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Is this what heaven looks like?  Gosh, I hope so.  For now – this is what my dining room table looks like, because these are the products that I am testing out for ThisThatBeauty!  You haven’t heard that I am now blogging for them?  Um..where have you been?  Not reading my blog daily and hanging on to my every word/post?  Shame on you.  I try out beauty products (my dream), and then write my review of them (amazing, I KNOW!).  I have submitted two posts already, here and here, so head on over and read ’em.  I will update on this blog each time I post over there so you guys can follow me there and here.  Don’t worry, I won’t think you are stalking me, unless you actually show up outside my job after work. And then I just may ask you to carry my bag home for me, so its basically a win/win.  Happy reading! 

Blogging all over the world….

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Alright, so I am technically not blogging all over the world, but I do have a new gig on!  I will be trying out beauty products and writing reviews, giving my opinion, pushing my expert (AKA overshopper) viewpoint on all those readers.  I just uploaded my first post last week.  Take a peek.  Please come read, comment, support, send a fruit basket, mail me boxes of shoes, decorate my apartment lobby with flowers – really anything you want.  Who am I to turn down adoration from my throngs and throngs of fans?  Throngs, plural, because Mom AND Dad count as more than one.   

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