Blazer (included in promotion) | Camisole | Jeans
Blazer | Camisole | Jeans | Heels (similar ones included in promotion)
Blazer | Camisole | Jeans | Shoes (similar)
Blouse (include in promotion)  | Jeans

Tee | Denim skirt

Trench (included in promotion) | Camisole | Jeans | Heels (similar)

Dress | Bag

My Shopbop sale order arrived and I thought I would share the hits and misses from the order. I was laughing at some of these photos because the miss pieces were so terribly ill fitting and horrible. But I couldn’t resist sharing them. 
Outfit 1 and 2. This blazer – Absolutely stunning! I love the fit of this blazer and how expensive it looks (it’s similar to the Balmain one that is a gazillion dollars), but it’s actually under $100. I find that it runs true to size and I can’t wait to style it for an upcoming post. This is definitely a piece that would work for a business or casual environment.
Outfit 3 – These jeans look NOTHING like they do online. I was convinced they would be a home run from the picture on the website, but in person they are atrocious! I knew the ankle wasn’t going to be tight but it is more like a boot cut which I don’t find very flattering.
Outfit 4 – What a stunning blouse! It’s quite short so I would recommend sizing up one or two sizes but the look of it is absolutely feminine and gorgeous. A springtime stunner!
Outfit 5 – I thought I would like this denim skirt since it is the same style and brand as my favorite denim cut-offs. I find the fit to be flattering and love the color, but am on the fence about it. The denim is stiff and I’m not sure it will be that comfortable. But if you are looking for a classic distressed denim skirt, this one is a great cut (I would recommend sizing down).
Outfit 6 – I thought this windowpane trench would be a great spring piece but it is WAY too oversized. I bought the smallest size and I was drowning in it. I also think this would look better on someone taller. But the print is absolutely fantastic.
Outfit 7 – The style and print of this dress are absolute perfection! The way the waist cinches in and the flare skirt makes this a very flattering cut that would look good on a variety of body types. It does run short so if you are tall, this would not be a good option. However, if you are short like myself, it is a great piece for a summer vacation.
Outfit 8 – What the actual heck?!! I had to show the hideousness of this dress just for the pure comedy factor. Can you even believe this potato sack of a dress? It looks so cute online but it was a hard NO from me.
Outfit 9 – These sandals are instant summer glam! They will jazz up a simple outfit or even be suitable for a dressier occasion on a beach or near the water. I took my regular size in them and they fit perfectly! I would highly recommend!