Today’s post is a roundup and review of all my current bronzers – both cream and powder. If you are in the market for a new bronzer, this is the post to bookmark!


1. Charlotte Tilbury Cream Bronzer in 1 Fair – Absolutely flawless. This cream bronzer is so smooth, creamy and easy to blend. Start off with just a small amount because you can always build up in you need to. While the Tarte cream bronzer was always my holy grail, I think this Charlotte Tilbury bronzer may have knocked it out of the top spot. It looks quite dark in the pan but don’t be scared because it is so sheer and beautiful and easy to work with. Also, this shade is slightly more cool toned for me and doesn’t oxidize.

2. Saie Sun Melt Bronzer in Light Bronze – I have really enjoyed this and find it blends easily. The formula is a drier formula which I prefer so while it is emollient, it dries down nicely and doesn’t get greasy. It is not AS smooth as the Charlotte Tilbury formula and much more warm in tone but I still use it regularly and love it.

3. Patrick Ta Bronzer Duo in She’s Statuesque – For those that want both a powder and cream formula, this is a great option. The top one is cream and the bottom is powder. However I rarely use them together which I guess sort of defeats the purpose. LOL Many people use the cream first and set it with the powder. Though I recently saw a TikTok where Patrick Ta himself used the powder first and then dabbed on the cream formula with a sponge and I think I may try that. The cream formula is nice and really cool toned with a slight gray undertone which I absolutely love. The powder bronzer is much warmer so blending the two together is a nice combo. While I do enjoy this and use it regularly, I don’t think it would be a repurchase for me.

4. Tarte Breezy Cream Bronzer in Seychelles – This was one of the first cream cheek products that I used that made me start to think that I could move away from powder cheek products finally. My skin used to be quite oily (now it is more normal to dry) and this cream bronzer always worked beautifully on my combination skin. It’s a drier formula so it doesn’t stay tacky on the skin or get greasy, though still blends effortlessly. This was always my holy grail cream bronzer but to be honest, the Charlotte Tilbury has recently edged out in first place for me. But this still remains one of the bronzers I reach for regularly and I would repurchase.

5. Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick in Power Boost – If you struggle with cream bronzer placement on the cheeks, a stick may be a better option for you. It’s easy to place it exactly where you want on your cheeks or cheekbones. This formula is SUPER creamy and blendable. It looks a tad intense when you first stripe it on, but it quickly blends out and is quite sheer. This particular color is VERY orange so I would not repurchase this color but I definitely would repurchase the formula in a different shade.

6. Nudestix Sculpt Stick in Light Neutral (discount code: MAREESYE) – This is technically a sculpting stick more used for contour but frankly, I use it as a bronzing stick because it all seems to do the same thing in my mind. LOL This is a great option for beginners because it is SO easy to blend and is quite sheer but builds up if needed.

7. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Bronzer in 01 Sunshine – This is the newest addition to my collection so I am still working through my thoughts on it. It is VERY sheer and just adds a touch of color to the cheeks. I have found it best to apply with my fingers and blend immediately because it dries VERY fast. However, I am still testing it and finalizing my thoughts but so far I continue to use it and enjoy it.

Swatches from left to right: Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick in Power Boost, Nudestix Sculpt Stick in Light Neutral, Saie Sun Melt Bronzer in Light Bronze, Tarte Cream Bronzer in Seychelles, Charlotte Tilbury Cream Bronzer in 1 Fair, Patrick Ta Bronzer Duo in She’s Statuesque, Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer, Jones Road Bronzer in Light Tan, Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Matte Bronzer in Fair and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Bronzer in 01 Sunshine


8. Jones Road Beauty Bronzer in Light Tan – Hands down my current favorite powder bronzer!!! The formula is so finely milled, it glides on effortlessly, blends beautifully and the color is perfection. There is also a bronzer brush that launched with this bronzer and it is a MUST HAVE! So good and applies powder bronzer so easily.

9. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Matte Bronzer in Fair – This was originally my favorite powder bronzer before the Jones Road one came along. Though I still really love this and use it regularly. It’s very sheer and easy to apply without worrying you put too much on. As someone who is very fair, using bronzers can be daunting because if I initially apply too much I will then spend the rest of the time trying to blend/sheer out what is there. That is not the case with this bronzer and it is very manageable and initially sheer but can be built up easily.

10. Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer – This bronzer is a great affordable option and the formula is super easy to blend. This particular color is quite warm so I only apply a tiny amount or it can get too orange. There is also a strong scent to this so be aware of that if purchasing. However, this one always gets rave reviews and for good reason!