Matching set



1. Bento lunch box for Miles – Miles is at gymnastics camp all summer and needs to bring a snack so I bought this bento box and it’s perfect! It’s tightly sealed and will also be perfect for the upcoming school year when he finally has to bring his lunch everyday.

2. Beginning reader books – Miles has asked repeatedly to be taught how to read so many of you recommended these books to help him get started.

3. Stained glass craft kit for Miles – I’ve shared before that Miles loves crafts and anything colorful so we often buy him these stained glass kits and he then hangs them on our windows once he is done.

4. STEM flower building kit – Another interest Miles has right now is flowers and has planted a few during school so I bought him this STEM kit and he has LOVED it!

5. My favorite chocolate chips – I repurchase these every few weeks. They are sweetened with Stevia and are delicious!