1. Local Woman Missing – I love a good mystery thriller that doesn’t make me think too much. LOL There were so many twists and turns in this book that I didn’t see coming and absolutely loved it!  A local woman goes missing followed by a woman and her daughter shortly after. Are the two connected? The story oscillates between the present and past but is very easy to follow along and really helps to build the suspense! Rating: 9

2. Dear Edward – This book was a tad slow moving but I still enjoyed it. Edward is teenage boy and the lone survivor of a plane crash. While the world finds hope in his survival, Edward struggles to move on without his family. A bit of a tear jerker in the end but incredibly heartwarming. Rating: 8.5

3. The Wives – Hmmm, I have mixed feelings about this book. I kept reading because the suspense and story kept me interested, though I felt it was missing something. Not sure what it was missing but the story felt like it could have been developed more thoroughly. Thursday is in a plural marriage with Seth and two other wives. She seems to be ok with it but over time she wonders about the other women. Thursday seeks out one of them without her husband knowing and befriends the other wife though it seems like the other wife if unaware her husband is being unfaithful. The ending was a bit of a twist that I didn’t see coming, but overall it was just ok. Rating: 7

4. The Sun Down Motel – Talk about a boring thriller. LOL Is it even possible to write a boring thriller/mystery? Yup, it sure is. I finished it because I wanted to know the conclusion but this is definitely a book worth skipping. Rating: 3

5. Home Before Dark – This one was definitely a creepy read and kept me guessing the whole way through. Maggie Holt and her family moved into Baneberry Hall when she was a child and moved out less than a month later. The house held a lot of secrets and so much tragedy had occurred within its walls. Maggie never knew exactly what caused her family to move out so abruptly and remember very little from her time there. As an adult, she returns to the property after her father leaves it to her in his will and is determined to find out what secrets it holds. Rating: 8

6. Rebecca – I’m very confused as to why this book has so much acclaim because I found it to really fall flat. The main  character is never named in the book but she falls in love with Maxim de Winter while on vacation in Monte Carlo. She is significantly younger than him but nonetheless is happy to accompany him back to his estate in Southern England. What she doesn’t know is his wife is deceased yet her memory is still all over the home and it feels like she is still a presence there. Rating: 4