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Fueled by my love (obsession) of all things beauty and fashion, this blog is written from the viewpoint of the everyday woman - me, Maree Sye!  I need lipstick that lasts, heels that won't require a permanent chauffeur, and a style that makes me feel good in my own skin. 

A Little Bit etc. is a personal style and experiential beauty blog that seeks to be a resource for those looking for both luxury and affordable products. After spending more than a decade in the cosmetics industry, I created my blog as a way to further explore and expand my love of fashion and beauty. Over the past 5 years, A Little Bit etc. has grown to include lifestyle and travel features as well as a successful YouTube channel. Using only original photography, my goal is to create content that is beautiful, relatable and useful so my readers can be both inspired and informed. I hope to reach and meet other fashion and beauty lovers through this blog - and infuse some humor and inspiration into your day through my posts.

A Little Bit etc. - it's a little bit  fashion, a little bit beauty and a whole lot of sass.

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To submit products for review or to work with me, please email me at alittlebitetc@gmail.com.


All images on this site are taken by me (unless noted) and are property of this blog.  Please do not use any images without permission and a link back to the original A Little Bit etc post. 

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  1. Great blog you have a great sense of humor;)

  2. Just drop by and say hi to you.

    Quite enjoyed your blog, and your Youtube Channel. Plz update more often!

  3. What a wonderful blog. I occasionally purchase the luxury cosmetic brands, but I can not always afford them. I find your blog interesting and so informative about good products. Your blog is so very interesting; I love your pictures, and it has led me to trying a number of products I'd never have tried. Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. I am just like you like. I love fashion and beauty products!
    I just found your blog. Very impressed.

  5. Just found your blog via your youtube channel! So informative and you sound so sweet! I look forward to reading more of your posts and watching your great videos!


  6. Just heard about your blog on This and that beauty
    Great work!!

  7. love the blog... very informative... and we almost have the same taste in style etc :)
    cant wait to see more blog and video on your youtube channel

  8. I really like your home office decor, however, I love your pug the most lol...


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