Dress on sale

Dress on sale

Shorts on sale

Sandals on sale

Sweater, shorts and earrings on sale

Sweatshirt and shorts on sale

Jeans on sale

Sweatshirt and shorts on sale

Jumpsuit and earrings on sale

Shirt and wedges on sale

Shirt on sale

Earringsearrings and earrings on sale

Dressearrings and wedges on sale

Shirt and earrings on sale

Dress and slides on sale

White slidesblack slides and pink slides on sale
The 4th of July sales have begun and will be going on throughout the entire weekend! I pulled together ones that I thought were worth shopping and some from retailers I regularly buy from. I also shared all my recent outfits on sale in the above photos. I will definitely add to this list if I find any other great sales to mention. Be sure to check back!