Makeup by Mario Softsculpt Multi-Use Bronzing & Shaping Serum ReviewMakeup by Mario launched a new bronzing serum and I immediately ordered it to try! The colors seemed wearable and the swatches all seemed sheer and easy to blend so I had very high hopes. Makeup by Mario products are hit or miss with me but more of them are a hit recently – especially his complexion and cheek products. I love the Softsculpt Transforming Skin Enhancer because it gives just enough color and warmth to the skin without being too much. This new Softsculpt Multi-Use Bronzing & Shaping Serum gives a similar effect in a liquid formulation. I ordered two shades to try – Fair and Light and was shocked at just how sheer and subtle these were. It gives a skin-like finish and can be mixed in with your foundation/complexion product to add an all over glow or used in a targeted way only applying to certain areas of the face. This completely lived up to my expectations and I have been loving it for summer.

Makeup by Mario Softsculpt Multi-Use Bronzing & Shaping Serum Review

Makeup by Mario Softsculpt Bronzing Serum applicatorThis is a definitely a product that is super user friendly and almost foolproof to apply. There is a pump so you can choose to mix product in with your foundation/skin tint or you can choose to use the doe foot applicator to place the product where you want it on the face. You can use it as a bronzer or as a sculpting/contour product to define certain parts of the face. Before I purchased it, I saw a ton of videos on social media of people using the product and it looks so great that I had to try it for myself. Here’s a bit more about the product and its specific features and benefits:

Price Point

This is a mid-range price product at $36 for 1 oz. I definitely think it will last you quite a long time especially if you use it as a bronzing product for specific parts of the face to sculpt or bronze.


It doesn’t have a shimmer finish but it looks healthy and radiant when on the skin.


It is VERY sheer and not that buildable. Even if you add more layers, you can’t really build it up too much.


This bronzing serum is the most user friendly product ever! You don’t have to worry about using too much or blending it out quickly before it dries down. It’s creamy, smooth and melts into the skin with minimal effort.

Shade Range

There are seven shades in the entire range so each shade can work for a wide variety of skin tones since they are very sheer and not too pigmented.


These are not as long wearing as some of my other liquid or cream bronzers mainly because they are quite sheer. I found them to last about 6 hours but I normally layer them under a blush.

Makeup by Mario Bronzing Serum Swatches

Makeup by Mario Bronzing Serum SwatchesI ordered two shades to try – Fair and Light. Both work really well for me but Fair is VERY fair. It almost doesn’t show up on my skin and I wanted something with a bit more pigment. Fair would be perfect for those that are extremely pale OR want something with the least amount of pigment to add just a hint of color. Light was a touch darker and gave me enough of a warm glow without being too dark or too orange. Here is a breakdown of all the colors available and a description of each:

  • Fair – natural skin-like finish for fair skin tones
  • Light – natural skin-like finish for light skin tones
  • Light Medium – natural skin-like finish for light-medium skin tones
  • Medium – natural skin-like finish for medium skin tones
  • Medium Dark – natural skin-like finish for medium dark skin tones
  • Dark – natural skin-like finish for dark skin tones
  • Dark Deep – natural skin-like finish for dark-deep skin tones

Based on the swatches I’ve seen online and the two that I have, these skew a bit warmer in tone but are not too orange which I love. They manage to strike the perfect balance between warm and golden and give the skin a fresh and natural appearance. I definitely think these are worth trying and adding to your summer makeup routine.