currently sitting in my cart because I am a hat lover and fedoras are my favorite style to wear in the fall.

6. Black boots - I am starting to warm up to the combat boot look and these are at a reasonable price point to dabble in the trend.

7. Black peplum blouse - I love the shape of this blouse (see an almost identical style in this post) - and the delicate print is great for day or night. Also throw this on with a pencil skirt or a great pair of trousers for the office.

8. Black chunky sweater - A bit oversized, a bit slouchy, button details on the sleeves - I love it all.

9. Faux leather pants - I personally love the paperbag pants style because the tie belt always looks so flattering and accentuates the waist. These are another option for leather pants if you don't want to go the leggings route. This would look great with a fitted turtleneck, a button down blouse or a cropped sweater.


It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer Expands Shade Range - Here Are Swatches of Every Fair Shade

It Cosmetics' best-selling full coverage concealer, the Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer has just been released in 48 shades. The original formula came in only a handful of skin tones, so this release is great news for fans of this concealer! If you have not tried it, it is strong stuff. It gives insane full coverage and only a small amount is needed to conceal any area on the face. That being said, when using under the eyes I like to make sure the skin is well hydrated and moisturized so the formula blends better into the skin. Because of it's intense coverage and long wearing ability (it is also waterproof), it can be hard to blend out without proper moisture. But once it sets on the skin, it looks flawless and doesn't move! Below are 12 swatches of the fairer shades.
From left to right: 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15, 15.5
Shade 10 is the fairest they make and it is quite pale - much too pale for me. I wear shade 11 and find it does a great job of brightening under the eye without being too white. The undertones seem to be quite varied so I think there will be a match for almost anyone. You can see swatches of every single shade here for any that I may not have featured.

*pr samples included

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