Sharing an update on some supplements I’ve added into my daily routine and seen great results from!

1. Vida Glow Collagen Powder – I have taken other collagen powders in the past but this is the first one I’ve taken and seen the best results for my hair and nails! This is my third box so I’ve been taking it about 3 months and just started seeing results within the past two weeks. The first was my hairline which was receding and my widow’s peaks were getting more pronounced. Since having Miles my hair has really started to thin and it is so frustrating. I was washing my face one night and noticed some growth around my hairline and it actually shocked me! LOL The second thing I noticed was actually during my last nail appointment because none of my nails had broken. I always have a few break in between each appointment and all were in tact. It’s obviously hard to exactly prove that it’s the powder working but I’ve changed nothing else in my diet recently so I am definitely going to continue with the collagen powder and just ordered my 4th box!

2. Sakara Complete Probiotic – One of my readers recommended this probiotic to me and to be honest, I have taken probiotics in the past and all seem the same to me. I started taking this one at least 6 months ago and didn’t really know what sort of results to expect but after Miles had a nasty cold a few months back, I was shocked that I didn’t get it. I ALWAYS get sick if he gets sick, but I stayed healthy. Over the past 6 months, I have not gotten sick at all despite Miles bringing home all sorts of germs from school. I’ve also had a lot less bloating over the past few months as well. I’ve now gotten my mom and Stan to begin taking them too.

3. Organic Olivia Flow Balance – Ever since having Miles, my periods and menstrual cycles have become almost unmanageable. And ovulation is even worse. I have mood swings, extreme fatigue and cramping during ovulation and my periods are insanely heavy. I have been desperate to find something to help and heard great things about Organic Olivia products. I ordered this after reading all the great reviews and am on month 2 of taking it. I didn’t see much change the first few weeks but by the second period I had while taking the Flow Balance, I noticed an overall lessening of my symptoms. And ovulation has been significantly more manageable with less fatigue and cramping. I have already ordered another bottle because it’s the first thing I’ve tried and actually had some relief!

4. Organic Olivia Adrenal Recovery – I ordered this along with the Flow Balance as I struggle with fatigue and overall energy. While I have felt a lot less exhausted, I don’t know if it’s from this or the Flow Balance helping balance out my hormones. I may order this one more time and increase my dosage from 1 to 2 tablets a day and if the results are still not as significant, I will just stick with the Flow Balance for now. However, the reviews on this are absolutely fantastic and many have had amazing results!