1. Black Cake – So much buzz surrounding this one but I found it painfully slow and tedious to get through. Byron and Benny are brother and sister that have not seen each other in years but come back together for their mother’s death. Her mother leaves them a voice recording that shocks them with family secrets they never knew. Rating: 5

2. Wrong Place, Wrong Time – Ok, you will need to accept the fact that this book is completely implausible which took me a few chapters to get over. Once I did, I DEVOURED this book! It was soooo good. Jen is waiting for her teenage son to get home after a night out, yet she can’t shake the feeling that something is not right. She looks outside and sees him walking down the street towards their home and then a man comes out of nowhere and her son stabs him to death right in the street. Jen is horrified and has no idea why her son just did that. She accompanies him to the police station and then finally goes home to get some sleep and figure out next steps to help her son. When she wakes up, it’s the day before and the event hasn’t happened yet. And each day after this, she continuously wakes up in the past and decides that she is going to try and prevent this murder from even happening. What she learns threatens to ruin her entire life and possibly her family, but she knows she must get to the answer. Rating: 9

3. The Lies I Tell – I enjoyed this book though it moved along at a slightly slow yet consistent pace. Meg has been running from her past her entire life and reinventing herself every chance she gets. Kat is a reporter that has been trying to expose Meg’s scams for years but never has enough evidence to bring it to print. Kat decides to befriend Meg to see if she can get information out of her and uncover her dark secrets. However, Kat quickly realizes that Meg is not the villian she thought she was and actually begins to like her. While the book moves along a bit slowly, the last 25% of the book made me LOVE IT! In fact, I loved the ending and it was so good that it made me look back over the entire book and like it so much more. Rating: 8.5

4. The Paper Palace – I wanted to like this book and tried to get into it, but it fell flat for me. Elle is a married mom of 3 who mistakenly decides to have a one time affair with her long time best friend Jonas. Jonas and Elle have known each other since they were kids and have a life altering secret between the two of them. Elle tries to decide if her feelings for Jonas are real or just trauma from the past that has never been resolved. There is definitely some depth to this book but it wasn’t a favorite for me. Rating: 7

5. The It Girl – Hannah and April are roommates at Oxford together and couldn’t be more different. Hannah is quiet, reserved and comes from a simple middle class family. April is bold, daring and very wealthy. Though they are complete opposites they become best friends and enjoy their time at Oxford together. Until one night when Hannah finds April strangled in their dorm room. A suspect is named and arrested for the murder, but years later there are questions as to whether he is really the guy. Hannah decides to revisit that horrible night and go back to Oxford to see if she can get answers. What she finds out completely shocks her and maybe even puts her own life in jeopardy. Rating: 8.5

6. Get a Life, Chloe Brown – I couldn’t even finish this one, it was such a letdown. Chloe Brown lives a very sheltered life because of her myriad of health issues. She longs for a most exciting life and vows that she will try to make a list of things she wants to do. When Chloe meets Red, the landlord of her apartment building she thinks maybe she found someone to help her get a life. I love a cute rom/com but this was boring and frankly a bit too racy with little substance. Rating: 4