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Is there any rhyme or reason to Amazon purchases? Nope. They are completely random for me as I’m sure they are for you. I was never a huge Amazon shopper but that is slowly beginning to change as I find myself ordering things on there every couple of weeks. I thought I would share my recent order history from the past few months.
1. Spearmint tea – I love either Peppermint or Spearmint tea. However Spearmint is harder to find so I ended up ordering some on Amazon when I couldn’t find it in store.
2. Stainless steel straws – I wanted reusable straws for when I get coffee or drinks to go so I can cut down on my straw usage.
3. Food pouches for Miles – While Miles is fully eating any and all foods, he has his fussy days and will always take a pouch so we keep them on hand. This is my favorite brand to order for him.
4. Sleep sack for Miles – Miles sleeps in this every night (it was one of my top 20 first year baby essentials – read that post here) so I find myself needing to order one of these every few months.
5. Cup holder for Miles’ stroller – Goodness, I just realized that I have become quite the Amazon shopper since having Miles. Ha! When I need something random for him, I always check here first. A cup holder for his stroller was my most recent need. I have nowhere to put my drinks when out with him and this one works with any stroller.
6. Popcorn boxes – I needed these for Miles’ baseball themed party and they were perfect.
7. Striped straws – Another thing that I picked up for Miles’ birthday party. However, these will be perfect for the holidays as well!
8. Baseball sign for Miles’ party – I was scouring Pinterest for decor ideas for his party and loved the little concessions sign I came across.
9. Phone tripod – Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor was talking about this little contraption on her insta-stories and I bought one immediately.  It is so sturdy and holds the phone perfectly.
10. No show socks – Yup, these are awesome. Comfortable and don’t show at all! I usually go barefoot in all my shoes and boots but now I don’t have to with these!
11. Mason jars – Another decor item for Miles’ birthday party but to be honest, having mason jars around the house is a necessity! They come in handy for the most random things and are so versatile in home decor.
12. Bug spray – My mom was looking for an all natural bug spray and this one had great reviews!
13. Face wipes for Miles – I go through a TON of these every month so I needed to stock up. They have the best scent and clean his face/hands easily.

14. Vital Proteins – Everyone in my entire household (except Miles….for now LOL) takes this collagen powder. So a restock was in order.

15. Skincare organizer – I absolutely love this spinning organizer that I keep all my daily skincare on.


What is the last thing you bought on Amazon? Let me know!