Varying Shades of Gray & Ideas on How To Style Gray Boots

 Coat - H&M | Turtleneck - Old but similar here and here | Jeans - Free People | Boots - Botkier | Bag - Gucci | Sunglasses - Stella McCartney (similar) | Hat - J.Crew

For a split second when I bought these boots, I wasn't sure I would wear them enough. Fast forward to today and I have to force myself NOT to wear them all the time. Because they are a lighter gray, I wasn't sure they would work with darker pieces or that I would have to match them exactly to other colors in my outfit. But honestly I love how they look with varying shades of gray, dark jeans and even black. I used to overthink getting dressed and really worried about having things match precisely, but after living in NYC for so many years I saw how so many women there mashed up colors and/or patterns and it went together effortlessly. This outfit is a perfect example of that - none of the grays match perfectly but it all seems to come together. I did have to try a few different turtlenecks to find one that I thought looked the best, but I love how it's not too matchy matchy.

Here's a few more of my looks with these gray boots if you need some inspiration for how to style your own pair of gray boots: with an all black dress, with black and white (this look is also with black and white and a bit of green), with leopard and another all shades of gray look.

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