What Should Be On My Vanity

So many great launches have happened over the past few weeks, my beauty wish list is growing at an exponential rate. Though I love the excitement of a new product, there are also so many existing products from different lines that I need to try so I need not get tunnel vision! I'm patiently waiting for  the US Charlotte Tilbury launch, and can only imagine the pandemonium it will cause on the sites that will carry it. In addition to pinning things to my beauty pinboard, I am constantly checking the Sephora New Arrivals and Nordstrom New Arrivals to make sure I don't miss anything. Everyone has been buzzing about the new Louboutin polishes, but I'm not going to bite on this one. I have been toying with the idea of splurging on a new fragrance - any suggestions? I do love my Jo Malone and Nest Fragrances, but perhaps I'm ready for a Tom Ford fragrance. Indecision strikes again. Well regardless, I know the below products are striking my fancy, and I plan on checking off a few of them in the coming weeks. Click on each link below for more info:

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  1. I fell in love with Tom Ford Velvet Orchid when I put it on my skin, but it is definitely a strong scent.

    1. I need to thoroughly test them all out. There are so many and I get overwhelmed. LOL

  2. The By Terry Hydra products are absolutely my favorite! I can't wait to hear what you think if you pick it up!


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