My mom has been a regular contributor to my blog over the past few years and her posts are always quite popular so I asked her to give me a beauty update. Today she is sharing the masks and exfoliators she has been using over the past 6+ months. After this, she will be sharing her current morning and evening routines in upcoming posts so stay tuned for those. If you want to read any of her previous posts, you can see them all here.
For a quick synopsis, my mom’s skin type is normal to dry and can occasionally be on the sensitive side. She just turned 70 this year (sorry to out you Mom LOL), but her skin still looks more radiant and fresh than mine does many days! Her main concerns are firmness, hydration, fines lines and evening out the skin tone. I always have her write the reviews of each product so you can get her perspective on the performance, texture, smell, etc. Here are the 8 products she has currently been enjoying:
1. REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask – This gentle exfoliating mask is a great quick fix because it works instantly. I leave it on my skin for 5-10 minutes and my face immediately looks fresh and glowing afterwards. 

2. Mario Badescu Whitening Mask – I have used this mask for years and love it. It really does help to brighten and even out my skin tone when using it regularly. 

3. First Aid Beauty Bouncy Mask – Before I even discuss the performance of this product, I have to discuss how fun it is to use! The texture is a bouncy gel which initially took some getting used to, but it breaks down immediately once I apply and disappears right into my skin. After just 10 minutes, I can see a difference in how firm and supple my skin appears. This is a great mask to use in the morning before my makeup because my skin looks so healthy and hydrated which makes my foundation glide right on.  

4. Retrouve Skin Brilliance Priming Pads – Maree got me hooked on exfoliating pads and toners as a step after my cleanser but before I apply any serums or moisturizers. These Retrouve pads really tackle any rough texture on my skin, but since my skin can be on the sensitive side I only like to incorporate these 2-3x/week. However, I have noticed a significant reduction in stubborn dark spots when using them regularly.  

5. Pixi Glow Tonic – Another long time favorite that Maree turned me on to – this exfoliating toner is gentle enough to use daily but is so effective at giving my skin a regular exfoliation. Out of all the products mentioned, this is the one I will never be without.

6. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant – Some traditional scrubs can be too harsh for my skin, so I have enjoyed experimenting with different enzyme powders Maree has given me over the years. This one is great in the morning to help wake up my skin and leave it feeling refreshed. My makeup often applies so much better on the days I add this into my routine. I pour a small amount into wet hands, add a bit of water and it makes a creamy paste that I gently massage into my skin. 

7. Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder – I think I have included a Tatcha product in almost every post I have done for Maree’s blog, but I truly love everything from the line! This enzyme powder is the most gentle one I have tried and can use it daily without ever worrying that it will irritate my skin. Especially in the winter, I like to use this everyday either as a second cleanse or mixed in with a cream or milk cleanser to give my skin a light exfoliation. 

8. Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel – This peel is the most unique product out of the bunch because I apply it with dry hands to a dry face and after a few minutes it turns to a milk. I then use a warm cloth to massage it off and I can actually see the dead skin cells balling up on the skin. It’s strange but oddly satisfying to watch the dead skin being removed, and afterwards my skin feels almost textureless. I don’t use this often so as not to overdo it but try to incorporate into my routine 2-3x/month.

Shop all of my mom’s picks here:

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