Ziip Halo ReviewIf there is one thing I absolutely love, it’s trying ALL the beauty and skincare products, devices and treatments. It’s my own form of self care and brings me so much joy to do. Skincare devices are something that I have added into my beauty routine over the past few years to amplify my skincare results. Depending on your exact concerns, there is probably a beauty device targeted towards that. There are quite a few lifting and toning microcurrent devices on the market and I have shared my Nuface review awhile ago, but many have asked for a comparison to the Ziip Halo device. The Ziip Halo device was founded by esthetician Melanie Simon and she was one of the first people to create a device that utilized dual waveforms. I have been testing the Ziip Halo for quite some time and can finally share my thoughts and honest review on it and whether or not it’s worth it for you to try.

Ziip Halo Review

ZIIP microcurrent toning deviceZiip Halo ReviewThe Ziip Halo is a microcurrent toning device designed to sculpt, lift and tone the face, smooth out fine lines and give you smoother glowing skin that lasts. The device uses both microcurrent waveforms and nanocurrent waveforms to boost skin health leading to long lasting results as well as immediate lifting after only one use. It’s quite small which I actually love and easily contours to the face. Most skincare tools however are a commitment and this one is no exception. You need to commit to using it regularly to see results and then maintain that consistency over time.

Price Point

Let’s first start with the price because it is steep. The price is $399 (my discount code gets you 10% off – code: MAREE) so it is an investment. But I find it so easy to use and incredibly effective so it’s a one time purchase that can provide you long lasting results.

Ease of Use

I LOVE the size of this device. It’s very small, compact and easy to travel with if you wanted. It fits the contours of the face easily too.

Access to Information on How to Use It

There is an app that you can download that easily shows you different ways to use the device. Super helpful!

Conductor Gel is Required

As with most microcurrent devices, you must apply the conductive gel on the face before you use the device. This ensures the proper transmission of the electrical currents.


Compared to other devices, the Ziip Halo utilizes both microcurrent and nanocurrent waveforms. Nanocurrent helps to stimulate collagen and skin cell regeneration which provides lasting results and boosts skin health. Microcurrent stimulates the muscles to contract and gives you that immediate lifted and toned look.

Frequency of Use

It is recommended to use the device 3-5 times a week to ensure maximum results.

Age range

The Ziip Beauty Halo device is suitable for all ages but you will not see dramatic results unless you have something to work with, if that makes sense? More mature skin types with anti aging concerns will definitely see more impactful and noticeable results but younger skin types can still benefit from the skin health boosting benefits and gentle contouring it can provide.

How the Ziip Halo Facial Toning Device Works

The Ziip Halo device uses two forms of waveforms to deliver short term and long term results. It utilizes nanocurrent to boost skin health and microcurrent to firm and tone. There is an app you can download with tons of detailed videos on various ways to use the device. The standard way to use the device is apply the conductive gel liberally all over the face, turn your device on and move the device up and towards the outer edge of your face. You will feel it vibrate and then you can move on to the next portion of your face. It is pre programmed to beep halfway through the treatment and then it will beep twice when the treatment ends and the device will shut off. For more in depth tutorials and/or targeted plans, download the ziip app which walks you through various ways to utilize the device. Here is a quick synopsis of some of the comprehensive facials from founder Melanie you can find on the Ziip app:

  • The Lift – an immediate lift in 4 minutes
  • Instant Gratification – an immediate glow and lift in 6 minutes
  • Learn Your Halo – a 3 minute instruction on how to use the device
  • Founder’s Favorite – a 10 minute expert level facial for noticeably smoother texture and tighter skin
  • Problem Solver – a 4 minute instruction to improve texture, fade blemishes and clarify your complexion
  • Electric Tone – a targeted 4 minute treatment designed to neutralize discoloration and dial up the brightness of your skin
  • All Inclusive – a full uplighting treatment in 12 minutes designed to stimulate your facial muscles to improve tone

Is Ziip Halo Worth It?

Honestly, I absolutely love this little thing! LOL The compact size is so great and actually easier for me to hold when using. The app makes it super easy to follow and there are so many different ways you can use it. It does a fantastic job at giving the skin a lifted and contoured look and with consistent use the results will last much longer. This is definitely a product that I would recommend to those that are looking to firm and sculpt the face but you will get much better results if you are already struggling with sagging or loose skin. Any age can use this but it will not deliver the kind of results you are hoping for if you don’t have the issues that it is designed to target effectively.

Ziip Halo Before and After

Ziip Halo Before and AfterAs you can see, one side of my face definitely looks sculpted and more contoured. It gives a slight lift around the jaw and my cheekbone is so much more pronounced. This was only after 3 minutes of using the device!

Where to Buy Ziip Halo?