Taking care of my skin has become like a second job – with morning and evening regimens requiring multiple products, adequate time and my undivided attention.  But the results are always worth it – glowing, fresh skin with nary a pimple in sight (well sometimes….stupid oily skin…), providing a great canvas to pile on hundreds of makeup products each morning.  That being said, I have still managed to neglect certain areas of my body, failing to give them the utmost attention they deserve.  So when Le Metier de Beaute approached me to try their new Dark Spot Corrector for 28 days – I jumped at the chance and knew exactly what to target – my back.  Still showing signs of last summer’s romps in the sun, but forgotten about for the moment because of the 183 layers I have worn this winter – my back is wrought with sun damage.  Tank tops and strapless dresses wait for no product – so taking on this 28 day challenge came just in the knick of time. 
Formulated with ingredients such as Hexylresorcinol, Glyceryl and Ethylhexyl Stearate, this product seeks to “target and reduce spots, marks and signs of aging” (and in my case – sun shenanigans).  The first photo represents my before picture – so many rude spots.  After the first 12 days, I saw a slight fading (represented by the second photo), but it was not until the last few days of the challenge did I really start to see a significant difference in the amount and size of the spots.  The last photo shows results after the month was over and the number of spots had significantly reduced.  But with great fading, comes great responsibility – AKA a super high SPF to prevent any recurrence.  I have continued using the Dark Spot Corrector and am still seeing fading and lightening – and at this rate – I can only hope that my strapless tops, tanks and bathing suits will be forever grateful.  
Having dark spot correction FOMO (that’s Fear Of Missing Out – but you guys already knew that…)?  Le Metier de Beaute’s Dark Spot Corrector is available anywhere Le Metier de Beaute is sold or you can purchase here.
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