Find someone that looks at you the way Miles looks at Sophie. LOL It’s been a few months since my last post about products for Miles that we were loving, so I figured it was time for an update. Miles will be turning 6 months next week and there are definitely a ton of new products that we have added to the mix.
A little update on Miles – he has been flipping over from his tummy to back and vice versa for about a month now and is finally able to sit up on his own. We starting giving him solid food around 4.5 months and he is now holding a ton of things by himself. He can crawl backwards and is able to spin himself around when on the floor. It is the funniest thing to watch. Toys are finally becoming more appropriate and they can hold his attention for periods of time (how long depends on the day HA!). There is a bit of a mash up of products in this post but I thought I would put everything in it so it is easy to reference in the future. Here are the all the products that we use and Miles enjoys right now:
1. Ogosport bolli tactile ball – This was the first toy I bought him that he really began to interact with and it has done wonders at helping him learn to hold things with both hands. It’s easy for him to hold, easy to put in his mouth and helps him develop his coordination.
2. Sophie la Giraffe – We have had this for a few months and he was never that interested. And then about a month ago he grabbed her and has never let go! LOL He will chew on Sophie on and off all day long – he loves her.
3. Skiphop activity table – This table is the single best thing we have and what he spends a majority of his time in each day. While a few months ago he just would stare at all the attachments, he can finally play with them. We all call this his desk and say he is “at work in his office” when playing at this table. He rotates himself around from toy to toy and spends time playing with each. I don’t know what we would do without this glorious invention! 🙂
4. Boon high chair – I figured I would mention his high chair because we have found it to be easy to use and great for what we need. Now in all honesty I have not tried any others so I can’t compare, but we have been happy with it.
5. Uppababy vista stroller – I believe I’ve mentioned our stroller before, but we have now moved out of the bassinet into the toddler seat. I find this so easy to break down, put together and maneuver. My mom often likes to walk Miles in the afternoon and she constantly remarks to me when she returns how easy it is to push and how effortlessly it changes direction and goes up an incline.
6. V-tech peek and play book – Ok this was a random gift we either received at our baby shower or I bought for him when he was first born, but for some odd reason it is his favorite toy to play with (besides the Ogosport ball). The pages are soft and it plays songs while “reading” it.
7. Activity caterpillar – Real talk: I picked this up because it had a ton of great reviews on the Buy Buy Baby website and I was looking for toys to add to an order to meet the shipping minimum. Surprisingly he ended up loving it! It has tons of different textures, colors and noises that stimulate him and keep his attention.
8. Wubbanub pacifier – Where would we be without this pacifier? Probably online purchasing a new one – that’s where! LOL Now that he can put the pacifier in his mouth he really loves this because he can hold onto the stuffed animal and when he is playing he always reaches it.
9. Mesh feeder – We have only used this feeder with Miles a few times, but he loves it whenever we give it to him. So far we have tried frozen mangoes in it and he delightfully sucks on it until the mango is completely defrosted.
10. Nuturme Quinoa Cereal – This is the cereal we started Miles on and so far he has really enjoyed it.
11. Large plastic bibs – A regular bib proved to be pointless because he was still a mess after each feeding. My mom ran to Target and found these oversized plastic bibs and they have been an outfit saver! They cover his entire top half so we never ruin any clothing when he eats. They are also waterproof so we just need to use a damp cloth at the end and they clean right up.
12. Fisher Price bathtub – About a month ago Miles began wanting to play more in the bath so I purchased this tub that has a seat for him. It has helped him work on sitting up by himself as well.
13. Bumbo seat with tray – We did use this for a few weeks so I thought I would mention it, but it’s not something we reach for regularly now since he is always in the high chair for feedings. But this was instrumental in teaching him how to sit up on his own.
A few things he is still loving and using since he was a newborn is his Skiphop Activity Mat, his 4Moms mamaRoo chair and the Boppy. All are things I would highly recommend because we have already gotten almost 6 months worth of use out of each!
For more Miles/baby content, I did an entire post dedicated to the clothing brands I love for Miles so you can find that here. And all of my newborn essentials can be found in this blog post (all of them I still stand by).

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