Am I really wearing white jeans in the winter???  You bet your sweet freezing ass I am! And know that I am just as frightened to get dirty as I am during the summer months, so in my mind – it all evens out.  But honestly people – who came up with that silly rule anyway “you can’t wear white after labor day”.  A person who didn’t look good in white – that’s who!  Because what is more crisp and fresh then white – and when paired with light colors such as this camel sweater and grey boots – it takes on a whole different vibe from a summer white jeans pairing.  And now that we have all those silly rules out of the way – can we talk about this parka???!!! THIS. PARKA.  Due to the sub zero temps that were freezing myself and husband….er I mean photographer, I was unable to show you the best part of this jacket – the bottom half zips off and it can be a bomber jacket.  GET OUTTA TOWN.  I know, I know – I bought it, remember?  And I can never pass on army green (no seriously – evidenced here and here) – which in my world might as well be the most versatile color around.  All and all, I feel this outfit signifies my move towards becoming spring fashion ready.  My makeup is already on its way (you need to get on that – read here), so all I need is the weather to cooperate.  Who can I speak to about this?  I’m sure Mother Nature has a twitter handle.  

Parka – Three Floor (I also love this and this) | Sweater – Club Monaco | Jeans – Madewell | Bracelet – Cooee | Booties – Gucci (old but similar here)