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Bits and Pieces: Silky Sheath Dress

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Let’s get to work.  And let’s look good while we do it.  I say a basic sheath dress always does the trick.  Simple, easy, (hopefully comfortable) and polished to a professional perfection (polished to a professional perfection, polished to a professional perfection, polished…. you just can’t say it 5x fast).  I am particularly fond of this dress because 1. it’s a neutral tone (duh – we have been down this road before) 2. it’s super comfortable and lightweight for summer 3. I can pull off looking like a grown up really well while hiding my ever present 12 year old humor.  I bought this cardigan as an impulse buy and love the draping effect it has with the dress, and it keeps me slightly warm in the frozen tundra that is my office.  And dear god, I love a nude pump.  Wearable with everything and the perfect height to not have to bring the dreaded “change of shoe” on my walk to work.  All around – the perfect work outfit.  A+.
Dress – Kenneth Cole | Belt – Kenneth Cole | Cardigan – Club Monaco | Pumps – Manolo Blahnik

Bits and Pieces: Staying in Neutral

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While many consider neutrals the death of their wardrobe, mine is sustained by these basic tones and shades.  It allows me to create a polished look with ease by mixing and matching almost anything and everything that I own.  The outfit possibilities become endless and somewhat seasonless.  This utilitarian jacket gives the look a casual edge – great for weekends, but the wool cropped trousers make it 9-5 workplace appropriate.  Adding the sheen of a silk tank underneath creates a textural difference that gives the outfit dimension.  Mixing fabrics and textures is a great way to invigorate the standard “neutral” toned outfit.  A metallic shoe finishes off the outfit and rounds out the textural spectrum.  Sometimes my closet is like my own craft corner – martha stewart who?   

Kenneth Cole Jacket | Kenneth Cole Tank | J. Crew Pants | Ann Taylor Belt | Ann Taylor Necklace | Gucci Pumps

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