Dress (old from Tibi) | Miles’ outfit | Miles’ shoe


I just look at these photos and can hear Miles giggling. It’s so amazing to be able to celebrate this Mother’s Day in a different way – as a mother for the first time. Stan, Miles and I went to lunch this weekend and as I was leaving a group of ladies went out of their way to wish me a happy first┬áMother’s Day and it was the sweetest thing ever.
The most enjoyable thing about having Miles has truly been getting to experience raising him with my own mom who lives with us. She does so much for us and is such a vital part of Miles’ life and I love that. She never misses a single moment since she is with him daily and it’s been wonderful having her help, being able to get her advice and seeing how much joy he brings to her. I hear her laughing hysterically at him when I’m up in my office working, and I always have to run down and see what ridiculously silly thing he is doing to crack her up. It’s a team effort in our house and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I thought I would share some of my favorite things about Miles because his personality is already beginning to emerge!
  • His big cheesy smile that he gives whenever he sees any of us.
  • The raspberries that he has started blowing whenever he eats (and covers us with food).
  • How much he loves the car – he instantly falls asleep as soon as we start driving.
  • His little independent spirit – he can keep himself entertained in his little activity table for quite a long time now! We call it his “office”. LOL
  • The hysterical giggles that he has whenever you change his clothes. As soon as you put something over his head, he begins laughing non-stop. In fact the first time I heard him laugh was when I was changing his clothes and it hasn’t stopped.
  • How much he loves to eat. (Stan says he inherited this from him).
  • His easy going nature. He has his fussy moments and went through a few rough weeks around his 4 month regression, but for the most part he is a happy little dude.
  • The way he looks at Elmo. He is fascinated by him and will just stare at him for the longest time. Just the other week, Elmo was walking towards him and Miles got the biggest smile and put out his arms. It was the cutest thing.
I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. We all adore this little man, and I’m so happy to be his mom.
I know this day can be a happy one for so many, but also bring about some challenging and/or sad emotions for a number of reasons. I’m wishing everyone happiness if you are celebrating today, as well as love and peace to those that may have a hard time with today.