New Skincare Discoveries I'm Loving + REN Skincare Giveaway!

So many new skincare discoveries in today's video along with a REN skincare giveaway!! Click here to watch the video and enter the giveaway. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

The products mentioned in the video:

Here's the video on the order in which I apply my skincare products


  1. Hi! I can’t fathom how many questions you get each day, but I could use your help. I’m trying new skin care but how do i know which product is working unless I only switch 1 thing at a time. But that’ll take years to try 1 new thing for weeks & then switch. What’s the best approach?

    1. Cleansers, toners and masks are pretty easy to see if they are working rather quickly. I can see a difference in the first few uses. Serums and moisturizers may take longer but that also depends on what it targets. A product that targets hydration - I can see results rather quickly in a week or two. Something that targets fine lines, hyperpigmentation, etc will take longer.


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