It’s no secret I am a fan of Nest Fragrances, both the candles (Moroccan Amber – divine!) and the personal fragrances (Midnight Fleur is LIFE), so when I heard they were going into Sephora – my initial reaction was – FINALLY!  The world needs to know about these products!  And since every gal’s first beauty stop is always the makeup mecca, Sephora, it will be impossible to walk out without giving these a try (and frankly taking one home).  My favorite personal fragrance has always been the Midnight Fleur, with its unique and intoxicating sultry scent that leaves me speechless every time I use it.  “Ugh, it’s sooooo good” – is my reaction each time I spritz.  But hopefully no feelings will be hurt, because with the introduction of 2 new scents exclusively for Sephora, there are some new favorites in town.  Nest kindly sent over a bottle of each for me to try and welp, I am in trouble.  My affinity for Midnight Fleur is now rivaled by my love (and that is putting it mildly) for the new White Sandalwood and Dahlia & Vines.  With notes of creamy almond, white musk and of course sandalwood, White Sandalwood is a warm, inviting and cozy scent that is perfect for this time of year – cashmere cable knit approved.  Contrary to this is the bright and cheery scent of Dahlia & Vines with notes of peony, dahlia, lychee, pink pepper and raspberry, which though it’s quite light and floral, wears beautifully during the colder months as well.  Of course I could not end the post without giving you the notes of Midnight Fleur as well since it will change your life the minute you smell and/or wear it.  Patchouli, black amber, jasmine and rhubarb come together to make one of the most sexy and fabulous fragrances you will ever wear.  If you’re single, you may not be after wearing it, and if you are taken, expect some surprise flowers that night.  See what my blog gives you?  A little bit fashion, a little bit beauty, a little bit of a love connection.  *wink, wink* 

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